What was the St Kilda schoolgirl scandal?

The ‘St Kilda Schoolgirl’ made headlines when she leaked nude photos of several St Kilda players she met at an AFL clinic at her high school in 2010 and she began secretly dating one of them.

Who is Kimberley Duthie?

Kimberley Ametoglou, who was known as Kimberley Duthie before marrying Melbourne strip club owner Demirel Ametoglou, hit back at social media doubters. The 27-year-old runs a private Facebook group with about 1000 members for cryptocurrency investing advice.

What is Kim Duthie Instagram?

Kim Duthie (@kimduth) • Instagram photos and videos.

Who does Ricky Nixon manage?

Managing the biggest names in the game such as Wayne Carey, Gary Ablett Snr, Jason Dunstall, Matthew Richardson, Ben Cousins, Michael Voss and James Hird – Ricky had become the highest profile sports agent in Australia. But then it all came crashing down in the space of 24 hours. Where did it all go wrong…

Who is St Kilda school girl?

The woman known as the “St Kilda schoolgirl”, who was involved in one of the biggest controversies to rock the AFL, has been hit with “devastating” news about her health. Kimberley Ametoglou, formerly Kim Duthie, was just 17 when sports agent Ricky Nixon started an inappropriate relationship with her.

What happened with Ricky Nixon?

Nixon admitted inappropriate dealings with the teen at the hotel but denied having sex with her or supplying her with drugs and alcohol. In 2015, he was reportedly arrested over alleged offensive social media posts where he threatened to assault a two-year-old child.

What did Ricky Nixon do?

Former AFL player agent Ricky Nixon has been involved in an alleged verbal confrontation with a reporter that played out on live radio after doctors questioned the nature of his new health service business venture.

Why is Ricky Nixon called chicken?

Ricky Nixon was a 17yo student when he left Bendigo on his skateboard for the big smoke of Melbourne in 1980 to play for the mighty Carlton FC. Carlton won 2 premiership in 3 years whilst he was there and he was affectionately called ChickenLips because of his small mouth.

How old is Ricky Nixon?

59 years (April 3, 1963)Ricky Nixon / Age