What year did Ping i3 O-size come out?


Ping i3 (Blade & O-Size) – Released 2000
It was the very first Ping iron to incorporate the CT—Custom Tuning Port—something that has become a staple in Ping designs.

How old are Ping i3 clubs?

Even though the Ping i3 irons came out over 20 years ago, they are still a testament to the Ping’s emphasis on innovative design. But does that translate to a good set of irons for high handicappers? We reacquainted ourselves with the Ping i3 irons with a full testing session complete with launch monitor.

What are the lofts on Ping i3 irons?

Iron (16°) Ping i3 O-Size.

  • Iron (18°) Ping i3 O-Size.
  • Iron (21°) Ping i3 O-Size.
  • Iron (24°) Ping i3 O-Size.
  • Iron (27°) Ping i3 O-Size.
  • Iron (31°) Ping i3 O-Size.
  • Iron (35°) Ping i3 O-Size.
  • Iron (39°) Ping i3 O-Size.
  • Is the Ping i3 a blade?

    Ping i3 Blade Iron Set.

    What does the Colour dot mean on Ping irons?

    The dots do not indicate a particular style of club, as any line of irons is available in every color, but instead represent the angle of the club heads to the standard shaft angle.

    What does Ping stand for in golf?

    The name “PING” came from the sound that Solheim heard as the metal struck the ball. Popular musician-golfer Murray Arnold shared in 1960 that the clubhead, on striking the ball, rings out with the 440 pitch used in tuning pianos.

    What degree is a Ping i3 U Wedge?

    Ping i3 oversize U (Utility) wedge is a standard 52-degrees loft with 15-deg bounce.

    What loft is Ping i3 wedge?

    Manufacturer: Ping Model: i3 O-Size Year: 1999
    Iron 1 SW
    Loft(°) 15.5 56
    Lie(°)1 n/a n/a
    Length(“) 39.75 35.25

    Why do Ping irons have a notch in the hosel?

    The hosels have a notch which some may think is to facilitate your local club fitter in adjusting lofts and lies. It’s actually there to reduce weight in the hosel for relocation into the clubhead itself to add to the solid feel at impact.

    Does 1 degree lie angle make a difference?

    Yes it will make a difference, I play 2 degree upright and +1/2. If your hitting the ball left all the while (I am guessing your right handed) won’t be to do with having the lye angle to flat.

    What lie should my irons be?

    Lie angle has a Greater impact on short irons than long irons, making lie angle a Major factor of accuracy in short irons and a Minor factor of accuracy in your long irons, fairway woods & driver.

    Determining and Selecting Your Lie Angle.

    Irons Standard Lie Angle
    2 57.0 deg
    3 58.0 deg
    4 59.0 deg
    5 60.0 deg

    How far should you hit a 7 iron?

    The average golfer hits their 7 iron 145 yards, but the average distances will vary between 128 and 160 yards. Golfers in their 20s typically hit the ball the longest, and the distance tends to decrease as the golfer gets older.

    How long is the wait for PING irons?

    Orders can take 3-5 business days to process (varying based on order volume) before shipping at our distribution center. Please allow an additional 5-7 days to process golf bag and custom-built golf club orders. How can I setup a return for my PING.com order?

    Can you use a 56-degree wedge as a sand wedge?

    A 56-degree wedge is considered a sand wedge and is mainly used for hitting out of the sand and chipping around the green. A 56-degree wedge is one of the most used clubs and is the highest loft an average golfer should carry.

    What does the U stand for on a PING wedge?

    The Karsten Manufacturing Company, maker of the Ping brand of golf clubs, favored the use of “U” for “utility wedge”, but currently only uses this label on wedges sold in matched sets; most individual Ping wedges are currently labelled with their angle.

    What loft is a gap wedge?

    50 – 52º
    What degree is a Gap Wedge? A gap wedge has a loft of 50 – 52º. Golfers tend to hit a gap wedge 75 – 100 yards. This club is also known as a ‘G wedge”, so if you are curious a G wedge also has a loft of 50 – 52º.

    What is ping white dot?

    White dot means the iron is 3 degrees upright. Green dot means the iron is 2 degrees upright. Blue dot means the iron is 1 degree upright. Black dot means the iron is 0 degrees upright, 0 degrees flat.

    Can you bend irons more than once?

    A properly manufactured club can be bent many times without breaking. Even the most skilled repair professionals can occasionally break a club.

    Can you adjust lie angle on PING irons?

    PING can adjust the lie angle of your irons as far upright as 5° or as far flat as 4°, in 1° increments.

    Do shorter golfers need a flatter lie angle?

    Generally, shorter golfers will need a flatter lie angle, whereas taller players will need a more upright lie angle. If you hit a lot of shots toward the toe of your club and your ball tends to fade to the right, you probably have a lie angle that is too flat for you.

    What happens if your irons are too upright?

    But if your clubs are too upright, the toe would be off the ground, and you’d have a tendency to pull the ball (inset, top). Too flat, and the heel would be up, and you’d tend to hit pushes (inset, bottom). Starting with the face slightly off can produce exponential misses, so make sure your clubs fit.

    How far should a 60 year old hit a 7 iron?

    7-Iron Smart Distance
    On average, each bracket loses four yards, with those who are 60+ have a 140-yard Smart Distance with their 7-iron. Even though the older age brackets are hitting it shorter, their approach shot handicaps are actually improving.

    What is my swing speed if I hit a 7 iron 160 yards?

    The swing speed for a 7 iron can vary between 80 to 83 mph.
    To cover a distance of about 160 yards with a 7 iron, a swing speed of 86 mph is needed. A standard device for measuring swing speed doesn’t measure the speed of the clubhead, but instead, it measures the speed of the ball.

    How long does it take to get custom PING clubs in?

    Custom orders ship direct to you in just 7-10 business days! Totally customize your set – factory-direct – and at no extra charge!

    Where is the PING factory?

    Phoenix, Arizona
    The Karsten Manufacturing factory in Phoenix, Arizona, remains the main base of operations for PING. Despite increasingly tight and expensive EPA regulations, PING has managed to keep a good chunk of its manufacturing in the US.