What is the production of maize?

In India, maize is the third most important food crops after rice and wheat. According to advance estimate its production is likely to be 22.23 M Tonnes (2012-13) mainly during Kharif season which covers 80% area. Maize in India, contributes nearly 9 % in the national food basket.

How is maize crop produced?

It is called QUEEN OF THE CEREALS. Maize has highest yield/ha among the cereal crops.

Cost of Cultivation of Maize per acre.

Activity Cost per Acre (Rs)
Tractor Ploughing (2/3 ploughings) 1,500
Human Labor (4) 1,600
Seed cost (8kg) 3,200
Sowing (6) 2,400

How long does maize take to grow?

100 days

It is also racing against time; maize needs 100 days to grow to full size. The last few days are critical because this is when the plant dries out. But 100 days takes the crop dangerously close to autumn, sudden temperature drops and frost.

What are the main areas of production of maize?

Maize is grown in every continent except Antarctica. North America grows over 43% of the world’s maize crop, with 90% of the US total grown in the Corn Belt consisting of 12 midwestern and north central states.

In which season maize will grow?

Maize can be grown in all seasons viz; Kharif (monsoon), post monsoon, Rabi (winter) and spring. During Rabi and spring seasons to achieve higher yield at farmer’s field assured irrigation facilities are required.

In which month maize is harvested?

Sowing and Harvesting Season of Maize
Seasons of Maize Kharif are in June to July and August and harvested in December. These are the maize cropping season in India. The major states for Kharif corn farming in India are Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

What are the growth stages of maize?

Corn Growth Stages

Description of stages
R1 Silk – one or more silks extends outside of husk leaves
R2 Blister – kernels resemble “blisters” with clear liquid
R3 Milk – kernels filled with “milky” fluid

How many times can maize be planted in a year?

Maize farming is now cultivated throughout the year because of irrigation system. The optimum planting date is between mid March and May. How many times is maize planted in a year? You can grow 2-3 times a year because both short and long duration varieties of the crops are available.

Which month is good for planting maize?

So, for farmers plating or specializing in this crop, it is of utmost important to get each planting cycle right. The country’s planting season for maize runs from late October to mid-December and all the seed should be in the ground by mid-December.

What is the importance of maize in agriculture?

Maize or corn (Zea mays L.) is an important cereal crop of the world. It is a source of nutrition as well as phytochemical compounds. Phytochemicals play an important role in preventing chronic diseases. It contains various major phytochemicals such as carotenoids, phenolic compounds, and phytosterols.

How many times is maize planted in a year?

Crop Rotation with Maize Crop
Maize can be grown as a single crop in a year or 2-3 crops in the same year because both short and long duration varieties of the crops are available. In areas where maize is grown as a mixed crop, crops that are of short variety are grown between the tall maize plants.

Which soil is best for maize?

The ideal soil for growing corn is well-drained, preferably a sandy loam. Organic matter such as compost, leaves and grass clippings can be added to soil to improve its overall quality and improve drainage, particularly for heavy clay soil. Like most vegetables, corn grows best in soil with a pH between 5.8 and 6.8.

Which maize is the best?

Best maize seeds for Southern India

  • Dekalb.
  • Syngenta.
  • CP seeds.
  • Tata Dhanya Seeds.
  • Hytech seeds.
  • Hytech Sona – 5101 is a high yielding hybrid tolerant to lodging and diseases. Big thick cylindrical ears with superior quality grains are reasons for its popularity among growers.
  • Presented by.
  • Technical Team Agriplex India.

What is the lifespan of maize?

Seed longevity of maize conserved under germplasm bank conditions for up to 60 years.

When can I apply fertilizer to my maize?

Maize Fertilizer Application – YouTube

What month is best to plant maize?

Time of Planting
LATE SEASON Late season maize is recommended only for areas where rainfall is likely to be adequate. Popcorn is best planted in the late season where proper drying could be easily effected for optimum popping expansion. Planting should be done preferably between 1–15 August.

Which fertilizer is best for maize?

Nitrogen: Nitrogen is the most important nutrient and role player in the growth, yield and quality of maize crops. Nitrogen fertilizer is essential to promote good leaf growth.

What is the best fertilizer for maize?

What are the challenges of maize?

Production of maize, especially in the tropical regions, is affected by a number of constraints, including an array of abiotic and biotic stresses, poor soil fertility, lack of access to key inputs (especially quality seed and fertilizers), low levels of mechanization and poor post-harvest management.

What is economic importance of maize crop?

Maize is very important because of good source of minerals, vitamins, fiber and oil present in maize (rich in embryo). This oil is used for cooking and soap making companies. Maize starch is famous in pharmaceutical Industries as diluents and also used in cosmetics.

In which month maize grow well during?

In which month maize grows well?

It is a Kharif crop and thus it grows best in the rainy season. In India, the rainy season starts in the month of June and ends in the month of September. Thus, maize is grown from June to September in India.

Which manure is best for maize?

Nitrogen: Nitrogen is the most important nutrient and role player in the growth, yield and quality of maize crops. Nitrogen fertilizer is essential to promote good leaf growth. Smaller leaves result in reduced photosynthesis, a process required for starch storage in the grain.

What month can maize be planted?

Managing high-yielding maize varieties
In the savanna ecology of northern zones, farmers should plant maize in late May to June. They also recommend that farmers should plant a minimum of 20,000 seeds per acre and 50,000 per hectare, at 75cm space between rows and 25cm space between seeds on the same row.

Which fertilizer is the best for maize?