Writing tasks are usually the most difficult for students, so they decide on buying term paper  as a possible solution. But it is not a good idea and it would be better to fulfill the task using your own knowledge. A term paper is a written assignment which is given to a student after a term. There are some peculiarities that are important in writing this type of paper. This article is aimed to show you some general rules which will be helpful for you if you want to write a well-structured paper.

Choose a topic

If you have the opportunity to choose topic-don’t miss it. Choose something interesting for you, it will be easier to write about something you are interested in. The most difficult aspect here is to make your topic narrow enough to develop it well. Usually, students waste their time, trying to focus on a wide subject. So, be careful with your choice, try to highlight the most important issues and write about them.

Do the research

It is obvious that good work needs to be supported with arguments. Despite the fact that you should use and develop your thoughts, you have to surf the Internet to find background information on your topic and study it. Don’t forget to find information on formatting requirements, it is very important because different organizations have different rules.

Make the plan

The key moment in writing a good paper is its structuring. If you want to make a good work, don’t be lazy and write a plan. These are the main parts of a paper:

  1. Abstract;
  2. Introduction;
  3. Body;
  4. Conclusion.

This plan is short and simple, but each part has its own peculiarities.


Before you start to write, don’t forget that a term paper is a serious work. Its style should be precise and objective. Don’t use passive constructions, obsolete words and avoid repetitions. If you hesitate about grammar or spelling, check it. There are a lot of online sources that can be very helpful. Also, your work must be unique Nowadays you can buy a completed work online. It is not very expensive and helps to save your time. But it is not a very good idea, because you can be caught on cheating, professors can easily find this work online. Moreover, the content can be not accurate and you will rewrite the whole paper. You never know who are the people who want to earn money on your laziness.


This part describes your paper. It shows what your paper is about and why you have chosen this particular subject. Usually, it is less than a page long.


This part is the most important. You should start your work with a statement you will discuss during the paper. Here are some tips for you to start properly:

  1. Describe the structure.
  2. Outline the main statement of your work.
  3. Draw readers’ attention.

A good introduction is a key moment in writing a paper because if it catches readers’ attention they will be more likely to read the rest of your work.


The body usually consists of several paragraphs. During this part, it is necessary to open the topic, support it with your ideas and explain how the paragraphs relate to each other. Your own standpoint is important, don’t overburden paper with text summaries and quotes. Give reasons to your thoughts. The body of the paper must be coherent. Use linking words and try to make the text logically constructed. Single sentences are not paragraphs.


It is necessary to finish your work with summarizing all your observations and discoveries, but don’t copy the introduction or discussion which you had in the body paragraph. The conclusion should not only sum up your new ideas, but it should stimulate the reader for further thinking.


It is obvious that not all the ideas are yours. There is nothing strange that you used different sources to write a good work. But it is important to pick all the sources and adjust the bibliography in the proper way. Different universities have their own formatting requirements, so the best way to complete this task is to visit your university’s website or ask a professor for a help.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in writing a term paper if you know some key moments and do the work step by step. The most significant thing is to express your thoughts and show the best skills. All these steps are simple, but if you follow them, your work will be structured and well-written.