Who won the NASCAR championship in 1960?

Rex White

Rex White took the points lead in June of 1960 and went on to win his one and only NASCAR championship. White thoroughly dominated the 1960 campaign, posting the most wins (six), top-five (25) and top-10 finishes (35) in 40 starts.

Who won Daytona in 1960?

Junior Johnson
The 1960 Daytona 500 was won by famed driver and car owner Junior Johnson in the John Mansoni-owned No. 27 Chevrolet. With just nine laps remaining, Johnson took the lead away from race leader Bobby Johns after he spun his No.

What was the longest NASCAR race ever?

What is the longest NASCAR track? The longest track on the NASCAR Cup Series circuit is Road America, a road course that is 4.048 miles long. The longest oval track on the NASCAR Cup Series circuit is Talladega Superspeedway at 2.66 miles long.

Who won the world 600 today?

Denny Hamlin
Denny Hamlin wins dramatic Coke 600 with last-lap pass.

NASCAR’s longest race was a dramatic slugfest ending in one spectacular finish.

Driver Ross Chastain
Laps 413
Time 5:13’13.082
Gap 6.350
Interval 3.085

Who won the Nascar championship in 1961?

Ned Jarrett
The 1961 NASCAR Grand National season was the 13th season of professional stock car racing in the United States, and contested over 52 events from November 6, 1960, to October 29, 1961. Ned Jarrett captured the championship which was run on 20 dirt tracks, 31 paved tracks, and one road course.

Who won the 1959 Daytona 500?

Lee Petty
1959: Lee Petty
Lee Petty, driver of the No. 42 Oldsmobile, poses in front of his car after winning the first 1959 Daytona 500 race at the Daytona International Speedway on Feb. 25, 1959. Petty was not awarded the trophy until three days later after officials thought Johnny Beauchamp was the winner.

Who won the 1961 Daytona 500?

The 1961 Daytona 500, was a NASCAR Grand National Series event that was held on February 26, 1961, at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S. Marvin Panch won the race in the one-year-old 1960 Pontiac built and owned by Smokey Yunick after taking the lead on lap 187.

How much money does the winner of the Coca-Cola 600 get?

This year, the Cup Series race at Charlotte boasts a prize pool of $8,919,032. The Xfinity Series will reward drivers with $1,284,615 and drivers in NASCAR’s youngest series, the Truck Series, will bag $676,097.

Which state is NASCAR most popular?

Where Is NASCAR Popular? NASCAR is most popular in the Southeast, especially in North Carolina and Florida. NASCAR’s roots lay in the Southeastern United States, and because of this fact, this is where the sport is most popular. Cities in these states often claim their population is more than 20% NASCAR fans.

Who won Coke 600 last night?

Denny Hamlin earned his 48th career NASCAR Cup victory, winning the Coca-Cola 600 in overtime Sunday at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Kyle Busch finished second and Kevin Harvick was third.
Coke 600 NASCAR race results.

Pos. 2
Car No. 18
Driver Kyle Busch
Delta 0.119
Laps 413

Who won the 1966 Daytona 500?

Richard Petty
1966: Richard Petty
Richard Petty, driver of the No. 43 STP Plymouth, celebrates in Victory Lane after winning the Daytona 500 on Feb. 27, 1966.

Who won the 1962 Daytona 500?

Fireball Roberts
The 1962 Daytona 500, was a NASCAR Grand National Series event that was held on February 18, 1962, at Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach, Florida. Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S. It was won by Fireball Roberts driving a 1962 Pontiac. Roberts drove his famous number 22 to victory in three hours and 10 minutes.

How long did the Coke 600 last?

The first race, held in 1960, was also the first one held at the new Charlotte Motor Speedway. It is the longest race on NASCAR’s schedule at 600 miles (970 km). It is unique for having track conditions that change throughout the race.
Coca-Cola 600.

NASCAR Cup Series
Turns 4

How many cars does Coca-Cola 600 have?

How NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600 Came to Be the Longest, Craziest Race on Cup Schedule. First race featured 60 cars starting in 20 rows of three, patterned after the Indy 500.

Is NASCAR bigger than NFL?

Despite taking a hit in popularity, the NFL still earned $14 billion in revenue compared to $660 million for NASCAR. The average NFL team was worth $2.5 billion, while the average NASCAR team clocked in at $140 million.

What is the nicest NASCAR track?

The ten best NASCAR tracks are as follows:

  • Road America – Plymouth, WI.
  • Watkins Glen International – Watkins Glen, N.Y.
  • Sonoma Raceway – Sonoma, Calif.
  • New Hampshire Motor Speedway – Loudon, N.H.
  • Bristol Motor Speedway – Bristol, Tenn.
  • Charlotte Motor Speedway – Charlotte, N.C.
  • Martinsville Speedway – Ridgeway, Va.

Who won the 600 yesterday?

More than five hours after the green flag and more than 16 years after his first Coca-Cola 600 start, Denny Hamlin finally left Charlotte Motor Speedway as a winner on Memorial Day weekend.

Who won the 1967 Daytona 500?

Mario Andretti
Mario Andretti wins 1967 Daytona 500.

Who won the 1970 NASCAR championship?

Bobby Isaac
The 1970 NASCAR Grand National Series season began on Sunday January 18 and ended on Sunday November 22. Bobby Isaac was the champion of the series as NASCAR transitioned from the Grand National era to the Winston Cup era.

Who won the 1963 Daytona 500?

Tiny Lund
The 1963 Daytona 500, the 5th running of the event held on February 24, 1963, was won by Tiny Lund driving a 1963 Ford. Lund drove his number 21 to victory in three hours and 17 minutes. There were 2 cautions flags which slowed the race for 10 laps.

Who has the most Coca-Cola 600 wins?

Darrell Waltrip
Coca-Cola 600

NASCAR Cup Series
Previous names World 600 (1960–1984) Coca-Cola World 600 (1985) Coca-Cola 600 (1986–2001, 2003–) Coca-Cola Racing Family 600 (2002)
Most wins (driver) Darrell Waltrip (5)
Most wins (team) Hendrick Motorsports (12)
Most wins (manufacturer) Chevrolet (25)

Which NASCAR track is the biggest?

Talladega Superspeedway
What is the biggest NASCAR track? The biggest NASCAR oval is Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Alabama. It measures at 2.66 miles. For all NASCAR tracks, Road America in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin, is the longest.

Who has won the most Coca-Cola 600?

Denny Hamlin is the defending champion of the Coca-Cola 600.
Coca-Cola 600.

NASCAR Cup Series
Most wins (driver) Darrell Waltrip (5)
Most wins (team) Hendrick Motorsports (12)
Most wins (manufacturer) Chevrolet (25)
Circuit information

Is NASCAR in decline?

Once called “the fastest growing sport in the United States,” NASCAR is now declining in viewership and attendance, partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only this, but several other embarrassing things risk tainting the name of the once enduring racing company. Here is what NASCAR wishes people would forget.

Where is NASCAR most popular?

NASCAR is most popular in its home state of North Carolina. Cities like Charlotte (about 27%) and Winston-Salem (roughly 26%) have large proportions of their populations that claim to be NASCAR fans. Charlotte is home to the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and it’s where many drivers live as well.