What is Juest?

1 : a joking or mocking remark a clever jest. 2a : prank. b : a ludicrous circumstance or incident a proper jest, and never heard before, that Suffolk should demand a whole fifteenth for costs and charges— William Shakespeare. 3a : a frivolous mood or manner —usually used with in spoken in jest.

How is GIST defined?

gist \JIST\ noun. 1 : the ground of a legal action. 2 : the main point or part : essence. Examples: I didn’t catch every word, but I heard enough to get the gist of the conversation.

What is a pesty?

pesty (comparative more pesty, superlative most pesty) annoying or troublesome; pesky; literally acting like a pest.

What does the word Putridity mean?

1a : being in a state of putrefaction : rotten. b : of, relating to, or characteristic of putrefaction : foul a putrid odor. 2a : morally corrupt. b : totally objectionable.

Is Gests a word?

GESTS is a valid scrabble word.

Is justness a word?

Meaning of justness in English. the quality of being fair or morally correct: They believe in the moral justness of their mission.

What’s the synonym of GIST?


1 essence, point, substance, burden, kernel, import.

What is an example of a GIST?

An example of gist is when you sum up in one sentence what someone has just said to you. An example of gist is the legal grounds for a lawsuit. (law) The grounds for action in a suit. The most essential part; the main idea or substance (of a longer or more complicated matter); the crux of a matter.

Is Pestie a word?

adjective, pest·i·er, pest·i·est. being a nuisance or pest; annoyingly troublesome.

Is resty a word?

No, resty is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is the synonym of putrid?

Some common synonyms of putrid are fetid, fusty, malodorous, musty, noisome, rank, and stinking. While all these words mean “bad-smelling,” putrid implies particularly the sickening odor of decaying organic matter.

Is Putricity a word?

adj. 1. Decomposed and foul-smelling; rotten: putrid meat.

Is it jist or gist?

Gist means “essence” or “the main point.” In a legal context, gist is the grounds of a legal action. Jist is a common misspelling of gist.

Is Gests a valid Scrabble word?

GESTS is also a valid Wordle word!
Yes, gests is a valid Scrabble word.

What is justness in law?

It is commonly accepted that this doctrine simply means that a person shall not be allowed to profit or enrich himself inequitably at another’s expense.

What is justness and sincerity?

In the context of the law, justness means an impartial decision of conflicting claims; a fair determination of a problem or situation requiring action. Sincerity, on the other hand may be defined as a state of mind which is truthful, free from hypocrisy or deceit.

What is a good sentence for GIST?

(1) It is difficult to convey the gist of Reich’s ideas simply. (2) The gist of his argument is that full employment is impossible. (3) That was the gist of what he said. (4) I could follow the general gist of their conversation.

What is the opposite of GIST?

What is the opposite of gist?

meaninglessness purposelessness
emptiness worthlessness
insignificance lack of meaning
irrelevance insignificancy
unimportance inconsequence

What is the synonym of GIST?

Is GIST a real word?

The gist of a speech, conversation, or piece of writing is its general meaning. He related the gist of his conversation to Sam.

What is a synonym for Pesty?

What is another word for pesty?

aggravating annoying
disturbing frustrating
nettlesome nettling
peeving pestiferous
pestilent pestilential

Is Pestie toxic?

Pestie says that all of its products can be used safely around kids and pets. The products are plant-based and use a micro-encapsulated formula designed to withstand rain. They can be sprayed on plants, trees, bushes, and grass but should not be applied to fruits or vegetables.

Is Jetsy a scrabble word?

No, jesty is not in the scrabble dictionary.

Is Westy a word?

Westy definition
(dialectal) Dizzy, giddy, confused. (obsolete) Waste; desert.

What is the meaning of ambrosial?

having a very pleasant taste or smell
Meaning of ambrosial in English
having a very pleasant taste or smell: Her jam was ambrosial, syrupy with honeyed fruit, and scented with elderflower. The shop was full of ambrosial smells.