Which SkyTrain goes to Metrotown?


The EXPO LINE is the first SkyTrain that goes to Metrotown SkyTrain Station in Burnaby.

Does the SkyTrain go to Burnaby?

Our three automated rapid transit SkyTrain lines take you all around Metro Vancouver: Expo Line connects Downtown Vancouver with the cities of Burnaby, New Westminster, and Surrey. Millennium Line takes you from East Vancouver through to Burnaby and into Port Moody and Coquitlam.

What stations are on the Expo Line?

19Expo Line / Stations

What are the stops on Canada Line?

Stations Guide – Canada Line

  • Waterfront. View Station.
  • Vancouver City Centre. View Station.
  • Yaletown – Roundhouse. View Station.
  • Olympic Village. View Station.
  • Broadway – City Hall. View Station.
  • King Edward. View Station.
  • Oakridge – 41st. View Station.
  • Langara – 49th. View Station.

What are the names of the SkyTrain lines?

YVR–Airport Station

  • Waterfront Station.
  • Vancouver City Centre Station.
  • Yaletown–Roundhouse Station.
  • Olympic Village Station.
  • Broadway–City Hall Station.
  • King Edward Station.
  • Oakridge–41st Ave Station.
  • Langara–49th Ave Station.

Does SkyTrain go to Vancouver Airport?

Public Transit
The SkyTrain’s Canada Line provides rapid rail service linking YVR to downtown Vancouver and parts of Richmond. Trains leave the airport station approximately every seven minutes during most times of the day.

How many SkyTrain stations are there in Burnaby?

Vancouver and Burnaby have a total of 31 stations, 20 and 11 respectively, consisting of 58 percent of the system’s stations.

How much is the SkyTrain from Vancouver Airport to downtown?

What is the price of a ticket to ride the Skytrain from Vancouver Airport to downtown Vancouver? $7.75 1-zone fare of $2.75 + YVR AddFare of $5).

Does the SkyTrain go to Stanley Park?

The CANADA LINE is the first SkyTrain that goes to Stanley Park in Vancouver. It stops nearby at 4:48 AM.

How much is Uber from airport to downtown Vancouver?

CA$ 30-70
Transfer comparison

Transport Travel time Cost
Private Shuttle 25 Min. CA$ 78
Uber 25 Min. CA$ 30-70
Lyft 25 Min. CA$ 30‑50
Rental Car 25 Min. Individ.

Does the Vancouver SkyTrain reach the airport?

The YVR Airport Skytrain (above and below ground subway-type train) is the quickest way to get from Vancouver Interna- tional Airport to downtown Vancouver, with a travel time of only 25 minutes. The Vancouver (YVR) – Airport Canada Line Station is located above the covered parking garage at the airport.

Is entry to Stanley Park free?

Admissions Fees
There are no entrance fees or parking fees for Stanley Park. For Rentals and Permits please see our fee schedule.

Are there bears in Stanley Park?

There are no large animals such as bears that live in the park. There was a deer, once recently, but it didn’t last long(see below). Also, once there was a rooster who lived in the park.

Do you tip Uber drivers?

You should tip Uber and Lyft drivers between 10 and 20 percent based on quality of service. You should use a set tip of $4-$6 for rideshare delivery. According to HyreCar, Uber and Lyft drivers make less than $15 an hour when driver costs are considered.

How do I get from Vancouver Airport to downtown?

How much does Stanley Park cost?

There are no entrance fees or parking fees for Stanley Park.

How long does it take to walk around Stanley Park?

two to three hours
Walking and cycling around Stanley Park on the Seawall
The 9 km portion around Stanley Park takes two to three hours to walk, or one hour to cycle.

Are there wolves in Vancouver?

It lives in packs of about five to twenty. There are estimated to be less than 180 wolves on Vancouver Island. These coastal wolves are popularly known as Sea wolves. Vancouver has two types of coastal wolves: the island or Sea wolves, are different than mainland coastal wolves.

Are there grizzly bears in Vancouver?

Grizzly bears do not live year round on Vancouver Island however you can go on one of the bear watching trips to view the mainland Grizzlies. There are almost 14000 Grizzly Bears in British Columbia and many coastal Grizzlies feed along the shorelines for shellfish as well as during salmon season.

Do you sit in back or front of Uber?

4. Be a back-seat rider. Whenever possible, sit in the back seat, especially if you’re riding alone. This helps ensure that you can safely exit on either side of the vehicle to avoid moving traffic, and it gives you and your driver some personal space.

What happens if you don’t tip Uber?

What Happens If You Don’t Tip Your Uber Driver? Nothing happens if you don’t tip your Uber driver. The driver earns less money than they would have if you had tipped. However, leaving a tip can also be a sign of encouragement for them to continue with their rides and providing good service.

Is Stanley Park free to park?

A free car park can be found at the end of the West Park Drive entrance.

Is there an entrance fee for Stanley Park?

Helpful? No the Park is Free. Stanley Park is one of the world’s great city Parks, a local guide even calls it Stanley Park Forest, with over 400 hectares, with beaches, formal gardens, and wilderness forest… Don’t miss Stanley Park, or you can’t say you’ve been to Vancouver…

Are there bears in Vancouver?

Vancouver Island is estimated to be home to about 7,000 black bears, which marks it as the densest population for these bears. They can be found pretty well anywhere on Vancouver Island, but there are definite clusters in places like the Pacific Rim National Park!

What do you do if you encounter a grey wolf?

Stand tall and make themselves look larger. Calmly but slowly back away and maintain eye contact. If the wolf does not run away immediately, continue making yourself large, keeping eye contact, and backing away. Do not turn your back on the wolf or run away.