What movie is May the Force be with you from?

“May the Force be with you” is an iconic expression from the Star Wars movies. It may also refer to: “May the Force Be with You” (Only Fools and Horses), an episode of the BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

Did Obi-Wan Kenobi say May the Force be with you?

Obi-Wan Kenobi used the phrase throughout his life. “May the Force be with you” was a phrase used to wish an individual or group good luck or good will. It expressed the speaker’s wish that the Force work in the favor of the addressee.

What is the correct reply to May the Force be with you?

But what do you say when you’re given this phrase? Well, the answer varies across the Star Wars franchise, but it’s generally accepted that a traditional reply is ‘And also with you’ or ‘May the force be with us all’.

Does Darth Vader ever say May the Force be with you?

This, along with another variation; “May the Force ever serve you,” was utilized three centuries later by the Sith Lord Lana Beniko. Another Sith variation of this saying was stated by Darth Vader to his apprentice shortly after his “death” saying “Remember that the dark side is always with you.”

Who is the only non Jedi to use a lightsaber?

Han Solo

2) Who is the only non Jedi in the original Star Wars trilogy to use a lightsaber? Han Solo uses Luke’s lightsaber to cut open the tauntaun’s belly in The Empire Strikes Back.

What did Princess Leia call Chewbacca?

“Will someone get this big walking carpet out of my way?” — Leia as she pushes aside the hairy Wookiee, Chewbacca. “Someone has to save our skins.

What is Obi-Wan’s most famous line?

25 of the Best Quotes from Obi-Wan Kenobi

  1. 1. “ The Jedi cannot help what they are.
  2. 2. “ I’ve got a tribe to feed.” —
  3. 3. “ Like you trained his father?” —
  4. 4. “ There are many ways to lead.
  5. 5. “ I’m not who I used to be.” —
  6. 6. “ I’d rather be digested by a jakobeast.” —
  7. 7. “ Look, have I made a few bad decisions?
  8. 8. “

What is the most famous line in Star Wars?

“May the Force be with you.” Star Wars fans everywhere know this famous quote by heart, which is arguably the franchise’s best. But let’s not overlook hundreds of other iconic lines, sayings and catchphrases from characters like Yoda, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Obi Wan Kenobi and more.

What do you say after May the 4th be with you?

Proper Responses to May the 4th Be With You
Looking at a Reddit thread from about four years ago, some fans agree that the best way to respond to the statement is by saying: “And also with you.” It leaves no room for further conversation, and it makes sense.

What is Darth Vader’s most famous line?

Top 10 Darth Vader Quotes

  • “He’s as clumsy as he is stupid.”
  • “You don’t know the power of the dark side!
  • “This will be a day long remembered.
  • “I am altering the deal.
  • “Be careful not to choke on your aspirations.”
  • “You have controlled your fear.
  • “When I left you, I was but the learner.

What was Master Yoda’s last words?

Yoda’s dying words are to Luke, saying, “Luke, there is another Sky- Skywalker…” Yoda is referring to Leia Organa, Luke’s twin sister, who may also bring hope to the galaxy if Luke should fail. Then Yoda dies, disappearing into the afterlife and becoming a Force ghost.

Who is the GREY Jedi?

A definition for “true Gray Jedi” that appeared in the Jedi Academy Training Manual further described them as those who did not belong to any Force-based organization and who explored both the light and the dark sides of the Force without becoming corrupted by the dark side.

Why don t Jedis turn off their opponents lightsaber?

Why didn’t Jedi/Sith TURN OFF THEIR LIGHTSABERS to avoid – YouTube

What was Leia’s last line?

Like TFA, Princess Leia Organa gets to say the last, and her only line: “What is it they’ve sent us? Hope.” This means Leia has said the last line of three Star Wars movies!

What is Princess Leia’s famous line?

1. “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.” -Princess Leia,’ A New Hope. ‘

What is Yoda’s last line?

Why is May 4th so special?

May 4, or, “May the 4th Be With You,” marks a celebration of all things Star Wars. As most fans know, the fourth day in May became Star Wars Day because of the turn of phrase, “May the force be with you,” used by Jedi masters in the movies.

What to make for a May the fourth be with you?

May The Fourth Be With You! 10 Recipes For Star Wars Day

  • Princess Leia Cupcakes. Princess Leia quite possibly has the most iconic hairstyle in movie history.
  • Lightsaber Pretzels.
  • Jedi Mind Trick Cocktail.
  • Stormtrooper Cheese Ball.
  • Sarlacc Bundt Cake.
  • Severed Wampa Arm Cake.
  • BB8 Cookies.

What was Darth Vader last words?

Conclusion. Darth Vader spoke his last words to his son, Luke, after being redeemed as Anakin Skywalker. He told Luke, “You were right about me” and asked him to tell his sister that he had been right all along. Then he succumbed to his injuries after his life support suit was shorted out by Force lightning.

What was Darth Vader’s last words?

Darth Vader spoke his last words to his son, Luke, after being redeemed as Anakin Skywalker. He told Luke, “You were right about me” and asked him to tell his sister that he had been right all along. Then he succumbed to his injuries after his life support suit was shorted out by Force lightning.

What was Anakin’s last words?

“Nothing can stop that now. Just for once… let me… look on you with my own eyes.” Darth Vader’s last words before his unmasking, in reference to his death.

Who is the black Jedi?

Mace Windu
Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu
First appearance The Phantom Menace (1999)
Created by George Lucas
Portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson

Who is the very first Jedi?

According to the Legends universe, the first Jedi ever was Prime Jedi, who founded the Jedi Order around 25,000 BBY (before the Battle of Yavin) on the planet of Anch-To.

What metal can stop a lightsaber?

Beskar. The most well-known example of a lightsaber-resistant material, beskar is inexorably tied to Mandalorian culture.

What is the Forbidden lightsaber?

The Forbidden Forms were forms of lightsaber combat used by the Sith during the Sith Wars. According to the testimonies of the Jedi Cervil the Uncanny, lightwhips—a lightsaber variant with a flexible blade—were used to defend against Sith Lords who utilized the forms.