What is the entry fee of EsselWorld?

Water Kingdom, Mumbai Information

Location Essel World, Global Pagoda Road, Gorai, Borivali West, Mumbai
Timings 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM; every day
Time Required 3-4 hours
Water Kingdom Entry Fees INR 1035 per adult; INR 660 per child, INR 660 per senior citizen

Which one is better imagica or EsselWorld?

Adlabs imagica has some amazing rides, the best being the Nitro. Certainly better than Essel world in terms of quality & variety of rides and has everything in store right from kids to adults.

How many rides are there in EsselWorld?

Amusement Rides

At EsselWorld, there are 11 adventurous rides, 15 rides suitable for children and 14 rides apt for families to enjoy together.

Why EsselWorld is closed?

MUMBAI: Mumbai’s popular amusement parks EsselWorld and Water Kingdom in Gorai, Borivli have been closed to visitors until March 31 in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The step was taken upon instructions from the Maharashtra government.

Is EsselWorld closed in 2022?

It is open 365 days a year.

Which is better EsselWorld or Water Kingdom?

Essel World had a lot more rides than Water Kingdom. Its a place where you can spend one entire day. I wont say that Water Kingdom is one of the best water parks but I will certainly say that Essel World is one of the best amusement parks you can go to.

Which is the No 1 amusement park in India?

1. Wonderla Amusement Park, Bangalore. One of the biggest amusement parks in the country, Wonderla Amusement Park has more than 61 fun-filled rides that make for a thrilling experience. Not just a theme park, it has a water park as well that draws both children and adults.

Is food allowed in Water Kingdom?

2 answers. Dear Juliana, Unfortunately due to high temperatures we do not allow our guests to bring their own food.

What is basic package in EsselWorld?

The Basic Package of ₹290 is applicable to adults and kids, both. You get to try a few rides and then you pay if you want to check more. To enjoy unlimited rides, you can go for the Silver Package. For adult riders, it’s priced at ₹885 and for kids’, the cost is ₹530.

Does Water Kingdom ticket include food?

over a year ago. yes along with the entry fees food coupons are also provided.

Is EsselWorld Open April 2022?

We are opening from 2nd April 2022!! Yes you heard it right!

What do you wear to a water park in India?

Dress Code: Wear Nylon/ Polyester swimsuit for the various rides. Nylon salwar kameez is not allowed. Cotton T-shirts and short are not allowed inside the water park.

Why is EsselWorld closed 2022?

Essel group, which runs the amusement park in Gorai, had taken a decision last month to close it down after a series of protests by local residents against the company’s plans of setting up a Recreation and Tourism Development Zone (RTDZ) in the area.

Which is the No 1 water park in India?

The best water park in India is arguably Dreamworld Water Park in Thrissur. Other equally great water parks in India are Aquatica Water Park in Kolkata, MGM Dizzee World in Chennai, Maniar Wonderland in Ahmedabad, Funtasia Island in Patna, and Wonderla in Hyderabad. Which is Asia’s largest water theme park?

Which is Asia’s biggest water park?

5 Aquaventure Atlantis, Sanya, China
Aquaventure covers 200,000 square metres, making it Asia’s largest water park.

What is the price of roller coaster?

various Iron Amusement Rides Roller Coasters, Capacity: 10, Rs 445000/piece | ID: 16450681488.

Which is biggest water park in India?

Water Kingdom
Water Kingdom (Esselworld) in Mumbai is the largest water park in India. It is also one of the oldest parks.

Is water Kingdom ticket price?

One can also enjoy rain dance here! WOW has special lawns for hosting parties, seminars and corporate events.

Ticket Price for WOW Water Park.

Category Weekdays Weekends
Adult Rs.1450/-(130cm and above) Rs.1450/-(130cm and above)
Senior Citizen Rs.999/- Rs.999/-

What is basic package of Esselworld?

Which is Asia’s largest water park?

Asia’s largest water theme park is Water Kingdom (Esselworld). It is the best water park in Mumbai.

Is Water Kingdom ticket price?

What is silver ticket in EsselWorld?

To enjoy unlimited rides, you can go for the Silver Package. For adult riders, it’s priced at ₹885 and for kids’, the cost is ₹530.

Where is Asia biggest water park?

Water Kingdom is advertised as Asia’s biggest Water Them Park and even if it was not, my daughter had the most amazing fun.

What should I wear in Water Kingdom?

Wear something comfortable
When you’re spending the whole day at a water park, comfort is key. The Orlando water parks will be hot, so we recommend wearing something like a t-shirt and comfortable shorts to keep you cool. You could even choose to wear loose fitting clothes over your swimwear for ease.

What is the most expensive roller coaster?

Expedition Everest – $142.6 Million
The most expensive roller coaster ever built is Expedition Everest, a yeti-themed ride located in the Animal Kingdom park of Orlando’s Walt Disney World. Built in 2006, this roller coaster cost approximately $100 million to construct.