What is the meaning of interkinesis?

: the period between two mitoses of a nucleus (as between the first and second meiotic divisions)

What happens to chromosomes during interkinesis?

During this period, called interkinesis, the nuclear membrane in each of the two cells reforms around the chromosomes. In some cells, the spindle also disintegrates and the chromosomes relax (although most often, the spindle remains intact).

What happens in interkinesis stage?

During interkinesis, the single spindle of the first meiotic division disassembles and the microtubules reassemble into two new spindles for the second meiotic division. Interkinesis follows telophase I; however, many plants skip telophase I and interkinesis, going immediately into prophase II.

Is DNA replicated during interkinesis?

During meiosis, between meiosis I and meiosis II, some cells go through a period of rest which is called interkinesis. Interkinesis is also known as Interphase II where DNA replication does not occur.

Why does interkinesis occur?

Interkinesis or interphase II is a period of rest that cells of some species enter during meiosis between meiosis I and meiosis II. No DNA replication occurs during interkinesis; however, replication does occur during the interphase I stage of meiosis (See meiosis I).

What would happen if DNA replicated during interkinesis?

During this stage, the DNA is replicated which leads to the production of chromosomes which consists of two sister chromatids. -Between the two divisions of meiosis I and meiosis II a second growth phase which is called interkinesis may occur.

How is interkinesis different from interphase?

Interphase is associated with the replication of DNA but during interkinesis replication of DNA does not take place. Interphase is a phase that occurs only during meiosis but interkinesis is associated with both mitosis and meiosis.

Why does DNA replication not occur in interkinesis?

No DNA replication occurs during the Interkinesis or Interphase II. There is only one of the spindles of the first meiotic division during the Interkinesis of the division of meiosis I disassemble. While there occurs the re-assembling of the microtubules into two new spindles for the second division of the meiosis.

Is interkinesis short lived?

The stage between two meiotic divisions is called interkinesis and is generally short lived. Here the cell undergoes a period of rest. No DNA replication and no gene duplication occurs during this stage. Protein and RNA synthesis may occur.

What is the difference between interphase and interkinesis?

What is the function of interkinesis?

During interkinesis, no DNA replication occurs; nevertheless, replication occurs during the interphase I stage of meiosis. The DNA is copied at this step, resulting in the formation of chromosomes, which are made up of two sister chromatids.

Which of the following represents interkinesis of meiosis?

II. Resting phase between meiosis I and II is called interkinesis.