What is the message of Garden of Words?

The Garden of Words emphasizes the original meaning of koi—a “longing for someone in solitude”—but in a modern setting. Loneliness is the central element of the film, according to Shinkai.

What happened to The Garden of Words?

In a way, Takao saved Yukari from sinking into a darker mental state. After their emotional encounter, Takao and Yukari part ways. The boy continues his studies in Tokyo, whereas Yukari starts teaching again in another city. Despite of living far apart, the two remain friends and exchange letters frequently.

How old is the boy in The Garden of Words?


A 15-year-old boy and 27-year-old woman find an unlikely friendship one rainy day in the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden.

What is the climax in The Garden of Words?

The climax of the story is when Akao has figured out his opinion on Yuki and her situation, and breaks down. The climax brings up an ethical question of mixing professional with personal life, as well as an age difference, and it is dealt with sensitively and appropriately.

Is Garden of Words grooming?

Really, this film is a depiction of a female teacher grooming a young male student. Sure, she didn’t know he was a pupil at her school but she did know his age. It also shows education systems at their worst, i.e. moving the problem teacher on instead of firing her or getting her mental help.

What is the conflict in garden of words?

Conflict. Symbolically, Takao is the adult while Yukino is the child while physically it is the opposite. Here is where opposites attract. In the scene where Takao measures Yukino’s foot, I find it beautiful and subtle.

Did yukino ever get the shoes?

In The Garden of Words novel
In May 2018, she reunited with him as he spent his days off in Japan and received the shoes that he promised.

Does the garden of words have happy ending?

Both “The Garden of Words” and “5 Centimetres Per Second” are quite rooted in reality, so a happy ending is not present in both of these. Unlike “5 Centimetres Per Second,” “The Garden of Words” doesn’t give the viewers a sense of hope in the end, and abruptly concludes.

Is Garden of words a love story?

The Garden of Words represents a refinement of Makoto Shinkai’s previous movies, binding together a love story with spectacular visuals.

What happened to the teacher in Garden of words?

In the end, Yukari could no longer go to work: she would rather go to Shinjuku Gyo-en and drink beer by herself. She could not taste anything but beer and chocolate, and ultimately broke up with Ito.

Why do people like The Garden of Words?

The refined use of environment and ambient effects (sound, music, weather etc) contribute greatly to the film’s story. There isn’t much to say about how Makoto does it and if you’re going to like the style but give it a watch and you’ll know. Overall, Garden of words is a really good piece of art.

What happened to the teacher in garden of words?

Is Takao in Your Name?

Takao made a cameo in Your Name., appearing towards the end of the movie.

Is Your Name and weathering with you connected?

Weathering With You Features Cameos From Your Name’s Main Characters. Rather than simply a passing reference to Your Name, Weathering With You features another Shinkai character cameo — and a significant one, at that. It’s from one of Your Name’s central characters: Taki Tachibana.

Is Garden of words grooming?

Does Garden of words have a sad ending?

The ending scene
Yukino and finally completes the pair of shoes for her. He admits that Ms. Yukino was not the only one who was learning to walk, he was learning too. This scene marks that Takao has become a shoemaker and he is now closer to the world of adults, closer to the world of Ms.

What is the conflict in Garden of words?

What happened to Takao and Yukino?

What happened Yukari yukino?

Did Mitsuha and Taki get married in Weathering with You?

Director’s interview. In an interview at the French premiere of Weathering with You, Makoto Shinkai confirmed that Mitsuha and Taki have married.

Did Taki and Mitsuha appear in Weathering with You?

The short answer to this question would be: Yes they do. Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu make an appearance in Makoto Shinkai’s newest film, ‘Weathering With You’ (2020).

Why did Taki write I love you instead of his name?

Taki wrote “I love you” instead of his name because it was what the shrine goddess required, that he has to sacrifice what was most important to him upon going back in time.

Is Mitsuha 3 years older than Taki?

( Yes ) Mitsuha is 3 years older than Taki. And they were swapping their spirits frequently, beyond DISTANCE and TIME. (between 17years old Mitsuha and 17years old Taki) , That’s why they believed thy are the same age of 17.

What did Taki drink in Your Name?

Taki visits the shrine he remembers from his time in Mitsuha’s body. He drinks the kuchikamizake.

Why did Taki wake up crying?

Mitsuha cried because Taki was rejected, and Taki cried because Mitsuha didn’t recognize him.