Who did Ciara write Promise for?

In an interview with Corey Moss for MTV News, Ciara stated that “Promise” is about being single as she had ended her one-year relationship with rapper Bow Wow several months prior in April 2006.

What song did r Kelly write for Ciara?

That track has now reportedly been disabled on Spotify. According to TMZ, Ciara has also requested that Sony take her and Kelly’s 2006 collab “Promise (Go and Get Your Tickets Mix)” off streaming and iTunes. Interestingly, Kelly’s parent label Sony has remained mum on all matters R.

What is Ciara’s most popular song?

Level UpOh1, 2 StepGet UpBody PartyLike a Boy

What song did Ciara sample for Promise?

Ciara’s ‘Promise’ sample of Jodeci’s ‘My Heart Belongs to U’ | WhoSampled.

Who produced promise by Jimin?

Slow Rabbit

‘Promise’ was composed by Jimin and Slow Rabbit, who also produced and arranged the track, while his bandmate RM is also credited as a co-writer for the song’s lyrics.

When did Ciara Promise come out?

2006Promise / Released

What is R. Kelly net worth 2022?

around -$2 Million
R Kelly Net Worth 2022: Lawsuits, Early Life, Biography, Career, Home & Car Collection. As of August 2022, R Kelly net worth is estimated around -$2 Million. How he lost his money when he used to be one of the best-selling music artists in the world.

What songs did R. Kelly wrote for Aaliyah?


Song Artist Album
“At Your Best (You Are Love)” Aaliyah Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number
“Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby…” R. Kelly R. Kelly
“Back & Forth” Aaliyah Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number
“Back To The Hood of Things” R. Kelly 12 Play

How much does Ciara make a year?

$1 million to $4 million
Ciara’s annual income varies depending on the projects in which she’s involved, as well as whether she goes on tour. Her yearly pay typically falls in the $1 million to $4 million range, according to estimates.

How many Number 1 albums Does Ciara have?

Having the similar success that Goodies had, Ciara: The Evolution debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, and charted in the top 30 of several international markets, reaching Platinum status in the US.

Ciara discography
Studio albums 7
EPs 1
Singles 39

Why did Jimin cry at Citi Field?

Actually, this rarely happens but my body was a little unwell until yesterday. […] But the reason I cried yesterday was because you all sang together with us.

What songs did Park Jimin wrote?

DynamitePermission to DanceButterFireRun BTSYet To Come

Who is the richest rapper?

Top 20 Richest Rappers in the World and their Net Worth

  • Kanye West. Net Worth: $6.6 billion.
  • Jay Z. Net Worth: $1.3 billion.
  • Sean Combs / Diddy. Net Worth: $900 million.
  • Dr. Dre.
  • Russell Simmons. Net Worth: $340 million.
  • Eminem. Net Worth: $230 million.
  • Pharrell Williams. Net Worth: $200 million.
  • Master P. Net Worth: $200 million.

How much is Aaliyah’s estate worth?

Aaliyah Net Worth

Net Worth: $8 Million
Date of Birth: Jan 16, 1979 – Aug 25, 2001 (22 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.71 m)
Profession: Singer, Model, Actor, Dancer

Did Jay Z and Aaliyah date?

In a separate interview with Hip-Hop-Motivation, Dash confirmed that JAY-Z had known Aaliyah first and that they had both started to pursue her later. Despite establishing a rapport with JAY-Z, Aaliyah reportedly began dating Dash in late 1999. They were together until her death in a plane crash in August 2001.

How much older was R. Kelly than Aaliyah?

R&B musician R. Kelly illegally married the late singer Aaliyah when she was 15 and he was 27.

Who is worth more Ciara or Russell Wilson?

Ciara Wilson, who is a singer, model and actress, has a net worth of $20 million, so she hasn’t done badly. Russell Wilson has a net worth of $165 million.

How much is Cardi B currently worth?

Cardi B is a Rapper, singer-songwriter, and Businesswoman who has a net worth of $42 Million. Cardi B is known as one of the most successful and famous rappers and singer-songwriters in America. Cardi B used to make videos on Vine and Instagram, which gave her initial success and fame.

How many number ones does Ashanti?

Ashanti’s eponymous debut album was released in April 2002, and sold over three million copies in the United States. It produced the number-one hit “Foolish”, the top ten hit “Happy” and the top twenty single “Baby”.

Ashanti discography
Music videos 23
Singles 22
Soundtrack albums 6

Why did Jimin cry in Brazil?

On Sunday, May 26, Jimin took the one-on-one time with fans to reveal that he was feeling sick the night before, but that he was OK. The reason he actually cried was because of the BTS ARMY, who was able to sing his parts in “The Truth Untold” for him.

Is BTS support Brazil?

BTS’s V, at the recent Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concert at the Sao Paulo Allianz Parque in Brazil, showed his overflowing love for his Brazilian ARMYs by hugging the Brazilian flag tight in his arms – and it simply melted the hearts of not only the fans in Brazil, but also ARMYs worldwide.

Who is the most handsome in BTS?

According to the voting trends BTS leader, RM stood at No. 1 and was titled as the world’s most attractive man. RM has surpassed Henry Cavill as the most attractive man in the world. TC Calendar has conducted polling on its website for the most attractive men of 2022.

What does BTS stand for in English?

Bangtan BoysBTS / Full name

Who is richer Kanye or Jay-Z?

Ye(Kanye West) later went on to surpass Jay-Z as the richest hip-hop artist. Ye(Kanye West) was a very successful producer before he became a very successful singer and songwriter. He is one of the best record producers who has worked with Jay-Z to create his own music.

Is Rick Ross richer than 50 Cent?

50 Cent Fans Clown Rick Ross Over “Richer Than I Ever Been” Album …