Where can I ride a bike in Auckland?

Rides for beginners

  • Samuel Miller Reserve, Pukekohe.
  • Lightpath / Te Ara i Whiti.
  • Birkenhead Pump Track.
  • Watercare Coastal Walkway – Ambury Park to Creamery Road.
  • Opanuku Stream Path, Twin Streams Project, Henderson.
  • Tāmaki Path.
  • Te Auaunga / Oakley Creek, Mt Roskill.
  • Coyle Park, Pt Chevalier.

Is Auckland good for cycling?

Cycling is a great way to see Auckland – on urban cycleways, scenic waterfront lanes or off-road trails. Check out some of our top picks. Hire a bike and cycle along this popular seaside promenade.

What is the name of New Zealand’s original great ride cycle trail?

the Otago Central Rail Trail

Named after the original railway line built between 1891 and 1907, the Otago Central Rail Trail is New Zealand’s original ‘Great Ride’ and one of the best cycle trails.

Where does the pink path start?

The chosen route starts at Upper Queen Street, linking there with the Northwestern Cycleway that has been extended to descend into Grafton Gully via the Symonds Street Cemetery. Turning off Upper Queen Street into Canada Street, a new bridge connects to the old Nelson Street off-ramp.

How long is the Hauraki Rail Trail?

The varied Trail offers a memorable journey across 197km of track comprising of 5 sections. Take the time to enjoy the ride as a 5 day journey at an easy pace. As a Grade One cycle trail it is suitable for riders of all ages, fitness and abilities.

How long is the matakana cycle trail?

6 km
Matakana to Omaha Flats Cycle Path is a 6 km popular green gravel path family friendly trail located near Warkworth.

Is New Zealand bike friendly?

New Zealand has some of the best places to bike in the world. From breath taking off road trails to purpose built urban routes, we are becoming spoilt for choice.

How many cyclists are in Auckland?

Forty-five thousand people starting riding in 2016 and there has been a 62 percent increase in cycle trips in the city centre since 2013. Bikes now make up 9.4 percent of inbound traffic via Upper Queen Street and on the Northwestern cycleway there has been a 27 percent increase since 2015.

How much does it cost to do the Otago Rail Trail?

The Trail itself is free. You can plan and travel independently or select a Tour Planner to arrange an experience that’s right for you.

Do you have to book the Otago Rail Trail?

It is free to ride the trail itself. The cost to you will be in accommodation and meals while you are riding the trail. We suggest you plan your trip and book accommodation.

How long is pink road?

Downtown and pink pathway loop. Enjoy a circular 8.5km central Auckland walk that takes in some of our cities great sites, including the historic Downtown Ferry Building, buzzing Wynyard Quarter, Victoria Park, eye-catching Pink Pathway and Auckland University.

How long is the Karangahake Gorge Walk?

Get to know this 5.7-mile loop trail near Paeroa, Waikato. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 3 h 34 min to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking and walking, so you’ll likely encounter other people while exploring.

Where does the Paeroa cycle trail start?

The section of trail begins at first following the old railway line out of Thames town and through lush farmland, with memorable views across the Hauraki Plains and forested Kaimai Ranges. At the Matatoki Cheese Barn you’ll find a licensed Cafe, cheese tastings, and fabulous animal farm.

Is Matakana in Auckland or Northland?

Country New Zealand
Region Auckland Region
Ward Rodney ward
Local board Rodney Local Board

Can you cycle on Matakana Island?

The Matakana Cycle Trail Trust’s trail takes you from Matakana to Omaha and Point Wells. A great cultural adventure for the discerning confident cyclist. This ride includes gravel sections and many opportunities to top up the cellar. With so much to do, you could make a weekend of it.

How long does it take to bike around New Zealand?

The Biking
A total distance of 3000km spread over 34 days of biking.

Can you cycle on a motorway NZ?

Cycling, Auckland
Cycling is not permitted on motorways. Consider using alternative transport to avoid busy roads. Helmets for cyclists and motorcyclists must be worn at all times.

Is cycling popular in New Zealand?

Popular places to cycle
New Zealand has some of the best places to bike in the world. From breath taking off road trails to purpose built urban routes, we are becoming spoilt for choice.

How many people ride bikes NZ?

How many cyclists are there in New Zealand? About 1 in 5 people in New Zealand cycle. There are about 730,000 cyclists, or 21% of New Zealanders.

How difficult is the Otago Rail Trail?

The compacted gravel pathway is easy to cycle or walk on – as it was made for a train, there are no really steep hills and it is wide enough for cyclists to pass each other comfortably. The Trail is Grade 1 / Easy.

What should I wear on Otago train Trail?

Clothing needs to be comfortable and loose – layers of light clothing that you can add or take off are versatile. Throw in a warm top and hat, gloves in cooler seasons, and a light wind-proof jacket could be useful at any time.

How much does the Otago Rail Trail cost?

Does Auckland have bike lanes?

Discover Auckland using the growing network of shared paths, on road and protected cycle lanes and quiet routes. We’re building more cycleways to connect you to your local town centre, public transport, schools and places of work.

Where does the Northwestern Cycleway start?

The North Western Cycleway properly starts at the Upper Queen Street bridge. Ride the dedicated cycleway down IanMcKinnon Drive and through Suffolk Reserve. This will take you onto the quiet back streets of Kingsland and Morningside, nestled between New North Road and the North Western Motorway.

Is there still gold in Karangahake Gorge?

In fact, 60% of the gold mined in New Zealand originated here. While this rush lasted for a while, by 1920 it was no longer profitable and the main batteries at Karangahake were demolished. However, gold is being mined today in the nearby town of Waihi. Waitawheta River cuts through the Karangahake Gorge.