Where is SCP-173 located?

SCP-173 often spawns in lockrooms, catwalks, the small control room, and sometimes in the metal corridors. As of update v0. 8 SCP-173 can spawn in the electrical room, along with SCP-106.

When was SCP-173 found?

Trivia. In addition to being the first SCP ever caught, SCP-173 was also the first one ever created. It was created on June 22nd 2007 by 4chan user Moto42, also known as S.S. Walrus.

Can you contain SCP-173?

When an operative needs to blink, they will announce it before doing so in order to prevent SCP-173 from moving. The operatives will then use a containment box to capture SCP-173 and return it to its containment chamber.

What is the oldest SCP?

One of the oldest, most loathsome and mysterious creatures in the Foundation is SCP-682, a reptile whose origins are unknown but undoubtedly sinister.

Who made SCP?

James Aaron Siegel is an American scientist who founded the SCP Foundation in the 1800s.

Where was SCP 999 found?

Edmonton, Canada

SCP-999 was originally created by two scientists in a farmhouse in Edmonton, Canada which was formerly owned by the Department of Abnormalities. It was created and experimented along with other orange slime-like creatures in order to help humanity.

Is SCP-173 man made?

In “Her Masterpiece”, SCP-173 is described as being an art piece made by a woman out of her husband whom she killed with a baseball bat for forcing her into an abortion.

Is SCP-173 smart?

SCP-173 displays awareness of its environment, reacting to changes and responding to stimuli when it is free to move. It is unknown if SCP-173 is intelligent or sapient. However, the statue is extremely hostile and will attempt to kill any human that enters its containment chamber if left unobserved.

What is the coolest SCP?

What Is The SCP Foundation? 15 Best Pieces Every New Fan Should Read

  • The Sculpture. SCP-173.
  • [unknown] SCP-055.
  • The Remains Of A Chair. SCP-1609.
  • Hard-To-Destroy Reptile. SCP-682.
  • Plague Doctor. SCP-049.
  • The Tickle Monster. SCP-999.
  • The “Shy Guy” SCP-096.
  • A Perfectly Normal, Regular Old Ikea. SCP-3008.

Who owns SCP?

Six months ago it came to light that a Russian man, Andrey Duksin, took advantage of the trademark standards of the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property and trademarked the SCP Foundation name and logo within the Russian Federation and Eurasian Customs Union.

What is a SCP monster?

Explained SCPs are those whose anomalous properties have become known in science to a point where they are regarded as normal rather than anomalous. This typically occurs when an SCP that has breached containment is unrecoverable and becomes known to general science, one such anomaly being color itself.

Can SCP 682 speak?

682 is also extremely intelligent and capable of speech, though it rarely converses willingly with staff, and cannot be reasoned with at all.

Who is SCP-999 Dad?

SCP-999 was conceived by the Seventh Bride (SCP-231-7), who had been impregnated by the Scarlet King via a ritual conducted by either the Children of the Scarlet King, or Lilly.

Who created SCP?

The SCP Foundation originated in the “paranormal” /x/ forum of 4chan in 2007, where the very first SCP file, SCP-173, was posted by an anonymous user (later identified as Moto42), accompanied by an image of the sculpture “Untitled 2004” by Japanese artist Izumi Kato.

What is the weakest SCP?

The weakest SCP is 106. His only major advantages are his unique HP properties, his ability to phase through walls, and to his ability to teleport. 173 is weak by itself, however its relatively high HP and speed means its great in close quarters (173 is garbage on the surface) and for quickly going to new areas.

Can 173 open doors?

According to the guide, SCP-173 is capable of opening doors by pressing the botton next to a door.

Who is the weakest SCP?

What’s the most scariest SCP?

The 100 Scariest SCP Entries No. 1-10

  • SCP-173: The Sculpture.
  • SCP-087: The Stairwell.
  • SCP-106: The Old Man (AKA Radical Larry)
  • SCP-049: The Plague Doctor.
  • SCP-096: The Shy Guy.
  • SCP-682: “The Hard-to-Destroy Reptile”
  • SCP-939: “With Many Voices”

Is SCP illegal?

SCP is registered under a Creative Commons copyright license. A CC License allows people other than the author to share, use and build upon a creative work free of charge and without any legal repercussions. Because of this license, anyone can create merchandise off the SCP brand.

What is the biggest SCP ever?

What’s the Biggest SCP? – YouTube

What is an SCP 999?

SCP-999, also known as “The Tickle Monster”, is a character in the SCP Foundation Wiki. It is a Safe-class SCP which is known for its adorable appearance and friendly attitude. It is one of the most, if not the most friendly anomaly in the Foundation.

What is the broken God SCP?

Mekhane, also known as The Broken God or WAN, is one of the overarching antagonists in SCP Mythos. She’s an ancient and mysterious deity in the universe of the SCP Foundation, who is worshipped by the entire Church of the Broken God.

Which is the strongest SCP?

The Scarlet king is widely regarded as the strongest SCP, however it’s only a mid range scp god. The strongest “SCP” is sefiros which is vastly above the worm, and SCP-3812. he created everything.

How many SCPs are there?

The reports are written in a scientific tone and often “redact” or “expunge” information. As of August 2021, articles exist for nearly 6,600 SCP objects; new articles are frequently added. The SCP Wiki contains over 4,200 short stories referred to as “Foundation Tales”.

What SCP number is the old man?

SCP-106, known as “The Old Man”, is a hostile SCP encountered in SCP – Containment Breach.