What is the highest strain of bud?

Godfather OG

Godfather OG (The World’s Strongest Marijuana Strain?)
As of 2022, the highest THC strain is Godfather OG, reported to be the most potent strain in the world. A report claims that the Indica flower contains a THC concentration of 34%.

How much does a Big Bud 747 cost?

The 747 tractor was originally designed by Wilbur Hensler and built by Ron Harmon and the employees of his Northern Manufacturing Company, at a cost of $300,000. It was made for the Rossi Brothers, cotton farmers of Bakersfield or Old River, California.

How strong is big bud strain?

The THC composition of Big Bud varies from about 15% to about 20%. Cured flowers are huge by any standards of comparison — the chunky buds are very resinous and adhere in large pieces, even when packaged in small quantities for sale.

How many Big Bud 747s are there?

There was only ever one Big Bud 747 made. The company that produced it, Northern Manufacturing Co., went on to make other models of Big Bud tractors but none as large, as powerful, or as unique as the Big Bud 747.

What is the best strain ever?

Mistifi’s 8 Favorite Cannabis Strains of All Time

  1. Super Silver Haze. Super Silver Haze is a legendary sativa with a name that sounds like it belongs to a comic book superhero.
  2. Sour Diesel.
  3. Sweet Tangie.
  4. OG Kush.
  5. Durban Poison.
  6. G13.
  7. Blueberry Bomb.
  8. Hell’s Fire OG.

What is the strongest Indica strain 2022?

The Top 5 Indica Strains of 2022

  1. Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) is an Indica-dominant strain that was born from a Sativa parent.
  2. Hindu Kush. Hindu Kush is a pure Indica strain commonly used in hash products due its long-lasting effects.
  3. Granddaddy Purple (GDP)
  4. Northern Lights.
  5. Blueberry.

What is the strongest tractor in the world?

Pos Modelo Potencia
1 MeriCrusher MT-700 768 HP
2 Fendt 1167 Vario MT 673 CV
3 John Deere 9R 640 640 HP
John Deere 9RX 640 640 HP

Who owns the largest Big Bud tractor?

The Williams Brothers
The Williams Brothers of Big Sandy, Montana purchased the tractor and brought it to their farm in Chouteau County. The Williams Brothers use the tractor for cultivation purposes, pulling an 80 foot cultivator. The tractor can work more than one acre per minute, at speeds up to 8 mph.

Is Big Bud potent?

It has been a favorite of weed growers for decades because it is fairly easy to grow, is resilient to pests and disease, provides massive and potent buds, and provides a very high yield when you use the right growing techniques. Big Bud is a very special strain that doesn’t sacrifice quality for yield.

Who bred Big Bud?

For all the strains available on the market, Big Bud cannabis strain has been around for the longest time. Developed and bred by Sensi Seed, it’s been around since the ’70s.

Who owns the biggest Big Bud?

Robert and Randy Williams
On Sept. 1, 2020, at the 2020 Farm Progress Show Media Event, No-Till Farmer editors met up with Robert and Randy Williams, two no-tilling brothers who own the Big Bud 747, the world’s largest tractor.

What strains are top shelf?

Our Top Shelf Cannabis Strains


What is the most potent indica?

Purple Kush
It is one of the most potent Indica strains in the world, with an average THC level of 22%. With adjustments in the growing methods, harvesting, and curing, some growers have managed much higher THC content.

What strain is 100% indica?

Pakistan Chitral Kush: This strain is 100% indica and it grows in the wild in a Pakistani province called Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It stands out due to its spectacular resin production, making this plant one of the most used in as far as hash extractions.

What is the number 1 selling tractor?

The best-selling tractor brand in the U.S. is John Deere. The iconic green and yellow agriculture and landscaping equipment are sold across the country and throughout the world.

What is the most reliable tractor brand?

John Deere ranks highest among tractor brands for Overall Loyalty. John Deere won the highest marks for Best Ownership Experience (midsize and full-size tractors); for Most Durable (full-size tractor); and for Highest Owner Loyalty (compact, mid-size and full-size tractors).

Why did they stop making Big Bud tractors?

Production slowed in the late 1980s due to the farming recession and increasing competition from mainstream manufactures building ever bigger tractors. The last Big Bud rolled off the line in 1992.

Why did Big Bud stop making tractors?

The Canadian tyre maker that supplied the boots went bankrupt in 2000, which is cited as one of the reasons why the two brothers stopped using the tractor in 2009.

Is Big Bud a good strain?

Is Big Bud organic?

The Same Big Bud Bloom Booster You Know And Love Now 100% Organic*! *Big Bud Organic meets USDA-NOP and the worlds most stringent organic input standards for organic production and is the next level in bloom phase technology resulting in larger denser flowers and to optimize production of essential oils.

Why did Big Bud go out of business?

What strain is exotic?

A supplier offering an exotic strain could have anything from a fruity sativa to a dark purple indica, but the general standard for the name is a top-shelf strain that is both rare for the region and has extremely noticeable effects.

What is the strongest indica strain 2022?

What is the best strain of 2022?

The Top 5 Hybrid Strains of 2022

  1. OG Kush. This indica-heavy hybrid is a trifecta blend of Chemdawg, Hindu Kush indica, and Lemon Thai sativa.
  2. Cherry Pie. The parental origins of this delicious hybrid are Granddaddy Purple (GDP) indica and F1 Durban sativa.
  3. Blue Dream.
  4. White Widow.
  5. Gorilla Glue.

Who is John Deere’s biggest competitor?

John Deere’s competitors

  • John Deere.
  • Komatsu.
  • Ponsse.
  • Toro.
  • Kubota.
  • CLAAS.
  • Caterpillar.