What is the word decried mean?

decry, depreciate, disparage, belittle mean to express a low opinion of. decry implies open condemnation with intent to discredit. decried their defeatist attitude.

What is an example of decry?

Decry is defined as to speak out against, or to announce as worthless. An example of decry is to publicly protest an unjust law. An example of decry is for a government official to proclaim that a coin is now obsolete. To depreciate (currency, for example) by official proclamation or by rumor.

What is the meaning of colluded in Urdu?

Collude meaning in Urdu

1) Collude, Conspire : سازش کرنا, ساز باز کرنا : (verb) act in unison or agreement and in secret towards a deceitful or illegal purpose.

What is mean by Sole in Urdu?

3 of 4) Sole, Lone, Lonesome, Only, Solitary : واحد, دوسروں سے الگ, اکیلا : (satellite adjective) being the only one; single and isolated from others. The sole example.

Is Darcy a word?

noun, plural dar·cies. Physics. a unit of permeability, representing the flow, at 1 atmosphere, of 1 cubic centimeter of fluid with 1 centipoise viscosity in 1 second through a 1-square-centimeter cross section of porous medium 1 centimeter long.

How do you spell decries?


  1. decry /dɪˈkraɪ/ verb.
  2. decries; decried; decrying.
  3. decries; decried; decrying.

How do you use decry in a sentence?

Decry in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Several religious organizations have chosen to decry the obscene cartoon about Jesus.
  2. After the immigration bill was passed, the racist groups started to decry the features of the act.
  3. What kind of person will decry the death of a dog yet laugh at the death of a human?

What part of speech is the word decry?

verb (used with object), de·cried, de·cry·ing. to speak disparagingly of; denounce as faulty or worthless; express censure of: She decried the lack of support for the arts in this country. to condemn or depreciate by proclamation, as foreign or obsolete coins.

What is the meaning of Colossus in Urdu?

1) colossus
Noun. Someone or something that is abnormally large and powerful. غیر معمولی بڑا اور طاقتور دیوقامت دیو ہیکل

How do you use collusion in a sentence?

How to use Collusion in a sentence. He was loudly accused by the Catholics of collusion with the enemies of the faith. The two smugglers acted in collusion to transport the illegal goods over the border. The district attorney filed charges against the rogue narcotics officer for collusion with the drug traffickers.

What is Rooh called in English?

Urdu Word روح – Rooh Meaning in English is Souls.

How do you use sole in a sentence?

Adjective He became the sole heir to the property. The sole aim of the program is to help the poor. She was the sole survivor of the tragedy. Icy roads were the sole cause of the accident.

What is the plural of Darcy?

Noun. darcy (plural darcys or darcies)

How do you pronounce Darcy?

How to Pronounce Darcy – YouTube

What part of speech is decry?

Is decry a Scrabble word?

DECRY is a valid scrabble word.

What’s a synonym for peruse?

scan, skim, speed-read, thumb (through), turn over.

What are synonyms for colossus?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for colossus, like: giant, titan, goliath, leviathan, heavyweight, behemoth, monster, hulk and gigantic statue.

What collusion means?

Collusion is a non-competitive, secret, and sometimes illegal agreement between rivals which attempts to disrupt the market’s equilibrium. The act of collusion involves people or companies which would typically compete against one another, but who conspire to work together to gain an unfair market advantage.

What does collusion refer to?

Collusion refers to combinations, conspiracies or agreements among sellers to raise or fix prices and to reduce output in order to increase profits. Context: As distinct from the term cartel, collusion does not necessarily require a formal agreement, whether public or private, between members.

What is Rooh in Quran?

In Sufism, rūḥ (Arabic: روح; plural arwāḥ) is a person’s immortal, essential self—pneuma, i.e. the “spirit” or “soul”. The Quran itself does not describe rūḥ as the immortal self. Nevertheless, in some contexts, it animates inanimate matter. Further, it appears to be a metaphorical being, such as an angel.

What does Meri Jaan mean in Urdu?

Jaan [Hindi & Urdu]
You can say “meri jaan” (may-ri-jaan) which means my life. Mind you, the word “jaan” itself is a term of endearment. It can mean “life” and also “loved one”, “darling”, etc. in both Hindi and Urdu. People use it to express their loved one’s importance and how much they love them.

What is the synonym of solely?

completely. exclusively. fully. hook, line, and sinker.

What type of word is sole?

Word Type. Sole can be an adjective, a verb or a noun.

Is darcy a word?