Is the road open at maisemore?

Gloucestershire Roads – A417 #Maisemore UPDATE – road is now open.

How do I find out if a road is closed UK?

Visit the Traffic England website for live information about traffic and road conditions across the major road network.

Why is A46 closed to Stroud?

The A46 (Stroud to Pitchcombe) has been resurfaced to improve safety and road conditions, as part of the A4173 Improvement Scheme. Works took place from Friday 25th May to Tuesday 12th June with a road closure in place each night from 7pm to 7am (excluding Saturday and Sunday nights).

Is Staverton Bridge still closed?

Engineers have been working at the Staverton bridge on the B4634 since July 2020 as it needed concrete repairs, waterproofing, improved fencing and resurfacing. It has been hoped that it would reopen in August 2021, but this has now been pushed back to spring 2022.

Is there any flooding at maisemore?

There are no flood warnings or alerts in this area. This service tells you your risk of flooding from rivers, the sea and groundwater.

Is the B4634 open?

🚧 The bridge on the B4634 Gloucester Road will be closed until August 2021 for maintenance work (map in article). Essential work, including concrete repairs, replacement waterproofing, fencing and resurfacing is due to take place on the bridge.

Does Google maps show road works?

Today, however, Google Maps is introducing road status to a limited number of users. For now, Google Maps reports only road work but incident reporting such as crashes are bound to be implemented shortly after. The app prompts a message asking the user if the road work is still in place with “Yes,” “No,” “Not sure”.

Is M62 Junction 37 closed?

M62 Ouse Bridge junction 37 now open
Through traffic will continue to use the contraflow on the westbound carriageway.

Is the A419 open?

There are currently no incidents reported on the A419 north.

Is the A417 closed today?

There are currently no incidents reported on the A417 north.

Is the Old Gloucester Road bridge open?

Is the bridge at Staverton open?

The bridge has now reopened to motorists and pedestrians. The 50-year-old Staverton overbridge, which is located on the B4634 and carries traffic over the M5 motorway between junctions 10 and 11, was in need of essential refurbishment to ensure drivers have safe and reliable journeys.

Is junction 11a M5 open?

After 18 months of inconvenience for drivers, Junction 11 of the M5 is fully open again. The junction has been partially closed since September 2020, to allow for renovation of two ageing bridges on the site.

How do I get road closures on Google Maps?

How to add road closures to Google Maps during a crisis – YouTube

How do you let Google Maps know a road is closed?

Important: Only report road closures when you are in a safe place.

  1. On your iPhone, open Google Maps .
  2. Tap Explore Crisis. Report road closure.
  3. Tap the road you want to report as closed.
  4. Tap Next.
  5. Give any extra information about the closure.
  6. Tap the arrow .

Where is Junction 27 on the M62?

Howley Park, Junction 27/28, M62, Morley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS27 0BN.

Is boothferry bridge open?

East Riding of Yorkshire Council have advised us that Boothferry bridge will have no bridge operator on the 12th March 2022. The bridge is not available for opening and currently under restrictions and boats should not attempt to pass under the structure because of works taking place until further notice.

Is the M57 still closed today?

There are currently no incidents reported on the M57 north.

Is A419 clear?

A419 Traffic Map – Travelling North

We Have detected that the A419 north is completely free of traffic at the moment.

Are there roadworks on the A417?

Is Cattle Market Road Bristol open?

Cattle Market Road has now reopened one-way eastbound for traffic, easing congestion at the Bath Road junction.

Is Gaol Ferry Bridge closed?

We promised that we would give at least two weeks’ notice before we close the bridge. On 5 August we confirmed that Gaol Ferry Bridge will temporarily close for essential repairs on 22 August 2022.

Is the A417 closed?

What is M5 junction 11?

Junction 11 of the M5, between Cheltenham and Gloucester, has finally reopened after being partially closed for 18 months. It ends the long period of disruption and diversion for motorists, while highways engineers carried out work at the site, which links the motorway and the A40 Golden Valley Bypass.

What Junction is Gloucester on M5?


M5 motorway junctions
mile km South-west bound exits (A carriageway)
Gloucester services
60.2 60.5 96.9 97.4 Gloucester (A38)
63.3 63.7 101.8 102.5 Stroud, Dursley A419