Who are the main leads of Dream High?

Dream High (Korean: 드림하이; RR: Deurimhai; MR: Tŭrimhai) is a 2011 South Korean television series starring Bae Suzy, Kim Soo-hyun, Ok Taec-yeon, Ham Eun-jung, Jang Woo-young and Lee Ji-eun (IU).

Who is the main male lead in Dream High?

Song Sam-Dong (Kim Soo-Hyun) lives in the country side and dreams of becoming an owner of a stock farm. He falls in love with Ko Hye-Mi (Bae Suji) at first sight and follows her to Kirin High School of Art.

Who are the couple in Dream High?

However, both Jingook and Baekhee had their share of hurt and misery, making them the most heart-wrenching couple. What’s more, their love was one-sided as only Baekhee liked Jingook.

Is Dream High 2 A sequel of Dream High?

Like its predecessor Dream High, it follows a group of students at the Kirin High School of Art stars who pursue their dream of becoming K-pop stars. However, it has a slight difference in terms of plot with new set of student casts.

Who does Hye Mi end up with in Dream High?

The final scene finds Sam Dong boarding the bus, and Hye Mi runs after him, a reverse of their bus scene from episode 3. She catches up to the bus, and he opens the window and leans out. She puts the K pendant around his neck, and he grabs her head and leans in to kiss her.

What happens to Baek Hee in Dream High?

He says that he’ll be going onstage as a guest, and asks if she wants to join him. She laughs and says no, she’s had enough of being in the press with him. Baek-hee is now a teacher at Kirin, and an exact replica of Kyung-jin.

What happens to Baek-Hee in Dream High?

Who is the male lead in Dream High 2?

Following much rumors and speculation, the highly anticipated KBS drama “Dream High 2” has confirmed the casting of 2AM’s Jinwoon as its male lead role. Jinwoon will play the role of “Jin Yoojin,” a mischievous student that aspires to be a rock star.

Who ends up together in Dream High 2?

Hye Sung hasn’t been back to Korea in, like, 8 years (so cold) and is now a fancy Broadway producer (so much for songwriting). I think the students who had the happiest ending were Jung Ui Bong (Jr.) and Lee Seul (Jung Yeon Joo) – they are now together and run a dance academy which is churning out many pop idols.

Is there a love triangle in Dream High?

I have heard many comments saying that “Dream High” was not a drama about love triangle. I am confused again: for me the drama was very much about the love triangle, in fact at the end, it appeared to be a classical love triangle where the girl has feelings for both guys .

Who is the villain in Dream High?

Baek Hee

Because of Hye Mi’s stubborn and condescending character, she doesn’t pass her audition and Baek Hee does. This is where their friendship deteriorates, and a role switch occurs. Baek Hee becomes the antagonist while Hye Mi, the protagonist.

Does Dream High 2 have a happy ending?

KBS 2 drama “Dream High 2” ended with the students of Kirin School of Arts finding their own life paths 8 years later. On the final episode of “Dream High 2” on the 20th, Rian (Jiyeon) was chosen as the final winner of Super Idol and 8 years later, the students of Kirin School of Arts were leading their own lives.

How did Dream High 2 end?

Who does Hyemi end up with in Dream High?

Is Dream High worth watching?

THE SHORT VERDICT: Fresh, fun and earnest, and backed by a breezy soundtrack that’s easy on the ears, Dream High ranks as one of my all-time favorite music-centric, high school dramas. Heck, it’s one of my favorite dramas, period.

Is Dream High happy ending?

She invites everyone from friends and teacher from Kirin Art School to this event. Anyways, “Dream High” ends with everybody being happy.

What should I watch after Dream High?

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What is the cutest Kdrama?

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Which school Kdrama is best?

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Who is the best kisser in Korean actors?

Here are nine Korean actors who are such good kissers, their kiss scenes stay in our minds rent-free.

  • Seo In-guk. Image adapted from: tvN.
  • Jang Ki-yong. Image adapted from: tvN.
  • Park Hyung-sik. Image adapted from: JTBC.
  • 4. Lee Jong-suk. Image adapted from: MBC.
  • Park Bo-gum.
  • Park Seo-jun.
  • Ji Chang-wook.
  • Gong Yoo.

Who is the best couple in Kdrama?

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Can 16 year old watch Kdrama?

no. you can just watch cartoons, animated films. actually kdrama mostly have professional stories, or love stories so its not for children.

What is the best Kdrama for teenagers?

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Who is No 1 Korean actor?

Lee Min Ho is also a highly well-known South Korean actor who has starred in T.V. dramas like Boys Over Flowers, City Hunter, and Heirs. His acting career began in 2002 with the television series called ‘Romance. ‘ Since then, he has appeared in several dramas, short plays, and modest film parts.

What is the No 1 K drama?

1. The World of the Married (2020)