What timeline is Assassins Creed Revelations?

The main story spans the years 1511–1512, and follows an aged Ezio Auditore da Firenze (the protagonist of the trilogy) as he travels to Constantinople to find five keys needed to unlock a vault built three centuries ago by Altaïr Ibn-LaʼAhad (the protagonist of the first game in the series).

How old is Ezio at the end of Revelations?


Ezio is 17 at the beginning of AC2, he is 40-41 at the end of AC2 and the beginning of Brotherhood, 47-48 at the end of Brotherhood, 51-52 during Revelations, and 65 at the time of his death in Embers.

Who is Aya’s father AC?

Bayek of Siwa

Family Sabu (father) Ahmose (mother)
Spouse Aya of Alexandria / Amunet
Children Khemu (son)
Origin Siwa, Ptolemaic Kingdom, Egypt

Who was the first Assassin?

The first Frank known to have been killed by the Assassins was Raymond II, Count of Tripoli, in 1152. The Assassins were acknowledged and feared by the Crusaders, losing the de facto King of Jerusalem, Conrad of Montferrat, to an Assassin’s blade in 1192 and Lord Philip of Montfort of Tyre in 1270.

Why does Ezio look different in Revelation?

The real reason Desmond/Ezio’s face looks different in AC: Revelations is because of behind-the-scenes contract disputes. (full explanation inside) It’s actually because the face they were using was from a foreign model. For each game, they had to renew the contract to be able to use his likeness.

Why did Ezio go to Masyaf?

In March of 1511, Ezio Auditore da Firenze Mentor of the Italian Assassins, traveled to the mountain castle in order to learn more about his Order’s history, and to discover the contents of Altaïr’s library.

Is Ezio related to Altair?

IS ALTAIR ANCESTER OF EZIO? No. They’re not related.

Why does Ezio look different in Revelations?

Is Bayek the last Medjay?

The protagonist in this journey is Bayek, the last of the Medjay, an ancient Egyptian military. While he and his brethren formerly protected places deemed valuable by the pharaohs such as tombs and cities, he has relegated himself to serving as a protector for his community.

Who was the last Medjay?

Bayek of Siwa
In the 2017 video game Assassin’s Creed Origins, the protagonist, Bayek of Siwa, is considered “the last Medjay”.

Who is the strongest Assassins Creed character?

To put it in simpler terms, the Eagle Bearer and Eivor are the two strongest assassins in the history of the franchise. They were a master of stealth, combat, and almost any other skill you could name.

Who created the hidden blade?

In the 1st century BCE, it was given to Amunet by Cleopatra. Later, Bayek was given the original blade by Aya, afterwards Aya made herself a replica. Bayek cemented it as the signature weapon of the Hidden Ones, and through them, the Assassin Brotherhood.

Where is Desmond in AC: Revelations?

After finding the key, Desmond opened the sanctum, but discovered he had been misled.

Desmond Miles
Born 13 March 1987 “The Farm”, Black Hills, South Dakota, United States
Died 21 December 2012 (aged 25) Grand Temple, Turin, New York, United States

Is Ezio a descendant of Altair?

Speaking to Kotaku, script writer Darby McDevitt revealed that Altaïr and Ezio don’t share a family link.

Has Altair ever been hit?

When you’re hit, Desmond falls out of sync with Altair. In all of the other games, the characters have health bars, not sync bars. This means throughout the entirety of AC1, Altair was never hit.

Is Desmond a tainted one?

in AC Odyssey, Kassandra was a Tainted One because she had a very high amount of Isu DNA, and since Desmond Miles also had a very high amount of Isu DNA, he must have been a Tainted One too, which would make a lot of sense.

Is Bayek an ancestor of Desmond?

It seems that while Bayek can be credited for giving all of Desmond’s ancestors a start (he created the group they all eventually join, after all), that’s his only relation to the likes of Altair, Ezio, Connor, and the rest. At least… as far as we know as of the end of Assassin’s Creed Origins.

Where is Desmond in AC Revelations?

Is Bayek Layla’s ancestor?

Bayek and Kassandra, Alexios | Fandom. As Layla is able to use the animus to access all of these three people’s memories does that mean that Bayek, is related to Alexios and Kassandra, obviously Layla as well. Bayek, Alexios, and Kassandra are all related, however Layla isn’t related to them.

Do Medjay still exist?

After the 20th Dynasty, the term Medjay is no longer found in Egyptian records. It is unknown whether the Medjay as an occupation had been abolished or the name of the force had changed.

What language does Medjay honor?

Linguistic evidence indicates that the Medjay spoke an ancient Cushitic language related to the Cushitic Beja language and that the Blemmyes were a subdivision of the Medjay. Rilly (2019) mentions historical records of a powerful Cushitic speaking group which controlled Lower Nubia and some cities in Upper Egypt.

Was Aya cheating on Bayek?

So no, Aya is not cheating on Bayek. Just keeping her distance and that is her way of working trough her pain.

Who is the most brutal assassin in AC?

Ezio is one of the most popular characters in the entire Assassin’s Creed franchise so it’s no surprise that he takes the top spot as the deadliest assassin. He stars in Assassin’s Creed II, Brotherhood, and Revelations in addition to an array of merchandise and even an animated short film.

Who is the deadliest assassin?

One-time hitman Julio Santana (right) stopped counting after he reached 492 kills.

Does Ezio have 2 hidden blades?

Ezio has had two hidden blades since the 15th century. So why do the 19th century Frey twins and all the assassins for that matter only have one hidden blade. Also Arno only had one and was not that far behind the Frey twins in time.