What is The Garden Party short story about?

The story centres on Laura Sheridan’s response to the accidental death of a neighbourhood workman; Laura suggests that, out of respect for the man’s family, Laura’s family cancel their lavish garden party. Dismissing Laura’s feelings as inappropriate and overwrought, her family proceeds with the festivities.

What is the main idea of The Garden Party?

The writer handles the theme of death and life in the short story. The realization of Laura that life is simply marvellous shows death of human beings in a positive light. Death and life co-exist and death seems to Laura merely a sound sleep far away from troubles in human life.

What is the lesson of The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield?

Mansfield shows in the story that those in high society think the poor are less worthy. They don’t want to be inconvenienced by a working class tragedy but expect their leftovers (that will be thrown out otherwise) to be appreciated.

What does Laura realize at the end of the story?

At the story’s end, Laura realizes or has an epiphany that life is marvelous. This occurs after she sees Mr. Scott’s dead body, which looks peaceful and content rather than tragic.

What does the hat symbolize in The Garden Party?

The hat symbolizes class distinction. As Mrs. Sheridan advises her daughter for the future, she adorns Laura with a lavish hat with a velvet ribbon ornamented with daisies.

What are the two main themes in The Garden Party?

The Garden Party Themes

  • Work and Leisure.
  • Empathy, Understanding, and Class Consciousness.
  • Beauty, Refinement and Detachment.
  • Childhood, Family and Independence.

Why does Laura want to stop the party?

Laura, filled with sympathy for the dead man and his family, pleads with her mother and siblings to cancel their garden party in light of the tragedy.

Why did Laura apologize for her hat?

When she visits the cottages, Laura is ashamed of her hat, which symbolizes her wealth to people who will never have the privilege to experience the aesthetic extravagance of the garden-party. When she apologizes to them for her hat, she seems to be rejecting her privilege and aligning herself outside her family.

What is the conflict in The Garden Party?

Throughout the plot of the story she experiences an inner conflict between her upbringing in the upper class world and the snobbish views of her mother on the one hand and her own originating attitude and experiences on the other hand.

What do the flowers symbolize in The Garden Party?

Laura’s coming of age is represented by the purity of the flower as she tries to grow up, but faces some interference from her mother. Also, lilies are commonly given to mourners to represent the rebirth of the one lost into a purity of soul.

How is symbolism used in The Garden Party?

Laura’s coming of age is represented by the purity of the flower. However, her mother’s interference, although appreciated, prohibits Laura from being able to fully emerge. Rebirth happens to an extent as Laura grows older, but is more completely symbolized by the dead man who appears to be at peace.

What does Laura hat symbolize in The Garden Party?

Laura’s mother’s daisy-trim black hat—an elegant accessory that evokes the family’s high social class—influences Laura’s behavior and values throughout the story. The hat, therefore, shows the corrupting nature of wealth and beauty.

What happens at the end of The Garden Party?

At the end of ”The Garden Party,” Laura realizes that life is marvelous. This occurs after she sees Mr. Scott’s dead body and realizes that, for the dead person, death is peaceful and restful freedom from life, even though it feels tragic for the loved ones of the person who has died.

What does Laura’s hat symbolize?

Laura’s mother gives her a fancy hat that momentarily distracts her from the plight she feels for dead Scott’s widow and her children. The hat given to Laura symbolizes the gulf between the affluent Sheridan family and working-class poverty-stricken people living below them.

What does Laura realize in The Garden Party?

But where Gabriel Conroy’s epiphany takes him from selfishness to a more generous empathy with others, Laura’s epiphany seems to work almost in reverse, making her realise that she doesn’t have to worry about what others think about her and her family so much, and that she – Laura Sheridan – is a person who has a right …

What do the flowers symbolize in the garden party?

What do lilies symbolize in the garden party?

Thus, Mrs. Sheridan wants to send white lilies, literal symbols of death, in order to comfort a grieving widow. Laura’s style of dress during the party represents her unique position in the story.

What does Laura symbolize in The Garden Party?