Who died in Operation Barras?

At least twenty-five West Side Boys were killed in the assault, as was one British soldier, while eighteen West Side Boys—including the gang’s leader, Foday Kallay—were taken prisoner and later transferred to the custody of the Sierra Leone Police.

Operation Barras.

Date 10 September 2000
Result British victory, all hostages rescued.

What did the West Side Boys do?

They captured and held peacekeepers from the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (UNAMSIL) and, in August 2000, captured a patrol of British soldiers from the Royal Irish Regiment and their Sierra Leone Army liaison officer.

Why did the British army go to Sierra Leone?

In May 2000, Britain deployed troops to the country to evacuate foreign citizens and resist the RUF as it advanced on the capital, Freetown. Following this, British forces stayed on to train Sierra Leone’s army and support a United Nations peacekeeping force.

What was Operation Certain Death?

This book chronicles the story of the single most daring Special Forces operation since World War Two – Operation Barras; the attempted rescue by the SAS of the British Forces who were being held captive by guerrilla gang the West Side Boys in the Sierra Leone jungle.

What have the SAS done?

The Special Air Service (SAS) is famous around the world. Its highly trained men are renowned for their skills in covert surveillance, close-combat fighting and hostage rescue. The SAS was created during the Second World War, when small bands of soldiers were dropped behind enemy lines in North Africa and Europe.

Does Sierra Leone have an army?

Today the army is by far the largest Armed Forces branch and is responsible for protection of the state borders, the security of administered territories and defending the national interests of Sierra Leone within the framework of its international obligations.

Was the British intervention in Sierra Leone successful?

Nevertheless, the British intervention was an extraordinary achievement by any measure. Although, at its maximum, the UK deployed nearly 4 500 personnel into theatre (of whom 1 300 were ashore), most of the success was achieved by about 300-400 British personnel in Sierra Leone at any time.

Is there war in Sierra Leone?

By the end of 1993, the Sierra Leone Army (SLA) had succeeded in pushing the RUF rebels back to the Liberian border, but the RUF recovered and fighting continued.
Sierra Leone Civil War.

Date 23 March 1991 – 18 January 2002 (10 years, 9 months, 3 weeks and 5 days)
Location Sierra Leone
Result Commonwealth victory

What rank are SAS soldiers?

22 SAS is divided into 4 main Squadrons – A,B, D & G.
HQ Element

  • At the head of each squadron is the OC (Officer Commander), usually an Army major.
  • The 2nd in Command, or 2ic, with the rank of captain.
  • Operations Officer.
  • Squadron Sergeant Major (SSM)
  • Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant (SQSM)
  • Staff Sergeant.

Who is the most decorated SAS soldier?

John McAleese
Rank Staff Sergeant
Unit Royal Engineers 22 SAS
Battles/wars Operation Nimrod Falklands War Operation Banner
Awards Military Medal

Why is Sierra Leone so famous?

Sierra Leone has a special significance in the history of the transatlantic slave trade. Its capital, Freetown, was founded in 1787 as a home for repatriated former slaves from London and the Americas. Sitting on a coastal peninsula, the city overlooks the Sierra Leone Harbor, the world’s third largest natural harbor.

How strong is Sierra Leone military?

For 2022, Sierra Leone is ranked 137 of 142 out of the countries considered for the annual GFP review. It holds a PwrIndx* score of 7.5206 (a score of 0.0000 is considered ‘perfect’).

What ended the Sierra Leone civil war?

March 23, 1991 – January 18, 2002Sierra Leone Civil War / Period

Why was unamsil successful?

UNAMSIL was a notable pioneer in a number of elements now common to UN peacekeeping, including its integrated mission structure, attention to security sector reform, Chapter VII powers to engage in protection of civilians, and peacebuilding- centered exit strategy.

Are there still blood diamonds in Sierra Leone?

15% of Sierra Leone’s diamond production are conflict diamonds. It shows that the production of conflict diamonds still exists in Sierra Leone.

What happened to the child soldiers in Sierra Leone?

Children as young as five years old were held at gunpoint and forced by the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) to choose between killing or being killed. Those that resisted were either killed or maimed. Those who chose to live were drugged, armed and transformed into killing machines. Girls became sex-slaves.

What are SAS soldiers called?

Troops usually consist of 16 members (Members of the SAS are variously known as “blade” or “Operator”) and each patrol within a troop consists of four members, with each member possessing a particular skill e.g. signals, demolition, medic or linguist in addition to basic skills learned during the course of his training …

What does an SAS soldier get paid?

Recruits are drawn from other army units, but only one applicant in 20 passes the gruelling four-week selection process. SAS soldiers’ pay ranges from less than £25,000 a year to around £80,000, depending on their skills and rank. This compares with a basic £13,000 for privates in other regiments.

Can SAS members tell their family?

The SAS is a secret organisation. Its members often do not tell anyone except close family that they are in it. The British Ministry of Defence (MOD) rarely speaks of the SAS and mission details are never released until much later. The badge of the organisation is a flaming excalibur.

Who is the youngest person to join the SAS?

Floyd Woodrow was one of the youngest soldiers ever to be selected for the UK’s elite Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) at the age of 22.

What is the biggest problem in Sierra Leone?

Until the outbreak of Ebola in 2014, Sierra Leone was seeking to attain middle-income status by 2035, but the country still carries its post-conflict attributes of high youth unemployment, corruption, and weak governance.

Why is it called Freetown?

Freetown is so named for a reason. Land bought from local Themne chiefs in the late 18th century became the new home for resettled freed slaves from Britain and North America, and of ‘recaptives’ taken off seized slave ships on the Atlantic after Britain passed the 1807 Abolition of the Slave Trade Act.

How strong is the Guinean army?

Republic of Guinea Armed Forces

Guinean Armed Forces
Chairman of the NCRD Chairman Mamady Doumbouya
Active personnel Reported est. 65,000 in 2021
Reserve personnel 23,000

Does the RUF still exist?

The Revolutionary United Front (RUF) was a rebel group that fought a failed eleven-year war in Sierra Leone, beginning in 1991 and ending in 2002.

Is the UN still in Sierra Leone?

UNIOSIL ended in September 2008 and was replaced by the United Nations Integrated Peacebuilding Office in Sierra Leone (UNIPSIL). The Security Council unanimously agreed to withdraw UNIPSIL by 31 March 2014 although the UN country office will remain present to continue to support the constitutional review process.