Where is the part number on a Bosch injector?

Bosch Injector

The reference number of Bosch injectors are located on the head near the electric plug, the number starts with: 0 445 110 xxx – 0 445 115 xxx – 0 445 116 xxx – 0 445 117 xxx – 0 445 120 xxx – 0 445 124 xxx – etc…

What are the parts of a nozzle with diesel injector?

Diesel injector nozzles are spring-loaded closed valves that spray fuel directly into the combustion chamber or precombustion chamber when the injector is opened.

Parts of a diesel injector nozzle include:

  • Heat shield.
  • Injector body.
  • Diesel injector needle valve.
  • Injector pressure chamber.

How do you clean injectors nozzles?

End a very small hole that you can connect to the nozzle of a can of carburetor cleaner and when you press it down onto the nozzle. It sprays carburetor cleaner up through the device.

How do you check injector nozzles?

And what we want to do is lean on the handle. And check for a single pop check the spray pattern crank. On it really hard and see the spray pattern I make sure that it you get a nice steady.

How do I identify my Bosch injectors?

Identify Common Rail Injectors – Bosch, Delphi and Denso – YouTube

How do I know which Bosch fuel injector I have?

The Bosch part number will be located on the component either on a parts ID tag riveted to the housing, on a parts sticker or printed onto the plastic moulding of the component.

What are the parts of fuel injector?


  • High Pressure Pump.
  • Accumulator.
  • Fuel Injector and Fuel Injection Nozzle.
  • Fuel Metering.
  • Nozzle Needle Control Actuators.
  • What are the two types of injector nozzles?

    The injector nozzle can be a sac-type (blind hole) or use a valve covered orifice (VCO) design, Figure 3 [2200] . Sac-type nozzles can have either a cylindrical or a conical sac. Injectors for modern diesel engines typically use a conical design.

    What are the signs of dirty fuel injectors?

    Below are the most common symptoms of bad fuel injectors.

    • Check Engine Light Illuminates Solid or Flashes. One of the engine issues that can cause the check engine light to come on or flash is a dirty or malfunctioning fuel injector.
    • Rough Idling/Irritating Idle Noise.
    • Engine Misfiring.
    • Fuel Leaks.

    Is it better to clean fuel injectors or replace?

    Injector Replacement or Injector Cleaning? Fuel injectors should be cleaned at least once every 36 months, or 45,000 miles. Replacing weak or worn-out engine parts without improving performance is not a good idea in general. However, cleaning out dirty injectors may gain a different perspective on engine health.

    How do you test Bosch injectors?

    Testing Fuel Injectors Fast – YouTube

    What are the types of injector nozzles?

    Types of Injector Nozzle
    There are three basic types of nozzle in common use. These include (a) The pintle type, (6) The hole type, and (c) Two-stage injection (Pintaux) type. The Pintle Type Injector.

    How do you read Bosch injector numbers?

    How do I find my injector number?

    The code is usually located on the injector head. DENSO Common Rail injectors – generally all require coding, although some very early versions may not. A typical code length is 16-24 alphanumeric characters depending on the vehicle make. The code is usually found on the injector connector.

    How do I read my Bosch part number?

    Traditionally Bosch part numbers are 10 digits in length beginning with “04”, however the part numbers can also begin with “09” if it is Bosch factory remanufactured or “F0” for late model common rail components.

    How do I identify my injectors?

    All injectors have a part number stamped on the side, look at the number and type it in our search box to find it. Or you if you know your engine code / name you can also type this in the search box. for any questions please message us on the chat.

    What are the 3 types of injectors?

    Your vehicle can be equipped with one of the three most common injection systems on the market. GDI (Direct injection), SDI (Semi-direct injection) or TBI (Throttle body injection).

    What is the most common cause of injector failure?

    Common causes of injector failure
    While many things can cause breakdowns, the most likely cause of premature failure is fuel contamination. Fuel contamination occurs when debris in the fuel gets past the filtration, destroying the sealing surfaces. Think microns, smaller than a human’s hair-sized, clearances.

    What is the most effective fuel injector cleaner?

    1. Editor’s Pick: Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner.
    2. Red Line Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner (60103)
    3. Royal Purple Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer (11722)
    4. Liqui Moly Jectron Fuel Injection Cleaner.
    5. Sea Foam Motor Treatment (SF-16)
    6. Lucas Oil Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner (10512)

    How do I know if my injector is bad?

    Below are the most common symptoms of bad fuel injectors.

    1. Check Engine Light Illuminates Solid or Flashes. One of the engine issues that can cause the check engine light to come on or flash is a dirty or malfunctioning fuel injector.
    2. Rough Idling/Irritating Idle Noise.
    3. Engine Misfiring.
    4. Fuel Leaks.

    What do numbers on injectors mean?

    Fuel Injectors are sized by their flow rate. Flow rate is a measurement of how much fuel can be delivered over time. It is listed in pounds per hour (lbs./hr.) or cubic centimeters per minute (cc/min.). The right size injector can supply enough fuel under full load conditions at an 80% duty cycle.

    Is Bosch an OEM?

    Bosch is a trusted world-renowned original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and parts supplier for almost every major manufacturer.

    Where are Bosch parts made?

    They have expanded their production facilities from their Bamberg plant in Germany and now also manufacture in Brazil, China, India and Russia, distributing their car parts worldwide. With 410,000 global associates, Bosch now operate across 60 countries and 130 engineering locations.

    Can injectors be repaired?

    Dead fuel injectors cannot be repaired and should be replaced with the exact same unit.

    What are the signs of injector failure?

    An abrupt loss of engine power is a somewhat obvious sign of a fuel injector failure. If the fuel injector is clogged, the fuel supply will be irregular too. When the fuel level fluctuates drastically, the high and low rpm’s will cause the engine to move in surges rather than slow and gradual movements.