Why did the bracero program start quizlet?

Significance: Initiated because of farm labor shortages caused by American entry into World War II, the bracero program brought Mexican workers to replace American workers dislocated by the war.

What was the US government’s bracero program quizlet?

Allowed Mexican laborers to work in the United States under short-term contracts in exchange for stricter border security and the return of illegal Mexican immigrants to Mexico.

Which of the following occurred as a result of the bracero program in 1942 quizlet?

Which of the following occurred as a result of the Emergency Farm Labor Program, also known as the bracero program, in 1942? Due to labor shortages in American farm counties, Mexico agreed to send seasonal farmworkers to the United States on yearlong contracts.

How was the federal government able to borrow money from US citizens quizlet?

How was the federal government able to borrow money from U.S. citizens? through the sale of government issued war bonds.

Why did the government initiate the Bracero program?

The Bracero Program was created by executive order in 1942 because many growers argued that World War II would bring labor shortages to low-paying agricultural jobs.

What was the Bracero program and why was it created?

An executive order called the Mexican Farm Labor Program established the Bracero Program in 1942. This series of diplomatic accords between Mexico and the United States permitted millions of Mexican men to work legally in the United States on short-term labor contracts.

Why did the US start the Bracero Program?

What was the Bracero Program and why was it created?

What events led to the creation of the Bracero Program?

Why does the federal government use grants in aid quizlet?

The money is used to fund a range of services and policy areas, including low income housing, community arts programs, energy assistance for the elderly and disaster preparedness.

What was the main reason that the federal government created a method for Native Americans to become U.S. citizens?

The federal government aimed to assimilate Native Americans into mainstream US society by encouraging them towards farming and agriculture, which meant dividing tribal lands into individual plots. Only the Native Americans who accepted the division of tribal lands were allowed to become US citizens.

What was the Bracero Program and how did it impact the US?

The U.S. and Mexican governments negotiated a series of agreements that allowed Mexican laborers to come to the United States on short-term contracts as agricultural workers. The Bracero program resulted in an increase in both legal and illegal workers coming to the United States from Mexico.

What was the purpose of the Bracero Program Why did it fail?

The Bracero program was ended for many reasons, including the mechanization of cotton and sugar beet harvesting, economic evidence that the presence of Braceros reduced the wages of US farm workers, and political agreement that ending competition in the fields between Braceros and US farm workers would benefit Mexican …

When was the Bracero program created and how long did it last?

The Bracero program refers to agreements between the US and Mexican governments that allowed Mexican workers to fill seasonal jobs on US farms. Both the 1917-21 and the 1942-64 Bracero programs that were begun in wartime and continued after WWI and WWII ended.

What was overall objective for implementing the Bracero program?

The Bracero Program was originally intended to help American farms and factories remain productive during World War II. Bracero farm workers suffered racial and wage discrimination, along with substandard working and living conditions.

Who passed the Bracero program?

On August 4, 1942, the United States and Mexico sign the Mexican Farm Labor Agreement, creating what is known as the “Bracero Program.” The program, which lasted until 1964, was the largest guest-worker program in U.S. history.

When did the Bracero program start and end?

Who passed the bracero program?

President Truman signed Public Law 78 (which did not include employer sanctions) in July 1951. Soon after it was signed, United States negotiators met with Mexican officials to prepare a new bilateral agreement. This agreement made it so that the U.S. government were the guarantors of the contract, not U.S. employers.

What was the Bracero program and how did it impact the US?

What are the benefits of the federal government quizlet?


  • Permits diversity, diffusion of power.
  • Local governments can handle local problems.
  • More access points for political participation.
  • Protects individual rights.
  • Fosters experimentation and innovation.
  • Suits large country with diverse population.
  • Makes national unity difficult to achieve, maintain.

Why would a state government refuse federal aid quizlet?

Why would a state government refuse federal aid? A state government would refuse federal aid if they had a policy that the federal government wanted them to enforce that they did not think was appropriate.

Why did the federal government encouraged Native American to assimilate?

In 1887, the Dawes Act was signed by President Grover Cleveland allowing the government to divide reservations into small plots of land for individual Indians. The government hoped the legislation would help Indians assimilate into white culture easier and faster and improve their quality of life.

How did the federal government treat the Native Americans?

Allotment and Assimilation

Roosevelt, with the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934, which ended allotment, banned further sale of Native American land, and returned some lands to the tribes. After World War II, however, proposals arose in favor of assimilation, termination of tribes, and an end to reservations.

What was the purpose of the US government’s Bracero Program?

Braceros worked on farms and on railroads, making it possible for the U.S. economy to meet the challenges imposed by the war effort. existed and viewed the Bracero program as a way for the U.S. to obtain cheap labor.

What created the Bracero program?