WHO publishes Doctor Who books?

BBC Books

BBC Books’ have published many series of books releating to Doctor Who, they include: the Eighth Doctor Adventures (EDA) (featuring the then-current incarnation of the Doctor), the Past Doctor Adventures (PDA), featuring the seven previous incarnations and the New Series Adventures, based upon the newly revived …

Who owns Doctor Who copyright?

the BBC
For much of the show’s history, up until roughly the Fifth Doctor, writers often retained copyright in what they created. So while the series, including its lead character, and much of the core of the show is controlled by the BBC, many of the characters that were added early on were not.

Who wrote the original Dr Who books?

David Whitaker
Frederick Muller novelisations

Title Author Published
Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks David Whitaker 12 November 1964
Doctor Who and the Zarbi Bill Strutton 16 September 1965
Doctor Who and the Crusaders David Whitaker 17 February 1966

Is Doctor Who based on a book?

Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC since 1963. Hundreds of novelisations of the series have been published by various publishers, the majority based on the original 1963–1989 run of the series.

What are the rarest Doctor Who target books?

The Wheel is Space is one of the rarest Target Novels out there.

The rarer ones tend to be:

  • ‘Evil of the Daleks’ & ‘Power of the Daleks’: (they were (I think) the last two original target novels published after a lengthy legal battle)
  • ‘The Wheel in Space’: (due to a fire in the warehouse)

How many Doctor Who books are there in total?

The series ran for 61 books, 59 about McCoy, and the last, The Dying Days, handing over to Eighth Doctor Paul McGann.

Did Sony buy Doctor Who?

Sony officially acquires Doctor Who series 14 producer Bad Wolf.

Is the name TARDIS copyrighted?

The name and design of the TARDIS is a registered trademark of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), despite the fact that the design was originally created by the Metropolitan Police Service.

Who is the new Doctor Who 2023?

Ncuti Gatwa
2. Ncuti Gatwa is making his debut as the Fourteenth Doctor. Sex Education star Ncuti Gatwa will take over the keys to the Tardis following Jodie Whittaker’s departure from Doctor Who. Gatwa’s casting was announced earlier this year, alongside the return of showrunner Russell T Davies.

Where should I start with Doctor Who books?

8 wonderful Doctor Who Books to start your collection

  • Scratchman by Tom Baker and James Goss.
  • The Good Doctor by Juno Dawson.
  • Now We Are Six Hundred by James Goss.
  • Shada by Douglas Adams/Gareth Roberts.
  • Borrowed Time by Naomi A Alderman.
  • Rose by Russell T Davies.
  • The Missy Chronicles by Cavan Scott etc.

How many Doctor Who target books are there?

As of July 2022 [update], nine stories from the BBC Wales version of Doctor Who have been novelised.

In what order should I read the Doctor Who books?

Doctor Who books, in internal chronological order

  • Time and Relative Telos Novella 01.
  • The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Missing Adventure 12.
  • Farewell Great Macedon Script published, dramatised by Big Finish.
  • The Fragile Yellow Arc of Fragrance Script published, dramatised by Big Finish.
  • The Masters of Luxor Script published.

Who owns Doctor Who now?

The company is majority-owned by Sony and has previously produced TV series including A Discovery of Witches, His Dark Materials and I Hate Suzie. Gatwa will be known by fans as the 14th Doctor, despite the numbering of the actors playing Doctor Who getting increasingly jumbled over the years.

Is Doctor Who still popular?

Doctor Who is one of the most popular shows on BBC iPlayer and has been streamed 50 million times in the past year, with 7 million streams so far for the latest series, as audiences increasingly value the option to choose when and where they watch it.

Are Daleks copyrighted?

The Daleks are trademarked by the estate of Terry Nation. Bernice Summerfield is copyright Paul Cornell. Some characters deriving from Big Finish Productions may be Big Finish copyright. Some other related characters may be at least partially copyrighted by their respective authors.

Is Weeping Angel copyrighted?

So Angel Statues are not copyrighted in and of themselves. Specific examples might be claimed by an artist, but not a general Angel concept. Similarly Statues that Move when you are not looking are not copyrighted.

Who is the 16th Doctor?

On May 8, 2022, the BBC revealed that Ncuti Gatwa will play the Doctor in the 14th season of Doctor Who in 2023. This makes him the 14th actor to play the role as a regular on the series and the 16th Doctor overall. (John Hurt and Jo Martin have played other “secret” versions of the Doctor.)

Who will be the 15th Doctor?

Ncuti Gatwa will take over from Jodie Whittaker as the Time Lord in Doctor Who, the BBC has announced.

Is Dr Who Big Finish canon?

In April 2021, Nicholas Briggs responded to a fan who about whether the Big Finish audio stories were canon, with Nicholas stating outright, albeit in a unserious way, that the stories were canon. Writer Scott Gray later stated on his Twitter account that “all [of] Doctor Who is canon. Even the TV show.”

What are the rarest doctor who target books?

How many Dr Who novels are there?

As of April 2020, 64 standard-length novels and six larger “supersize” novels.

Will Disney buy Doctor Who?

Disney Is in Talks to Acquire the Streaming Rights to Beloved British Series ‘Doctor Who’ If successful, the future seasons of ‘Doctor Who’ will stream on Disney+.

How much does it cost to make Doctor Who?

The production budget for the movie (as revealed in the book Doctor Who: Regeneration) was US$5 million, with the Fox Network spending $2.5 million, BBC Television contributing $300,000, and the remaining $2.2 million split between BBC Worldwide and Universal Television.

Why was Dr Who Cancelled?

Doctor Who was originally ‘cancelled’ because of dwindling viewing figures and a series of behind-the-scenes production issues.

What is the most viewed Doctor Who episode?

“Time Crash” was praised by critics who reviewed the episode, and was a ratings success; it was the most-viewed show of the night, and briefly the most-viewed episode of Doctor Who since 2005, with 11 million viewers.

Time Crash
Production code CIN2
Running time 8 minutes
First broadcast 16 November 2007