Which Krishna statue is good for home?

But, if you’re looking for a good Krishna statue for your home to bring overall good energy you’ll want a Krishna statue with a calf. These two sacred beings will bring you the most blessings and be beautiful in your home to boot.

Can we keep baby Krishna statue at home?

You should position the statue such that it faces East to West or West to East, but not North to South. A Krishna statue should never be kept in a bathroom or a bedroom. If at all possible, avoid rooms that have contiguous walls to these rooms. The statue should be placed in a well-lit location.

Can we keep Krishna idol in bedroom?

Place lord Krishna’s statue in a NorthEast corner and make sure that it is facing East to West or West to East. However, you must also consider the rooms nearby. Make sure that it is never placed in a bathroom or bedroom. Avoid rooms with adjoining walls as well.

Can we keep Krishna statue with flute in home?

In Vastu Shastra today, Acharya Indu Prakash is here to tell you about how auspicious it is to keep a flute in the house. We all know the flute is dear to Lord Shri Krishna. Therefore, he always keeps the flute with him.

Can we keep 2 Krishna idol at home?

In the place of worship, no more than two Ganesha idols or images should be present. In any other case, it is not lucky. A god’s image may be depicted twice in the home, each in a distinct location.

Can I keep Radha Krishna statue in bedroom?

To answer your question, Yes. You can put a Radha Krishna photo in the bedroom or hang it on the wall. If the room belongs to a married couple, the picture can increase the love and harmony between two people. Make sure to pick a painting where true love and harmony between Radha Krishna are depicted.

Can we keep Krishna idol in Tulsi plant?

All devout women worship the Tulsi plant with flowers, garlands and milk assuming Lord Krishna to be present on it on this auspicious day. A small idol of Krishna is also kept near the Tulsi plant.

What happens if Krishna idol breaks by mistake?

You must hand it over to a nearby temple or place of worship. Pandits in the temple or experts of Shastra (Vastu tips for kitchen) can help you best with a remedy for the broken idol. If you did not perform ‘Prana Prastishtha’ while establishing the idol, you can immerse it in a nearby lake, river or water body.

What happens if Krishna idol breaks?

If the idol is broken, you have to replace it. That is the only way to invite positive vibes and change the aura of your house. You start with removing a disfigured idol from the house temple and placing a new one in its place.

How do you dispose of old idols?

Vedic scholar M V Narayan Rao says discarding holy pictures and images on the streets is a practice the devout should avoid. “They should use flowing water, or bury remove the casing and bury the pictures deep in the soil,” he said. Some rituals must be followed before a holy image can be buried, he explained.

Can we use broken idols at home?

According to Vastu Shastra, keeping broken or cracked idols of Gods at home is not considered good at all. Doing this hinders the peace of the house without any reason and increases the troubles of family members.

Which god idols should not be kept at home?

The idol of sun god Shani Dev should also be avoided in keeping the worship in the house. They should worship always in the temples outside. Do not set Shani Dev’s idol in the house. Keeping the idol of Rahu-Ketu in the house is considered inauspicious.

What do you do with a broken Krishna statue?

It is a blanket rule for all statues of Gods, Deities, Religious Gurus if chipped, cracked or broken are considered to be highly inauspicious and hence should be immersed in clean flowing water after offering prayers of forgiveness ( Kshama Yachana ) or left at the same God’s temple.

Can we keep 2 mandir at home?

Never more than two idols or pictures of Ganesha should be kept in the house of worship. Otherwise it would not be auspicious. There can be two pictures of one God at two different places in the house.

Should we keep broken idols at home?

Can I sleep in pooja room?

Designing the pooja space in the bedroom should be looked at as a last resort, as Vastu prescribes that no one should sleep in the pooja room. If there is no other alternative, incorporate it in the northeast corner of the bedroom.

Which colour is best for pooja room?


Yellow, the colour of the sun, signifies power, optimism and happiness. People consider it as a spiritual and sacred colour. It brings warmth to the pooja room. Neither too bright nor too dull, yellow is just the right colour for the pooja room.

Which day is good for cleaning pooja?

The day Next to Amavasya which is known as Paattamai is also good day for cleaning Pooja Room and Pooja Saman. Ususally Thursday is very best to clean Pooja Room and Pooja Saman.

Which colours give positive energy?

In Feng Shui, yellow is the centre of everything, comparable with the Sun which is the ultimate source of positive energy. You can use this colour in any room as this colour has the power of adaptability, flexibility, clarity, etc.

Can we hang mandir on wall?

Although a separate Vastu-recommended pooja room would be ideal, this is not always possible in metropolitan cities, where there is space crunch. For such homes, you can consider wall-mounted mandir or small corner mandir to suit your requirement.

Can we wash gods on Friday?

Avoid Cleaning Pooja Room or Pooja Saman on Friday. Avoid Cleaning Pooja Room or Pooja Saman on Amavasya or Pournami Days.

Which idol should not be kept in the house?

What is the color for success?

You’ll find more variants of green in nature than any other color. It’s also commonly associated with good luck, abundance, money, and growth – and is a great color for success.

What colour is good luck?

The three main lucky colors considered lucky in people’s daily lives as well as on special occasions are red, yellow, and green.

Which side god should face?

According to Vastu experts, god should be placed in either east or north-east direction in the house. The idols or deities must be kept at a certain height from the ground. The setting should be such that the face of God must be towards west and the face of worshipper should be towards east.