What is the theme of Legend by Marie Lu?

The central theme of Legend by Marie Lu is to never judge a person by their appearance or by how other people view the person. This is the theme because we see many occurrences where the theme is evident in the book and in real life.

What is the most important theme in Montana 1948?

One of the central themes of ‘Montana 1948’ is the conflict between abiding by the law and doing what is just.

What is the theme of Bisclavret?

An important theme in Bisclavret is loyalty. This theme is shown in a few different ways throughout the story. Bisclavret is a knight and a werewolf, which is seemingly scary, and could make you think he would be an unhappy, dangerous being.

Did Frank kill Marie Little Soldier?

He is a highly charismatic and handsome doctor and war hero and is greatly liked by many in the community. However, he sexually abuses Native American women who come to him seeking medical care. Marie Little Soldier discloses this information to Gail, and Frank (presumably) kills her in retribution.

What is the main conflict of Legend by Marie Lu?

Main Conflict – The main conflict of legend is the nation splitting up into 2 parts. Which a criminal named Day is a suspect of killing a person become very big threat to the Republic.

What is the message in the story legend?

To conclude, the theme of Legend by Marie Lu is that nothing is as it seems. The author uses point of view to establish her theme and the examples she uses are the Trials, Kaede being a Patriot, and Metias’ death.

What are the themes of the help?

The Help Themes

  • Racism.
  • Gender and the Home.
  • Social Class.
  • Help vs.
  • Writing, Storytelling, and Freedom.

How does Frank abuse his power in Montana 1948?

Frank sexually abuses many of his female Native American patients and rapes them. He knows he will not be punished for this because he is a white male and they are Native American females.

What does the werewolf represent in Bisclavret?

Marie de France utilizes a werewolf in her poem to symbolize a beastly or aggressive side of humans. “Bisclavret” is interesting as it has numerous layers and messages within the narrative. One message the poem demonstrates is the struggles one may have with an outer or inner beast and their ability to control it.

In what way does the wife betray the Bisclavret?

The wife’s final betrayal is committed when she decides to marry another man after her husband leaves, a man whom she does not truly love. After almost a year of being out of the picture, the baron returns to his human form with the help of the king.

Why did Uncle Frank kill himself?

By killing himself–escaping, so to speak–he could also spare the family and its reputation. Or so he thought. I have characterized Frank’s suicide as both a selfish and a selfless act.

Who killed Marie Little Soldier in Montana 1948?


She falls ill with pneumonia, but refuses to see a doctor. Wesley calls his brother Frank against her wishes, and Gail is concerned by how afraid Marie seems. Marie tells Gail that Frank is a well-known sexual abuser of Sioux women. She is presumed to be murdered by Frank shortly after her disease seems to improve.

What is the summary of Legend by Marie Lu?

Caught in the ultimate game of cat and mouse, Day is in a race for his family’s survival, while June seeks to avenge Metias’s death. But in a shocking turn of events, the two uncover the truth of what has really brought them together, and the sinister lengths their country will go to keep its secrets.

What is the resolution of the story Legend?

Climax, Falling action, Resolution
June helps him escape withe the help of Days brother John and the Patriots. John takes Days place in being executed given he looks so much like day. After Day and June escape Day realizes John took his place at the execution and promptly breaks down in front of June.

What is the message and moral of the poem?

A moral is the meaning or message conveyed through a story. The moral is the meaning that the author wants the reader to walk away with. They can be found in every type of literature, from poetry to fiction and non-fiction prose.

What are symbols in The Help?

The Help Symbols

  • Bathrooms. While Jim Crow-era laws enforced racial segregation in the South on a state and local level, the everyday beliefs and social behaviors of Southern whites were just as central to the continued segregation of African-Americans…
  • Minny’s “Special Ingredient” Pie.
  • The Bitter Seed.
  • The Mimosa Tree.

What is the main conflict in The Help?

Although it is easily recognizable that one of the main conflicts is segregation, there is a major conflict between two prominent characters, Hilly and Skeeter, wealthy white women. Some of the issues within this novel lye in location and the social aspects of living in a small southern town in that time.

Who abused power in Montana 1948?

Specifically, in the fictional novel Montana 1948, the Hayden family has all the power in their small town, and Frank Hayden abuses his power and rapes young women. One brother, Wes, is the sheriff and the other brother, Frank, is the doctor.

Is justice achieved in Montana 1948?

The conclusion of Montana 1948 is not a triumph of justice. The victims of Frank’s crimes achieve little from his death, and are denied the sentence justice might pass on him.

What is the significance of clothes in Bisclavret?

For the Bisclavret, clothing represents the social roles and identity which he must resume when he is done being a wild man in the forest. Similarly, Sigmund and Sinfjotli assumed the role of the wolf – living like beasts, slaying travelers – by putting on its skin.

How was Bisclavret betrayed?

Betrayal is one of the first themes we encounter with Bisclavret, one that remains the reason for the baron’s misfortune. The wife’s first betrayal derives from simple trickery, she asks him whether he goes dressed or nude (when in werewolf form), also a form of foreshadowing for her ongoing query.

What is the meaning of Bisclavret?

The Werewolf
“Bisclavret” (“The Werewolf”) is one of the twelve Lais of Marie de France written in the 12th century. Originally written in French, it tells the story of a werewolf who is trapped in lupine form by the treachery of his wife.

Was Frank a cenobite?

He was the brother of Larry Cotton, the uncle of Kirsty Cotton and the brother-in-law/lover of Julia Cotton. He came into the possession of the Lament Configuration, which ultimately led to him being tortured by the Cenobites. He was later revived and helped by Julia to restore himself to human form.

Why did Frank get fired Little Miss Sunshine?

Willy went to talk to his boss and was devastated because he gets fired from his job after asking for the transfer.

Where is Bentrock?

The novella focuses on the life of young Montanan David Hayden, his family and the fictional town of Bentrock, Montana, and focuses on the struggles of a family torn between loyalty and justice.