Who won Grey Cup 2012?

Toronto Argonauts100th Grey Cup / ChampionThe Toronto Argonauts are a professional Canadian football team competing in the East Division of the Canadian Football League, based in Toronto, Ontario. Wikipedia

How many GREY cups have the Toronto Argonauts won?

17 Grey Cup championships

The Toronto Argonauts are a professional football team in the East Division of the Canadian Football League (CFL). Formed in 1873 as part of the Argonaut Rowing Club, the team has won 17 Grey Cup championships, the most of any team in the history of Canadian football.

What years did the Toronto Argonauts win the Grey Cup?

The 2017 Grey Cup was the fourth championship match-up between the two teams, with Calgary winning in 1971 and Toronto victorious in 1991 and 2012. The Argos’ 2017 Grey Cup victory was their first defeat of the Calgary Stampeders since a 33-27 win in September 2013.

What CFL team did John Candy own?

the Toronto Argonauts
In addition to his work as an actor, Candy was a co-owner of the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League (CFL), and the team won the 1991 Grey Cup under his ownership. Candy died in 1994 at the age of 43. His final two film appearances, Wagons East and Canadian Bacon, are dedicated to his memory.

Who has won the most CFL GREY cups?

The Toronto Argonauts
The Toronto Argonauts have won the most Grey Cup championships (17), followed by the Edmonton Eskimos (now Elks) (14) and Winnipeg Blue Bombers (12). The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have made the most Grey Cup appearances (26).

Has any CFL team gone undefeated?

MONTREAL — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers stand alone atop the CFL mountain with a perfect 9-0 record following their latest win over the Alouettes, and the team is just a few consecutive wins away from making history.

What was the coldest Grey Cup?

Trivia. The temperature at kickoff was -16 °C (3 °F), making the game the coldest Grey Cup final. The 1991 game is, to date, the last Grey Cup completed in daylight.

When did Gretzky sell the Argos?

The purchase of the Toronto Argonauts in 1991 by millionaire Bruce McNall, actor John Candy, and hockey great Wayne Gretzky marked the most conspicuous effort to produce first-class football with highly paid U.S. stars, but the experiment failed, and McNall and Gretzky sold the club in 1994 after Candy…

How long did John Candy own the Toronto Argonauts?

It all makes perfect sense though when you realize the person that you’re talking about is John Candy. The larger-than-life comedian was a part-owner of the Argos between 1991-93 before tragically passing away in March 1994.

Who has won 3 GREY Cups in a row?

Queens University 1922-24. 3 consecutive victories. 11-1 over 3 seasons. Largest margin of victory 54-0 in the 11th Grey Cup.

Is the Grey Cup the oldest trophy?

The trophy was commissioned in 1909 by the Earl Grey, at the time he was Canada’s governor general. Making the Grey Cup the oldest Professional Football Trophy and one of the oldest Professional Sports trophy’s in North America.

Who is the greatest CFL player of all time?

Doug Flutie, Quarterback (1990-1997)
In 2006, TSN ranked the “Top 50 CFL Players” of all time. Flutie, to no surprise, topped that list. Between his stints in the NFL, Flutie enjoyed the greatest success of his pro football career in Canada.

What is the highest score in CFL history?

On today’s date in 1990, the Toronto Argonauts beat the BC Lions 68-43 at the SkyDome (now the Rogers Centre), setting a Canadian Football League (CFL) combined scoring record of 111 points.

Who won the 1989 Grey Cup?

the Saskatchewan Roughriders
What is considered by many to be the greatest Grey Cup of all time, the Saskatchewan Roughriders walk-off victory over Hamilton in the 1989 game.

Who won Grey Cup in 1991?

The 79th Grey Cup was the 1991 Canadian Football League championship game played between the Toronto Argonauts and the Calgary Stampeders at Winnipeg Stadium in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Argonauts defeated the Stampeders 36–21 in an entertaining game.

How much are the Argos worth?

Argos net worth as of September 27, 2022 is $0.69B.

Did John Candy own the LA Kings?

They were the most unusual group ever to own a Canadian Football League franchise — maybe to own any sports franchise: Bruce McNall, the rotund rare-coin trader and owner of the Los Angeles Kings hockey team, his star player Wayne Gretzky, and the comedian John “Uncle Buck” Candy.

How much are CFL players paid?

The CFL raised its minimum salary from $54,000 to $65,000 in 2019, despite only a minimal increase in the salary cap.

Who won the most GREY cups?

Which CFL team has the most championships?

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have made the most appearances (26), while the Toronto Argonauts have won the most championships (17) and have the best record in the Grey Cup composite standings (17-6). Despite the CFL’s short-lived U.S. expansion in the mid-1990s, the Grey Cup was never played outside of Canada.

What is the smallest trophy in sport?

The Ashes urn, the smallest trophy in world sport, is cricket’s biggest prize. The coveted award given to the winners of a Test series between England and Australia has inspired some of the sport’s finest, and fiercest, matches.

What is world’s oldest sport?

Polo first appeared in Persia around 2,500 years ago, making it the oldest known team sport… and one for the rich and wealthy, as team members had to have their own horse. And these games were huge – elite training matches with the king’s cavalry could see up to 100 mounted players per side.

Has anyone gone from CFL to NFL?

Harald Hasselbach was a defensive end that played four seasons in the CFL and seven seasons in the NFL. Hasselbach won the Grey Cup in 1992 with the Calgary Stampeders.

What is average salary for CFL player?

The average CFL salary cap is around 6,653,964 CAD per year and some of the experienced CFL can make up to 1,129,918 CAD annually. The minimum salary given to them is 81,605 CAD per year. CFL Average Salary 2022: How Much Do CFL Players Make in A Year?

Has there ever been a 1/0 CFL game?

The lowest scoring game in CFL history, a 1–0 victory by the Montreal Alouettes over the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1966, had no scoring except for a single in the fourth quarter on a missed field goal attempt.