Why is EA making me reset my password?

After detecting potentially suspicious activity associated with your EA Account, we reset the password to protect your personal information. At this time, we do not think the suspicious activity is the result of unauthorized access to EA databases.

How do I recover my EA EA account?

Restoring deleted accounts. If you want to regain access to your account once we’ve deleted it, you may be able to reset the password to get back in. You’ll only be able to do this if you haven’t already created another EA Account using the same email address that was on the account when it was deleted.

How do I reset my EA password without email?

If you are unable to reset your password then you will need to speak with one of our phone or chat support advisers who will be able to advise you further. You can contact our live support at help.ea.com. Finally, you can choose to receive a callback or begin a chat.

How do I find my EA email and password?

Click on your EA ID at the bottom of the client. Click EA Account & Billing. A browser window will open with a page for My Account. On the About Me tab, you’ll see a preview of your email address with asterisks.

Is EA EA phishing?

ea.com address is a legitimate EA address, even if it was to be somethingrandom.ea.com. For example, ea.e.com would not be legitimate or ea.somethingrandom.com would be examples of nonEA addresses.

Why does apex keep telling me to reset my password?

Re: “Please reset your password” after new apex update

If you have multiple EA accounts you might be using the wrong email or ID when you reset it.

How do I access my EA account?

Login to your account at help.ea.com. Click Accounts, then My Cases. Click on a case to view more information about it.

How do I change my EA account email?

Go to your EA Account and Billing Settings. Click on the About Me tab.

Click Edit next to:

  1. Basic Information to update your EA ID, Display Name, Real Name, and Date of Birth.
  2. Email Address to update your email that we have on file.
  3. Regional Settings to update your country of residence or language.

Is my EA account the same as Origin?

Share All sharing options for: Your Origin account will now be called an ‘EA Account’ Accounts at Origin, Electronic Arts’ online store, are being renamed. They’ll be called an EA Account “to better represent all of EA’s games and services,” EA said in an email being sent to Origin account holders.

How do I find my EA account with my gamertag?

How can I check if I’ve linked my account? You can check if you’ve linked your accounts before by checking your Connections page on myaccount.ea.com. Any Xbox gamertags and PlayStation™Network Online IDs that are linked to your EA Account will show under Connections.

How do I find my EA account details?

What is EA number?

E.A. number means, for land survey purposes, a land unit designation based on an exchange agreement between the CNMI and a private party.

Why has my EA account become invalid?

If you’re receiving an “Invalid Account” message, please try resetting your password for your account at Help.EA.com, Origin.com, or EA.com. Once done, try re-launching the game to see if you continue to get the error.

Did Apex Mobile reset all accounts?

As per EA, all the progress and items bought or collected in Apex Legends Mobile during this soft launch will be reset when the Global version hits the market. But don’t worry, all the in-game money players spend on buying items will be transferred to the global account.

What email is my EA account linked to?

Can you merge two EA accounts?

You cannot move your games or personas to another account yourself. If you decide you really want to merge your accounts, you’ll have to contact us to do that. When you talk to one of our advisors, we’ll make sure there’s no better way to solve this for you.

Can I merge two EA accounts?

Is EA getting rid of Origin?

EA has been running its own digital games service under the name Origin since 2011, but not for much longer. Origin is being retired as a brand and replaced with a new app under a new (not very exciting) name.

How do I find my EA email?

How do I change my EA email?

To Update Email on EA account:

  1. Go to ea.com and log in.
  2. Click the avatar on the menu bar.
  3. Select the About Me tab.
  4. Click Edit beside “Basic Information.”
  5. Click Edit next to:
  6. Answer your security question or enter your Login Verification code to confirm your identity, then change away!

How do I find my EA ID?

In the Player Card menu (found at the bottom right of the home screen), you’ll see your player card with your in-game image and badges on the right side of the screen. Your EA ID is at the top of that card.

How do I contact EA directly?

How to make a case on EA Help

  1. Click Contact Us.
  2. Pick the game or product you need help with.
  3. Pick the platform that you play on.
  4. Choose the Topic you need help with.
  5. Select your Issue.
  6. Click Select contact option.
  7. If you’re not already signed in to your EA Account, you can sign in here.

What do you do if your EA account expired?

Your login credentials have expired, but all you need to do is reset your password. Scan the QR code or use the URL below to get started, or to get help if you’re having trouble. All you need to do is reset your EA Account password to log back in.

How do I check my EA email?

How do I recover my old Apex account?

If you are unable to access the email address registered to your EA Account it would be best to get in touch with the Account Recovery team. They’ll verify the account with you and work on getting that email address updated. To set up a case with them fill out the account recovery webform over at the EA Help website.