What is Pajarito mean?

little bird

Pajarito means little bird so it can be used to describe a small creature of the feathered variety.

What is poquito poquito?

Translations. poquito Noun. poquito, el ~ (m) (poco) a little bit, the ~ Noun. little, the ~ Noun.

What does Pesado mean in Spanish slang?

Pesado means ‘heavy’ or ‘slow’.

What is a Precioso?

precioso ADJECTIVE beautiful, lovely.

How do you say bird in Mexico?

How Do You Say Bird In Spanish – YouTube

How do you pronounce Pajarito?


  1. pah. – hah. – ree. – toh.
  2. pa. – xa. – ɾi. – to.
  3. pa. – ja. – ri. – to.

How do you say fun facts in Spanish?

In a fun fact.

fun fact.

Principal Translations
Inglés Español
fun fact n often pl (amusing piece of trivia) dato curioso nm + adj

What is the meaning of suavemente?

And, of course, in Spanish, suavemente is widely and variously used as an adverb for “softly,” “gently,” or “smoothly.”

What is PESA in English?

Spanish and English Translation Search Results for pesa
mournfulness; sorrow; regret; dejection; melancholy; wistfulness; depression; sadness; grief; distress; pain; misery; annoyance; chagrin; vexation.

What language is Pesado?

English translation: a pain, a bore/boring, a drag

Spanish term or phrase: pesado (informal)
English translation: a pain, a bore/boring, a drag
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What does muy bonita in English?

muy bonita very pretty gt.

What is Bello in English?

Adjective. bello m (see inflection for forms; superlative bellissimo) nice, fair, fine, pleasant; beautiful (of the weather, etc.)

What is Paloma in Spanish?

dove, pigeon
probably American Spanish, from Spanish, dove, pigeon, from Latin palumba, palumbes; akin to Greek peleia dove, pigeon, Latin pallēre to be pale.

What is another word for bird in Spanish?


From To Via
• bird → pájaro ↔ vogel
• bird → chicamuchacha ↔ nana
• bird → pájaroave ↔ oiseau

What are 3 interesting facts about Spanish?

Spanish Language Facts

  • Spanish is a Romance language derived from Vulgar Latin.
  • Spanish is spoken by 559 million people around the world.
  • Spanish uses inverted exclamation and question marks.
  • Like most languages, Spanish has its own very unique words which can’t be translated in other languages.

How do you say facts in Spanish?

Translate fact from English to Spanish

  1. fact: hecho; dato.
  2. Wiktionary: fact → hecho. fact → hecho.

What is Besame Coola?

1. ( informal) (imperative; second person singular) kiss me.

Is suavemente Mexican?

PSA: Elvis Crespo’s “Suavemente” is not Mexican. It is a merengue song sung by a Puerto Rican.

Is Pesa a word?

The M-Pesa system, where “M” stands for mobile and “pesa” is the Swahili word for money, begins with real cash and an M-Pesa agent.

What is the opposite of Pesado?

Spanish Antonyms as Adjectives

Spanish English
ligero – pesado light – heavy
mayor – menor bigger – smaller
novato – veterano novice, rookie – veteran
optimista – pesimista optimistic – pessimistic

What does Senorita Bonita?

In Spanish, For ‘woman’ they use ‘Señora’ while ‘Señorita’ is used for a ‘young girl’ So, the translation for “hola, señorita bonita” would be- hello, beautiful/pretty girl.

Can you call a girl Hermosa?

Hermosa. ‘Hermosa’ is the Spanish translation of ‘beautiful’. Although in English you would beautiful very often to describe a girl, Spanish speakers only use this word directly with the girl.

What does La Bella Vita?

English Translation. the good life.

Is Bella Spanish or Italian?

The name Bella is of Italian origin and means “beautiful”. Bella is similar to “beautiful” in Spanish, French, Latin, Portuguese, and Greek, as well. It is derived from the name Isabella.

Is paloma Spanish for dove?

PALOMA (Spanish for “dove”)