What is cuticura ointment used for?

Cuticura Antiseptic Ointment 50g has a variety of uses, including treating rashes, pimples, blackheads, nappy rash, minor burns, chilblains, chafing, scalds, eczema, chapped skin, brittles nails, dandruff, dryness and more.

Is cuticura ointment good?

Cuticura Medicated Ointment is a fabulous product for minor skin irritations. Highly recommended for cuts and burns. Would purchase again.

Does cuticura ointment clog pores?

Cuticura Vanishing Cream 100ml helps to eliminate shine on all skin types by reducing oiliness. This helps you fight blemishes caused by excess oil on the skin and reduce clogged pores.

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Do they still make cuticura soap?

Cuticura soap has been in use, and is relatively unchanged, since 1865.
Cuticura soap.

Product type Soap
Previous owners Potter Drug and Chemical Company (1865-1961) Purex Corporation (1961-1981) Jeffrey Martin Inc. (1981-1986) Dep Corporation (1987-1998) Keyline Brands (1998-2005)
Website www.cuticura.com

Is Cuticura ointment a bleaching cream?

Avoid contact with clothing and hair. Cuticura Cream may cause bleaching. Avoid combining PABA-containing sunscreens and Cuticura Cream and sulfur topical. Temporary skin discoloration may occur if they are used together.

How long does it take for Cuticura ointment to work?

In an independent consumer trial involving 100 men and women with eczema-prone skin: 87% saw an improvement in their skin in 2 weeks after using the Mildly Medicated powder. 85% believed their skin felt soothed after using the Mildly Medicated powder. 80% experienced relief from itchiness.

What is the meaning of Cuticura?

antibacterial medicated soap or ointment

cuticura (uncountable) A brand of antibacterial medicated soap or ointment.

Is cuticura soap good for acne?

I have used this soap since I was a teenager, it was the only thing that helped my acne. It deep cleans, kills the bacteria and germs, and bar soap is always a better value for your money hands down. And this soap has always been great for sensitive skin. Not over drying.

Does Cuticura remove pimples and dark spots?

Indications: Cuticura antiseptic ointment may be used for the treatment of rashes, blackheads, pimples, chafing, nappy rash, minor burns, scalds, chilblains, eczema, rough chapped hands, brittle nails, aching feet, dandruff, dryness and minor irritations of the scalp.

Can I apply Cuticura on my face?

It has a herbal almost leafy scent (it’s so difficult to describe the scent of each Cuticura product as they all smell different but herbal). The face wash can be used on the face, neck and back (I’m guessing you would use it on your back if you have oily acne prone skin on your back).

How long does it take for cuticura ointment to work?

How old is cuticura?

Cuticura Soap was launched in 1865 by Potter Drug and Chemical company. Renowned for its antibacterial and skin soothing properties, our very first innovation has truly stood the test of time with its formulation remaining relatively unchanged through to today.