What is the best weapon in titanfall?

The best guns in Titanfall 2

  • CAR SMG. This SMG is one of the most balanced yet powerful weapons in the game.
  • Kraber. The choice of snipers and aim-gods everywhere, there isn’t much in Titanfall 2 that feels better than pulling off an insane Kraber shot.
  • Wingman Elite.
  • Alternator.
  • Hemlock.
  • Cold War.
  • Volt.

What is the most powerful gun in Titanfall 2?

But it’s in that normalcy where the R-201 shines as the best gun in Titanfall 2. There’s not another weapon that performs as consistently well as this rifle. From the rate of fire to the recoil, the R-201 demonstrates extreme poise and effectiveness from nearly all ranges.

What is the Longbow DMR based off?

The Longbow is a variant of the R-201 Assault Rifle, modified into a marksman rifle role.

Is the r99 in titanfall?

It is a successor to its Frontier War ancestor, the R-97 Compact SMG. The R-99 features the highest rate of fire in the game, exceeding even the Devotion’s 900rpm (once spun up). If a player’s aim is accurate, then downing a target will take little time.

What is the best loadout in Titanfall?

Titanfall 2: Best Loadouts For PVP

  • R-97.
  • Spitfire.
  • Devotion.
  • R101 Carbine.
  • R201 Assault Rifle.
  • P2016. The P2016 or Hammond is one of the best pistols in the game.
  • Mozambique. Titanfall 2’s community loves the Mozambique.
  • Wingman Elite. Skilled players can pull off incredible plays with the Wingman Elite.

What Titan does the most damage in Titanfall 2?

1) Tone. This won’t come as a shock to any Titanfall 2 veteran. The Tone is the strongest Titan on this list. It has very poor defense, but the 40mm Cannon and Tracking Rockets combo is the best DPS in the game, at any range.

What is the best anti Titan gun in Titanfall 2?

MGL is the best for being a little more sneaky. Thunderbolt is great for “fire and forget” situations as well as multiple titans lined up. Charge Rifle is great for longer shots and hitting weakpoints reliably.

Is the Sentinel or Longbow better?

Now, it has fierce competition in the form of both the Sentinel and the Charge Rifle. The Longbow still has an edge though, which is a healthy balance between damage and fire rate. The Longbow is significantly faster than any other sniper rifle, which allows for deadly barrages and lightning-quick follow-up shots.

What is the best Apex sniper?


Kraber .
The Kraber is by far the best sniper available in Apex, but it’s contained to Supply Drops only. You’ll need to be lucky if you want to find one of these beasts in the Frontier.

What shoots faster R99 or CAR?

The R99 and the CAR SMG have very similar time to kill stats. However, the CAR SMG has the edge over the R99 thanks to needing less shots to kill a target. This means, if you miss a few shots in your spray, you can still take the target down without having to reload. The R99 however requires slightly better aim.

Is re45 a pistol?

The RE-45 is a fully automatic . 45 caliber pistol, sacrificing damage and accuracy at longer distances for improved effectiveness at close range.

Why are pilots so strong titanfall?

Titanfall Pilots vs Apex Legends – Who Would Win In a Fight? – YouTube

What is the strongest Titan in Titanfall?

1) Tone. This won’t come as a shock to any Titanfall 2 veteran. The Tone is the strongest Titan on this list. It has very poor defense, but the 40mm Cannon and Tracking Rockets combo is the best DPS in the game, at any range.

Who is the best Titan?

1) Founding Titan
This is the most powerful Titan of the lot. If the shifter is of royal blood, they can turn any Eldian into a Titan, control the minds of every Titan and its subsequent shifters, and alter the memories of Eldians.

Is Ronin a good Titan?

Ronin is a very fast Titan and can traverse the battlefield easily. Ronin has a high attack rate and can quickly overwhelm slow attackers and unlucky Pilots that cross its path. Ronin is good for engaging Titans as Ronin, with its high attack rate, can deal a lot of damage very quickly.

Does Sentinel have bullet drop?

Given the Sentinel has a fast projectile speed, you don’t really need to consider bullet drop as much as other snipers. Banging on a 4x-8x ⁠— or if you’re lucky, a 4x-10x Digital Threat ⁠— is the best thing you could do.

Is the Longbow good?

With a perfect balance of damage and fire rate, the Longbow is a great choice for any player looking to dominate at long-range and pick up the victory.

Apex Legends Longbow DMR damage stats.

Body Part Damage
Legs 44

Is the Longbow or sentinel better?

The Sentinel does 65 dmg per shot compared to 55 for the Longbow. For normal legends it only makes a difference with blue shields as you can down them with 3 shots instead of 4. But most meta legends are either low profile or fortified and for thise the differences are bigger.

What gun has the fastest TTK in Apex?

Apex Legends: 7 Weapons With The Fastest TTK In The Game

  • 7/7 Flatline AR.
  • 6/7 R-301 Carbine.
  • 5/7 R99 SMG.
  • 4/7 Havoc Rifle.
  • 3/7 CAR SMG.
  • 2/7 Volt SMG.
  • 1/7 Mastiff Shotgun.

Is flatline or R301 better?

The R301 is also a light ammo gun which mean that you can pick up way higher ammo than the Flatline heavy ammo, and you hardly care about running out of ammo. Range Wise the R301 is far more superior combine with the recoil of the gun it is much easier and better to use for mid and long range combat.

What is the fastest TTK in Apex?

Apex Legends: 7 Weapons With The Fastest TTK In The Game

  • 7 Flatline AR.
  • 6 R-301 Carbine.
  • 5 R99 SMG.
  • 4 Havoc Rifle.
  • 3 CAR SMG.
  • 2 Volt SMG.
  • 1 Mastiff Shotgun.

Is the RE-45 getting Hammerpoints?

The short-range shredder RE-45 in Apex Legends Season 12
Dealing an average damage of 16 on the body, combined with its fast firing rate, makes it extremely strong. However, what makes the pistol even better is the ability to add a Hammerpoint Hop-Up, which adds 35% additional damage to unshielded enemies.

Does Earth exist in Titanfall?

Game Information
Earth is a planet within the universe of Titanfall, serving as the birthplace of the known human civilization.

What is the most used Titan in Titanfall 2?

the Tone
The best Titan in Titanfall 2 is almost certainly the Tone. This Titan earns its number one spot for a few different reasons. It is the most popular Titan, crowned by both a vote by the community and by in-game play stats.

What is the weakest Titan?

10/10 The Cart Titan
The Cart Titan would strike fear into anyone because it’s a titan, and although it is extremely versatile, it is arguably the weakest of the Nine Titans. Unlike other titans, the Cart is quadrupedal, which is why it can have multiple turrets placed on its back.