What is the scapula superior to?

The acromion is an oblong continuation of the spine that runs laterally then anteriorly above the supraspinous fossa and is the summit of the shoulder on palpation. The superior border of the scapula extends from the superior angle to the coracoid process.

What is the superior angle of the scapula?

The superior angle of the scapula, located on the upper part of the scapula, flat to the second rib, is the attachment point of the levator scapula muscle and an important clinical landmark [6].

Is the clavicle superior to the scapula?

The clavicles, in general, are superior to the scapulae, although this is not the clearest set of directions.

What is superior rotation of the scapula?

This part downwards which brings this part of the scapula medially. So these are some of the muscles that are attached to the scapula. And their role when it comes to scapula movement.

What attaches to superior border of scapula?

Anterior Scapula Bone Anatomy. Bone Markings: Superior border or margin (Margo superior) is the upper edge of the scapula that runs next to the clavicle. The omohyoid muscle attaches along this surface.

How do you palpate superior angle of scapula?

Surface anatomy: Scapula, Posterior aspect – YouTube

What level is inferior angle of scapula?

One such landmark is the inferior angle of the scapula (IAS), which is said to correlate with the T7, T8, or T9 spinous process or spinal level, depending on the source. Gray’s Anatomy indicates that the IAS corresponds to the level of the ninth rib, which attaches to the spine at the T8–9 interspace.

Where is the inferior angle of the scapula located?

The inferior angle of the scapula is where the vertebral (medial) and axillary (lateral) borders intersect.

Is the left clavicle superior or inferior to the scapula?

Answer and Explanation: The clavicles, in general, are superior to the scapulae, although this is not the clearest set of directions.

Is the clavicle anterior to the scapula?

The clavicle (collarbone) is an S-shaped bone located on the anterior side of the shoulder. It is attached on its medial end to the sternum of the thoracic cage, which is part of the axial skeleton. The lateral end of the clavicle articulates (joins) with the scapula just above the shoulder joint.

What is rotation of the scapula?

Scapular lateral rotation describes the rotation of the scapula (scapulothoracic joint) such that the glenoid fossa faces upwards – thus it may also be called upward rotation. This motion allows elevation of the humerus as seen in abduction of the arm. It is almost always associated with scapular protraction.

What is superior border?

Description. Of the three borders of the scapula, the superior border is the shortest and thinnest; it is concave, and extends from the medial angle to the base of the coracoid process. At its lateral part is a deep, semicircular notch, the scapular notch, formed partly by the base of the coracoid process.

What attaches to inferior angle of scapula?

Another border from the origin of the scapula spine to the inferior angle of the scapula can be regarded as the inferomedial border which gives attachment to the rhomboid group of muscles (rhomboid minor, superiorly, and rhomboid major, inferiorly).

What is inferior angle of the scapula?

How do you find the inferior angle of the scapula?

In chiropractic education it is commonly taught that the inferior angle of the scapula (IAS) can be located using the rule “7 up, 6 down,” referring to the position of the IAS in relation to the thoracic SPs in the upright and prone positions, respectively [25-27].

What is inferior angle?

The inferior angle, thick and rough, is formed by the union of the vertebral and axillary borders; its dorsal surface affords attachment to the Teres major and frequently to a few fibers of the Latissimus dorsi.

What is the inferior scapula?

What is the difference between right and left scapula?

Left–In order to determine if a scapula is right or left, orient it so the glenoid cavity (articulating surface) faces laterally (outward) and the spine is posterior (toward back) and superior (upper). The coracoid process should be anterior and superior.

How can you tell the difference between left and right clavicle?


Is the clavicle anterior or posterior compared to the scapula?

What is the difference between scapula and clavicle?

The bones of the shoulder consist of the humerus (the upper arm bone), the scapula (the shoulder blade), and the clavicle (the collar bone). The clavicle is the only bony attachment between the trunk and the upper limb.

What type of bone is the scapula?

flat triangular bone

The scapula is a large, flat triangular bone with three processes called the acromion, spine and coracoid process . It forms the back portion of the shoulder girdle.

What muscle is under scapula?

Your rhomboid muscles connect your shoulder blade to your ribs and spine. If your rhomboid muscles hurt, you’ll feel it in your back and shoulders.

Where is the axillary border of the scapula?

The axillary border of the scapula is the thickest of the three borders of the scapula bone. It extends down from the lower margin of the glenoid cavity all the way along the lateral edge of the scapula to the inferior angle.

What is the superior border of the heart?

The superior border of the heart is a line that connects the inferior border of the second left costal cartilage and the superior border of the third right costal cartilage.