Who is on loose ends now?

Loose Ends is a British radio programme originally broadcast on Saturday mornings, and then transmitted early Saturday evenings from 1998 by BBC Radio 4. It was hosted by Ned Sherrin until 2006 and has been hosted by Clive Anderson, Nikki Bedi and Peter Curran since 2007.

Can I listen to Radio 4 on catch up?

You can listen live online and also listen again to programmes broadcast on BBC Sounds. You listen live by accessing the link in the top banner or catch up on a past programme by finding a programme in the Schedule. Many Radio 4 programmes are available as podcasts or downloads which you can listen to on most devices.

What is the current book of the week on Radio 4?

Blowing the Bloody Doors Off.

What is BBC Radio 4 LW?

BBC Radio 4 is a British national radio station owned and operated by the BBC that replaced the BBC Home Service in 1967. It broadcasts a wide variety of spoken-word programmes, including news, drama, comedy, science and history from the BBC’s headquarters at Broadcasting House, London.

Where is Loose Ends group from?

London, United KingdomLoose Ends / Origin

When was Jane Eugene born?

February 5th, 1961

(b. February 5th, 1961). Singer & songwriter who came to prominence as a forming member of British R&B band, Loose Ends.

How can I listen to previous radio shows?

8 Ways to Listen to Old Time Radio Shows Online for Free

  • YouTube: Old Time Radio Shows.
  • Relic Radio.
  • Vintage ROKiT Radio.
  • InternetRadio.
  • Pumpkin FM.
  • The Internet Archive.
  • Old Time Radio Downloads.
  • RUSC.

Can I listen to old radio shows?

Web sites, satellite radio: Archive.org is the best online resource for free OTR, which houses many tens of thousands of shows you can download – one-by-one or as a complete series – and you can then listen to these MP3s on any compatible device.

What is the current Radio 4 Book at Bedtime?

The Lie of the Land.

When the dust settles book of the week?

Book of the Week. When the Dust Settles: Stories of Love, Loss and Hope from an Expert in Disaster. Lucy Easthope’s memoir lights a way through the chaos, on towards hope.

Does LW radio still exist?

The band is mainly used in Europe, the ITU’s region 1, although not exclusively. Many Middle East and North African countries use the band, or have unexploited allocations. It’s often said to be an obsolete band, but this is not true as.

Who uses longwave?

Longwave is used for broadcasting only within ITU Region 1. The long-wave broadcasters are located in western, northern, central, and southeastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, Mongolia, Algeria, and Morocco.

What happened to Loose Ends group?

Carl McIntosh continues to perform, writing new songs under the name Loose Ends with the original line-up from 1990, Linda Carriere and Sunay Suleyman. In 2021, Loose Ends signed a new record deal with the British hip hop record label Digital Jukebox Records to release new singles and albums.

How old is the group loose ends?

Loose Ends is a group which has existed since the early 80’s. A successful British R&B band formed in 1980, signed to Virgin Records in 1981. Loose Ends had several urban contemporary hits with tracks such as ‘Hanging on a string’ reaching no.

What year did loose ends come out?

They were originally called Loose End, and included Carl McIntosh, Jane Eugene, and Steve Nichol. Virgin signed them in 1981, and their debut was written by Chris and Eddie Amoo of the Real Thing. The group changed its name to Loose Ends in 1983, and signed with MCA in America in 1984.

Is there a radio archive?

The American Radio Archives (ARA) is one of the largest collections of archival material documenting the history of radio in the United States.

How do I find old BBC radio shows?

You can check out some of our archived material and collections on the BBC Archive website. If you are interested in researching the BBC archives you can visit the Researching the BBC Archives website to find out how you can access some of our material.

What is the most famous radio drama?

War of the Worlds
On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles and his Mercury Theatre panicked millions of radio listeners with their inventive production of War of the Worlds. It’s the most famous radio drama of all time, and it made the news by pretending to be the news.

What is the most popular radio program?

Popular radio shows in the United States

Program Format Weekly listeners (in millions)
All Things Considered Newsmagazine 14.7
The Sean Hannity Show Conservative talk 14.5
The Dave Ramsey Show Financial talk 14
Morning Edition Newsmagazine 13.1

What time is book at bedtime?

Book at Bedtime (A Book at Bedtime until 9 July 1993) is a long-running radio programme which is broadcast on BBC Radio 4 each weekday evening between 22.45 and 23.00. The programme presents readings of fiction, including modern classics, new works by leading writers, and literature from around the world.

Where can I listen to a book at bedtime?

Book at Bedtime | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

When the dust settles meaning?

Definition of the dust settles
—used to talk about what happens when things become clear or calm after a period of change or confusion I’ll call you as soon as the dust settles from the move. When the dust settled and the votes were recounted, she had won the election.

When the dust settles book synopsis?

From the Boxing Day tsunami to the Covid-19 pandemic, Lucy Easthope has worked on the frontline in the wake of numerous disasters over the past two decades and in this inspiring and unflinching memoir she recounts a life spent confronting other people’s trauma and helping them to move forward.

Is Radio 4 closing down?

On 26 May 2022, as part of planned cuts and streamlining with a greater focus on digital, the BBC announced plans to discontinue Radio 4 Extra as a broadcast station. It will be supplanted by BBC Sounds.

What has happened to Radio 4 long wave?

BBC Four and CBBC will also end as linear TV channels as part of the broadcaster’s plans to become ‘digital-first’, while Radio 5 Live on medium-wave will close by 2027 and Radio 4 Extra will only be available on BBC Sounds.