When was the big snow storm in Oregon?

The January 2012 Pacific Northwest snowstorm was a large extratropical cyclone that brought record snowfall to the Pacific Northwest in January 2012. The storm produced very large snowfall totals, reaching up to 50 inches (1,300 mm) in Oregon. A 110 mph (180 km/h) wind gust was reported at Otter Rock, Oregon.

What year did Snowmageddon happen?


The Washington Post, out of Washington, D.C., ran an online poll asking for reader feedback prior to the February 5–6, 2010 North American blizzard on February 4, 2010, and several blogs, including the Washington Post’s own blog, followed that up by using either “Snowmageddon” or “Snowpocalypse” before, during, and …

How much snow did Portland get in 2008?

Measurable snow fell for 11 straight days and, with about 19 inches recorded, it was the snowiest December in Portland since records began in 1940. It was also the second snowiest month ever in Portland, though it was well behind January 1950, when the National Weather Service recorded more than 40 inches of snow.

How much snowfall does Portland Oregon get?

4.3 inches
In fact, the average snowfall in Portland is just 4.3 inches, and that little bit of snow generally falls over the course of just a day or two. The first frost is usually in early November, and the last frost is usually in early April.

What was the worst snow storm in Oregon?

Greatest Snowfall in One Season:
44.5 inches – The greatest cumulative snow fall for Portland, Oregon. This occurred during the year that ended December 31st, 1950. This was surely a banner year for snowplow contractors! United States snow records can be found by reviewing the snowfall records of over 200 cities.

Has there ever been a blizzard in Portland Oregon?

A freak April snowstorm left tens of thousands of Portland households without power Monday morning as a wet, heavy snow toppled trees and blew transformers across the metro area. If that seems unusual, it was.

What causes Snowmageddon?

The increased rain occurs when warm sea surface temperatures heat the surrounding air, which then rises and condenses into rain clouds. The end result of these changes in the tropics is a shifting of the extra-tropical air currents, or jet streams. Changes in the jet streams can then alter storm paths around the globe.

When was Atlanta Snowmageddon?

Almost eight years ago now, January 2014 gave us Snowmageddon. On Jan. 28, 2014, a little more than two inches of snow brought the city to its knees, the images of cars trapped on the interstate indelibly fixed in Atlanta’s collective memory.

How many times has it snowed on Christmas in Portland Oregon?

On 32 occasions we have had a Trace of snowfall. The latest Trace recorded was 2020. On 34 occasions we have had measurable snowdepth (0.5 inch or greater) Christmas day 2004 there was 9.0 inches in on the ground which is the record. On 27 occasions we have had a Trace of snow on the ground.

What town in Oregon gets the most snow?

The state’s largest annual snowfall on record, 903 inches (2,290 cm), occurred at Crater Lake in the Cascades in 1950. In the Blue Mountains of eastern Oregon, snowfall totals can also be large, between 150 and 300 inches (380 and 760 cm).

Where did 17 ft snow?

As of Tuesday, more than 202 inches of snow — nearly 17 feet — had fallen so far this month at the University of California, Berkeley’s Central Sierra Snow Laboratory, at Donner Pass east of Sacramento.

What is the most snow Oregon has ever had?

These snowfall extremes were measured near downtown Portland and go back to 1885. Since then, the most amount of snow to land in one day at Portland is 15.5 inches (39.4 centimetres) on January 21, 1943.

What is considered a big snowfall?

Snow accumulation is 6 in (15 cm) or more in 12 hours, or 8 in (20 cm) or more in 24 hours. Blowing snow is reducing visibility in large areas at winds less than 35 mph (16 m/s). Ice accumulations on surfaces are 0.25 in (0.64 cm) or more. Ice pellets larger than 1 in (2.5 cm) are formed.

What is snow slang for?

transitive) US and Canadian slang. to deceive or overwhelm with elaborate often insincere talk.

Where does it not snow in the US?

According to the NWS analysis, the only three states without snow cover were Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

When did it last snow in Florida?

Forty-five years ago, snow fell in Florida, turning the Sunshine State into a winter wonderland. On Jan. 19, 1977, snow fell in South Florida for the first time in recorded history.

What is the best part of Oregon to live in?

Best places to live in Oregon in 2022

  1. Corvallis. Affordability: 5/10. Job market: 9/10. Safety: 8/10.
  2. Portland. Affordability: 5/10. Job market: 8/10. Safety: 7/10.
  3. Bend/Redmond. Affordability: 3/10 (Bend), 6/10 (Redmond) Job market: 7/10.
  4. Salem. Affordability: 8/10. Job market: 7/10.
  5. Eugene. Affordability: 7/10. Job market: 7/10.

What is the driest city in Oregon?

Klamath Falls Oregon elevation of 4,094 feet is considered the high desert, named for its dry terrain, high elevation, and sunny days.

What year was the big snow in the 80s?

This weekend marks 40 years since the ‘big snow’ of 1982 which caused chaos across the State. Snowfall on January 8-9th that year recorded depths of up to 25 cm of snow along the east coast.

What was the worst ice storm ever?

The Worst Ice Storm on Record (December 4-5, 1964)
Freezing rain caused ice accumulations of up to 1.5 inches and crippled east central New York. Many residents were without power for up to two weeks and schools had to be shut down for a week. Damage was estimates approached 5 million dollars.

What was the worst blizzard in US history?

The Great Blizzard of 1888, also known as the Great Blizzard of ’88 or the Great White Hurricane (March 11–14, 1888), was one of the most severe recorded blizzards in American history. The storm paralyzed the East Coast from the Chesapeake Bay to Maine, as well as the Atlantic provinces of Canada.

What is the most feet of snow ever recorded?

Mount Baker, Washington
This mountain also holds the United States record for the most snowfall measured in one winter. During the winter of 1998 to 1999, Mount Baker received an incredible 1,140 inches (95 feet) of snow.

What do skiers call fresh snow?

Freshies – This is the word you want to hear while on ski holiday. You want to be getting freshies in the morning, or all day long. It’s another term for fresh powder snow.

What is Cinna?

Cinna. Cinna was a cognomen that distinguished a patrician branch of the gens Cornelia, particularly in the late Roman Republic.

What state has the worst winters?

Alaska. Alaska is the coldest state in the U.S. Alaska’s average temperature is 28.1°F (-2.7°C) and can go as low as -30°F (-34°C) during the winter months.