What is the racial makeup of Dyer Indiana?

Dyer Demographics

White: 85.86% Two or more races: 3.83% Black or African American: 3.70% Asian: 3.31%

Is Dyer Indiana a good place to live?

Dyer is in Lake County and is one of the best places to live in Indiana. Living in Dyer offers residents a rural feel and most residents own their homes. In Dyer there are a lot of restaurants and parks. Many young professionals live in Dyer and residents tend to lean conservative.

What is the black to white ratio in Indiana?


Female persons, percent  50.4%
Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent  84.2%
Black or African American alone, percent(a)  10.2%

What percentage of Avon Indiana is black?

Avon Demographics
According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Avonwas: White: 83.82% Black or African American: 9.06%

What is the racial makeup of Schererville Indiana?

Schererville Demographics
White: 80.23% Two or more races: 7.12% Black or African American: 6.59% Asian: 2.88%

What are the demographics of Merrillville Indiana?

Merrillville Demographics
Black or African American: 43.05% White: 42.39% Other race: 6.97% Two or more races: 6.12%

What is the crime rate in Dyer Indiana?

The Dyer IN crime rate for 2018 was 62.97 per 100,000 population, a 149.78% increase from 2017. The Dyer IN crime rate for 2017 was 25.21 per 100,000 population, a 32.84% decline from 2016.

Dyer IN Crime Rate 1999-2018.

City Name Population Rate
Whitestown 9,388 63.91
Dyer 15,880 62.97
Nappanee 6,864 58.28
Sellersburg 8,935 55.96

Is Dyer a suburb of Chicago?

Dyer is a town in St. John Township, Lake County, Indiana, United States. The population was 16,517 at the 2020 census. It is a southeastern suburb of Chicago.

What percent of Indy is black?

Indianapolis Demographics
According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Indianapoliswas: White: 58.96% Black or African American: 28.96%

Which is the whitest state?

States with the highest percentages of White Americans, either White Alone or in combination with another race as of 2020:

  • Vermont 95.6%
  • Maine 95.4%
  • West Virginia 94.4%
  • New Hampshire 93.7%
  • Wyoming 92.0%
  • Montana 90.9%
  • Idaho 90.2%
  • Iowa 89.8%

What’s the population of Westlake?


Population, Census, April 1, 2020 8,029
Population, Census, April 1, 2010 8,270
Age and Sex
Persons under 5 years, percent  4.2%

Is Avon Indiana Rural?

Population in 2019: 18,706 (99% urban, 1% rural).

What are the demographics of Crown Point Indiana?

Crown Point Demographics
White: 84.93% Black or African American: 6.34% Two or more races: 5.13% Asian: 1.99%

What is the racial makeup of Hobart Indiana?

Population by Race

Race Population Percentage
White 22,764 80.95%
Black or African American 2,187 7.78%
Two or More Races 1,490 5.30%
Some Other Race 860 3.06%

What is the population of Dyer Indiana as of 2021?

Population. With 16,441 people, Dyer is the 57th most populated city in the state of Indiana out of 685 cities.

What is the zip code for Dyer?

46311Dyer / Zip code

What does Dyer stand for?

One who dyes
Dyer definition
One who dyes, especially one who dyes cloth etc. as an occupation.

What was a dyer?

A Dyer is one who dyes, especially one who dyes cloth as an occupation, a trade that has a long history. The Dyer Incorporation into the Nine Trades was in 1693 and although the trade itself has changed and evolved over the years, it nearly came to and end until in 1996 when it was decided to create an open craft.

Is Indianapolis a black city?

Today Indianapolis is a diverse, multi-ethnic city with a 30% black population and a total non-White population of 45%. The city continues to face extreme economic and health disparities between races.

What is the whitest state?

Where do most black people live?

The 10 states where 60 percent of African Americans resided were: New York, California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, North Carolina, Maryland, Michigan and Louisiana. Five of these had more than 2 million Blacks each: New York, California, Texas, Florida and Georgia.

What is the least white state?

Vermont had the highest White population share (99.9 percent) of its total population, followed by New Hampshire at 99.8 percent, and Maine 99.7 percent, while Mississippi had the lowest proportion of White population at 54.6 percent (Table 1).

Is Westlake Village affluent?

The per capita income in Westlake Village in 2018 was $85,862, which is wealthy relative to California and the nation. This equates to an annual income of $343,448 for a family of four. Westlake Village is a somewhat ethnically-diverse city.

Is Westlake Lake man made?

Westlake Lake is a 125 acre artificial lake with 8 miles of shoreline in Westlake Village, California. It was built in 1969. Over 1,300 houses are located either on or within access of the lake. A number of houses are located on an island inside the lake that is connected by La Venta Drive.

Is Avon in a good place to live?

Avon is in Hendricks County and is one of the best places to live in Indiana. Living in Avon offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. Many families and young professionals live in Avon and residents tend to lean conservative. The public schools in Avon are highly rated.