Who won the All England badminton championship?

Olympic champion Viktor Axelsen has overpowered India’s Lakshya Sen to win the All England Open men’s singles title 21-10, 21-15 in 53 minutes. Axelsen didn’t drop a single game on his way to victory here in Birmingham and in his fourth consecutive final he dominated the unseeded Sen.

Who won most All England?


Rudy Hartono one of the truly great All England champions. In 1976 Rudy Hartono from Indonesia broke the record for eight men’s singles titles. Erland Kops of Denmark had previously held the record of seven.

Is All England prestigious?

The YONEX All England Open Open has retained its prestigious status as a BWF World Tour Super 1000 event for four more years, the Badminton World Federation has confirmed. The world’s oldest badminton tournament is one of only four competitions to hold Super 1000 status and will do so until at least 2026.

Who won All England 2012?

Lin Dan
2012 All England Super Series Premier

Tournament details
Location Birmingham, England
Men’s singles Lin Dan
Women’s singles Li Xuerui

Which badminton Cup has no prize money?

the BWF World Championships
There is an Exceptional point about the BWF World Championships is that this is the only tournament in the world that only offers the crown title of “World Champions” and Gold Medals for the winner. There is No Prize Money for the winner. The inaugural edition was hosted by the Malmo city (Sweden).

Who is the best player in badminton?

Lin Dan, is the best badminton player.
A two-time Olympic gold medalist, five-time World Champion, and a six-time All England Champion with an astonishing record of 666 career wins was his best career record.

Which Malaysian won All England?

All England Open Badminton Past Winners

Year Men’s Singles Women’s Singles
2014 Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia) Wang Shixian (China)
2015 Chen Long (China) Carolina Marin (Spain)
2016 Lin Dan (China) Nozomi Okuhara (Japan)
2017 Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia) Tai Tzu-ying (Taiwan)

Why is it called All England?

Based on Scheele’s musings, it seems clear the initial editions were to crown the best players in all of England, hence the name.

What is the smartest University in UK?

the University of Oxford
The smartest universities in the UK are the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, and London School of Economics and Political Science.

What is the smartest college in the UK?

Here are the best global universities in the United Kingdom

  • University of Oxford.
  • University of Cambridge.
  • University College London.
  • Imperial College London.
  • University of Edinburgh.
  • King’s College London.
  • University of Manchester.
  • University of Glasgow.

Who won All England 2014?

Lee Chong Wei
The tournament took place in Birmingham, England from 4–9 March 2014 and had a total purse of $400,000. A qualification draw occurred to fill four places in all five disciplines of the main draws.

2014 All England Super Series Premier.

Tournament details
Location Birmingham, England
Men’s singles Lee Chong Wei
Women’s singles Wang Shixian

Who won All England 2011?


Semifinals Final
1 Lee Chong Wei
5 Chen Long
Lee Chong Wei
Lin Dan

Who is badminton No 1?

Indian badminton player HS Prannoy replaced Tokyo Olympics champion Viktor Axelsen of Denmark at the top of the latest men’s singles BWF World Tour 2022 Rankings. Meanwhile, India’s two-time Olympic medallist PV Sindhu lost her top spot on the women’s singles BWF Tour Rankings for 2022 to China’s Chen Yu Fei.

Who is World No 1 in badminton?

HSBC Race To Guangzhou

3 TPE CHOU Tien Chen
4 INA Anthony Sinisuka GINTING

Which country is number 1 in badminton?

China. China has been the strongest Country in the World since the inception of badminton.

Did Malaysia ever win Olympic?

Malaysia competed at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain. 26 competitors, all men, took part in 11 events in 6 sports. The nation won its first ever Olympic medal at these Games.

Has Malaysia won an Olympic gold medal before?

The Malaysian athlete with the most number of medals won is Lee Chong Wei with 3 silver medals in badminton. No Malaysian athlete has ever won a gold medal, making Malaysia the country that has won the most Olympic medals without striking gold.

Can you wear hats at Wimbledon?

No hats though, ladies, and gents, make sure you wear a jacket and tie – you won’t want to find yourself, as Lewis Hamilton once did, denied entry to a rather important match…

Who invented tennis?

The inventor of modern tennis has been disputed, but the officially recognized centennial of the game in 1973 commemorated its introduction by Major Walter Clopton Wingfield in 1873. He published the first book of rules that year and took out a patent on his game in 1874.

Which UK uni is the richest?

Oxford and Cambridge were unsurprisingly top of the list for endowment and donation income in 2019-20. Oxford brought in over £100 million in endowment income. Cambridge could only manage £85 million, according to stats from HESA.

What is the hardest UK uni to get into?

The University of St. Andrews is top on the list of hardest UK universities to get into due to its low acceptance rate and competitive admission requirements.

What is the most posh school in the UK?

Oxford International College – £50,688
In 2019, the college has earned the top slot in the UK Independent Schools league tables after its students achieved record A-level results.

Who won All England 2016?

2016 All England Super Series Premier

Tournament details
Location Birmingham, England
Men’s singles Lin Dan
Women’s singles Nozomi Okuhara

What is the biggest tournament of badminton?

The BWF World Championships
The BWF World Championships is the most prestigious tournament in badminton. This is an individual championships where players compete for the title of World Champion. There are five events offered – men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s and women’s doubles and mixed doubles.

Who is the 4 Legend of badminton?

[Read Description]They are the 4 legends in world badminton.Lee Chong Wei,Lin Dan,Peter Gade and Taufik Hidayat,and they will always be remember. You can pm m…