Who owns Milele FM?

Samboja joined the Royal Media Services on completing his studies at KIMC. He eventually left to start Milele FM. Records indicate Milele FM was founded in 2008. In addition to being the founder of Milele FM, Samboja owns Anguo FM, a Taita language radio station.

Who is the head of Milele FM?

Jei Obege – Head of Radio – Milele Fm (Mediamax Network Ltd.)

Which station is Milele FM?

Milele FM Listen Live – 88.3-104.3 MHz FM, Nairobi, Kenya | Online Radio Box.

How much is Alex Mwakideu paid?

Alex Mwakideu

Alex Mwakideu is on the ninth position when it comes to the Highest-paid radio personalities in Kenya. Estimated Salary: KES 370,000.

How rich is Jeff Koinange?

Sh50 million
On Monday, celebrated Citizen TV news anchor and Hot 96 radio host Jeff Koinange took a cue from Chelugui after a fan asked him his net worth and revealed that he had over Sh50 million.

Who is the owner of k24 Kenya?

K24 TV

Language(s) British English Kenyan Swahili
Owner Mediamax Network Ltd

Why did Jalango leave milele?

Popular radio presenter Felix Odiwuor, commonly known as Jalang’o, has quit Milele FM.

Is mwende Macharia married?

Mwende Macharia and J Blessing got a baby seven years ago but did not get married, although Blessing had met her parents. Photos: Mwende Macharia.

Which is the most listened radio station in Kenya?

Radio Citizen
Top Radio Stations in Kenya by Audience
Between January and March 2022, Radio Citizen was the most listened to radio station, with a 10.2% share of the radio audience in Kenya. Radio Africa Group’s sister stations – Radio Jambo and Classic 105, followed closely with 8.7% and 7.3% of the audience respectively.

Who is the owner of k24 TV station in Kenya?

Mediamax Network Ltd
K24 TV

Headquarters DSM Place, Kijabe Street
Language(s) British English Kenyan Swahili
Owner Mediamax Network Ltd

Who is the highest paid journalist in Kenya?

Journalism is among the most adorable careers. Seeing them adorning the televisions, many people wonder how much money they earn. The highest-paid journalist in Kenya is currently Jeff Koinange. Apparently, Royal Media Services is the media house with the most top-earning journalists in the industry.

How much is CJ in Kenya paid?

As the CJ, Koome is entitled to a basic maximum salary of KSh 990,000, while her allowances amount to KSh 375,000. When all allowances are factored in, Koome’s total pay is set at a maximum of KSh 1.3 million in consolidated pay, according to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) circular seen by TUKO.co.ke.

Does Jeff Koinange have a wife?

Shaila KoinangeJeff Koinange / Wife (m. 1998)

What is Lilian Muli salary?

Lilian Muli’s wealth
Having worked on mainstream media for quite some time now, Lilian Muli is definitely among the highest-paid journalist in Kenya. She is believed to earn a salary of Ksh. 250,000 and above.

Who is the owner of NRG Radio Kenya?

Kevin Mulei, a renowned businessman in Nairobi is the founder and owner of NRG Radio. He is also the founder of the once popular Groove Awards as well as Mo Sound Events.

Who is the owner of Midiamax?

How much is Jalango salary?

Jalang’o works at Radio Africa Group which is known to pay celebrities quite well, as evidenced in Shaffie Weru’s salary of Ksh 600,000 which was revealed in 2021. He explained after landing his first well paying job at Kiss 100, he started his company Arena Media which does advertising and marketing.

Does Jalango have a degree?

Jalang’o has graduated with a degree in community development from Daystar University. The comedian graduated years after leaving high school. The graduation follows a bold decision the comedian made to return to school. Jalang’o has previously shared his story and pursuit for education.

Did Mwende Macharia give birth?

The funny and bubbly Mwende Macharia who hosts the Radio Maisha countdown was also blessed with a baby boy today at the Mater Hospital.

Who is Kameme Goro?

Former news anchor Kamene Goro, now a radio presenter at NRG Radio, left a section of Kenyans rather speechless after sharing the number of men she has bedded so far. Kamene with her co-host Andrew Kibe hosted rapper Prezzo in a drinking game.

Which is the oldest radio station in Kenya?

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) is the state-run media organisation of Kenya. It broadcasts in English and Swahili, as well as in most local languages of Kenya. The corporation started its life in 1928 when Kenya was a British colony. It was the first station in Kenya.

What is the strongest radio station?

Beginning in the 1920s, Cincinnati businessman Powel Crosley, Jr., ventured into radio broadcasting, establishing WLW, a Cincinnati radio station. He increased the station’s broadcasting power to 500,000 watts, making it the most powerful station in the world.

Who is the owner of Radio Jambo?

Patrick Quarcoo
He is the founder and chief executive officer of Radio Africa Group, which is an umbrella of among Kenya’s leading media channels on print, digital, TV and radio. This include KISS 100, Classic 105, Smooth FM, Radio Jambo, East FM, the Star newspaper and KISS TV.

Patrick Quarcoo
Years active 2000–present

Who is the richest kid in Kenya?

Anerlisa Muigai is one of the richest kids in Kenya and the defacto heiress of Keroche Breweries. Born in 1988, she shines in beauty, fashion and business. Her parents Joseph Karanja and Tabitha Muigai Karanja are the founders of Keroche Breweries.

Who is the most famous journalist in Kenya?

Active Journalists

# Name Media House
1 A. BENJAMIN KALEHA Sauti ya Matumaini Radio
3 ABAREE DIMA Radio Jangwani