What is the 1 800 number for Greyhound?

(214) 849-8100Greyhound Lines / Customer service

Does Greyhound Canada still exist?

In 2018, Greyhound pulled out of Western Canada, preserving only domestic service in Ontario and Quebec, and trans-border routes to the United States.

Greyhound Canada.

Motor Coach Industries 102DL3 in Toronto in October 2014
Alliance Greyhound Lines Trailways of New York (alliance ended June 2022)
Website www.greyhound.ca

What is replacing Greyhound in Canada?

FlixBus, an intercity travel company from Germany, acquired Greyhound’s U.S. arm in October, which means it took over remaining cross-border lines, like the one between Toronto and New York.

Can I take a bus from Canada to us?

When you cross the border from Canada into the U.S. you’ll need your passport or proof of citizenship, which will be checked before you get on the bus. A word of warning: If you don’t have the correct documents for your trip, you won’t be allowed to board the bus because you would be denied entry at the border.

Why is Greyhound closing down?

KAP CEO Gary Chaplin talks to Business Day TV about the bus company shutting down. The owner of Greyhound buses, KAP Industrial, is shutting down the transport operations. The move comes amid a decline in demand for long distance road travel due to Covid-19.

How many bags can I take on Greyhound?

Bring 1 carry on bag on the bus with you and store up to 3 bags under the bus. 1st under the bus bag is free, 2nd one is free with our Flexible fare, or 2nd & 3rd $20 each with all other fares. Each bag stored under the bus must be appropriately tagged.

How can I contact Greyhound?

Is Greyhound back in Canada?

DALLAS (OCT 26, 2021) – Greyhound, the largest provider of intercity bus transportation in North America, announced the return of service to Canada following the reopening of the United States-Canada border. Starting today, customers can officially book tickets for trips taking place on November 8 and beyond.

Will Greyhound come back to Canada?

Who bought Greyhound Canada?


FlixBus, the company that bought Greyhound, is continuing to expand service in Canada by offering cross-border service to the U.S. beginning next week. Passengers will be able to travel from Toronto to New York City five days a week starting May 10.

Is Greyhound running from Canada to USA?

Are Greyhound buses running from Canada to US?

Greyhound bus service between Canada and the US returning next month. After shutting down more than a year and a half ago, Greyhound bus service between Canada and the US is finally making its comeback in just a matter of weeks.

Will Greyhound ever come back to Canada?

Why did Greyhound leave Canada?

Greyhound’s Canadian operations had been under pressure even before the pandemic arrived, with Greyhound ceasing operations in western Canada in 2018 as a result of declining ridership.

Where is the safest place to sit on a Greyhound bus?

Sit at the front.
You’ll have a better chance of having two seats all to yourself, since everyone else will, undoubtedly, be heading towards the back of the bus.

Do Greyhounds check your bags?

Do They Search Your Bags on Greyhound? – YouTube

Where is Greyhound Lines headquarters located at?

Dallas, TXGreyhound Lines / Headquarters

Are Greyhound buses still running in Ontario?

Greyhound Canada has taken the difficult decision to downsize its operations. The company has notified all proper authorities of its intention to discontinue some or all service – both passenger and freight — Effective October 31, 2018.

Is there bus service across Canada?

The most popular bus companies in Canada are Greyhound Canada and Megabus. Of these, the bus company which provides the most comprehensive routes across the whole of Canada is the Greyhound Bus. The Greyhound Bus company also provides connecting journeys from the mainland United States to Canada.

What can you not bring on a Greyhound bus?

Bring 1 carry on bag on the bus with you and store up to 3 bags under the bus.
What kind of baggage can I bring?

Suitcases Backpacks Duffel bags Trunks Toolboxes Securely tied cardboard boxes Plastic bags Paper bags Items protruding from your baggage

Do Greyhounds have bathrooms?

On-board restroom
We do stop for rest breaks, but it’s good to know there’s a restroom on board each bus if you need it.

How many bags are free on Greyhound?

Baggage allowances for Greyhound and connecting bus lines (except Mexico – International Service)

Number of pieces Charge per piece
Adult ticket 3 1st bag free 2nd bag free with our Flexible fare, or 2nd & 3rd bags $20 each with all other fares
Child ticket 1 free

Who owns Greyhound bus Lines?

Greyhound Lines/Parent organizations

How many people fit on a Greyhound bus?

A typical bus will have around 56 seats depending on the manufacturer and model, but they can have anywhere from 36 to 60 seats.

Why did Greyhound pull out of Canada?

“A full year without revenue has unfortunately made it impossible to continue operations,” spokesperson Stuart Kendrick said. “We deeply regret the impact this has on our staff and our customers, as well as the communities we have had the privilege of serving for many years.”