Why are there no ferries from UK to Scandinavia?

The company cited dwindling passenger numbers and new environmental regulations as the reasons. So there is no ferry link between the UK to Scandinavia anymore.

Where do DFDS ferries sail to?

DFDS operates North Sea ferry routes between the UK, Holland, Denmark and Norway. Including 2 daily overnight sailings between Newcastle and Amsterdam, as well as Copenhagen and Oslo.

Is there a ferry from UK to Scandinavia?

Although we no longer offer ferries to Denmark from the UK directly, there are still a number of convenient ways to get to Scandinavia from the UK using our other routes. DFDS offer a number of North Sea passenger ferry routes, including three crossings to Scandinavia.

Are there any ferries from UK to Germany?

Are there ferries from the UK to Germany? There are no longer ferries from the UK to Germany. If you’re travelling from the UK to Germany, as the direct link from Harwich to Cuxhaven ceased many years ago, you’ll need to travel via France, Belgium or Holland and drive across.

How do I get from UK to Sweden without flying?

London to Stockholm by train!

It’s easy to travel from London to Stockholm by train, either using Eurostar and the new Hamburg-Stockholm sleeper train (option 1 below, starting 1 September 2022) or by daytime trains with an overnight stop in Hamburg (option 2) or in Brussels & Copenhagen (option 3).

Is there a direct ferry from UK to Norway?

There is no direct ferry from the UK to Norway. You can choose to travel to Holland (Rotterdam or Amsterdam) or France and drive to the north of The Netherlands (Groningen). From her you can take a ferry to Kristiansand. Other options are to travel to Germany (Kiel) or Denmark (Hirtshals, Copenhagen).

What is the shortest ferry crossing to France?

Dover to Calais
Dover to Calais is the quickest ferry crossing to France. This route takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. 2 operators sail on this route with 25 daily sailings. The next quickest route is Dover to Dunkirk, which takes approximately 2 hours, with 12 daily sailings.

Is there a ferry from the UK to Norway?

How much does it cost to drive to Germany from UK?

Road trip planner
The total cost of driving from London, United Kingdom to Berlin, Germany (one-way) is $266.48 at current gas prices. The round trip cost would be $532.95 to go from London, United Kingdom to Berlin, Germany and back to London, United Kingdom again.

Is it possible to drive from UK to Germany?

The land of the Autobahn – as referenced in the timeless Kraftwerk track – is an obvious choice for a road trip, especially when it’s so easy to drive to Germany from the UK. Cutting-edge infrastructure aside, Germany is a land steeped in tradition.

Are there any passenger ferries from UK to Sweden?

You are not currently able to get a ferry from the UK to Sweden, but there are over 11 different destinations that you are able to get a ferry from. If you are looking to get a ferry to Sweden from England, you might want to consider searching for alternative routes available on our website.

Is there a ferry from the UK to Sweden?

Immingham to Gothenburg is the most direct ferry route to travel from the UK to Sweden. There are up to 6 departures per week with a relaxing 26 hour crossing.

How do you get to Bergen from UK without flying?

It takes an average of 13h 28m to travel from London to Bergen (Oberbay) by train, over a distance of around 620 miles (998 km). There are normally 12 trains per day travelling from London to Bergen (Oberbay) and tickets for this journey start from €85.90 when you book in advance.

How do you get to Norway from UK without flying?

UK to Norway without flying…
It’s easy to travel from London to Norway by train, taking an evening Eurostar to Brussels, going from Brussels to Copenhagen by train next day, then from Copenhagen to Oslo the day after that.

Which is best ferry to France?

If you are simply looking for the fastest ferry to France, regardless of port, then you would want to choose the Dover to Calais route. Dover to Calais is perhaps the most famous way to cross the English Channel. This route takes around an hour and a half and is the fastest by quite some time.

Is the ferry or Eurotunnel cheaper?

Generally speaking the ferry is usually slightly cheaper, but whichever option you choose, make sure to shop around for deals and book well ahead of time to get the best-value fares.

Is there a ferry from UK to Bergen?

What do I need to take my car to Germany?

Licences and documents
If you wish to drive in Germany you must carry a valid driving licence, insurance and vehicle documents with you in the vehicle at all times. If the vehicle does not belong to the driver, written permission from the registered owner may also be requested.

Can you travel from UK to Germany by train?

It’s easy to travel from the UK to Germany by train. Take Eurostar from London to Brussels in 2 hours, switch to a high-speed ICE train to Cologne in 1h57, then take another luxurious ICE train to Munich, Berlin or anywhere in Germany.

How much does it cost to drive from England to Germany?

The total cost of driving from London, United Kingdom to Berlin, Germany (one-way) is $273.74 at current gas prices.

What documents do I need to drive to Germany?

Is there a ferry between Denmark and Sweden?

Ferry crossing Helsingør-Helsingborg
The ferries on Øresund provides an excellent service to all of our guests, and the shortest way from Denmark to Sweden. The crossing only takes 20 minutes!

Is there a ferry from Newcastle to Bergen?

Linking England with Norway’s west coast
Tentatively set to launch in 2026, the route will run between both Bergen and Stavanger on the west coast of Norway and Newcastle on England’s northeast coast. The company plans three weekly departures in high season and two weekly departures during the rest of the year.

Is there a passenger ferry from UK to Norway?

By ferry from the UK
There are currently no car ferries from the UK to Norway; the nearest you’ll get is Esbjerg in Denmark, about 900km (around 10hr) by road from Oslo, with DFDS Seaways (wdfdsseaways.co.uk) from Harwich.

Is ferry cheaper than Eurotunnel?