What is included in the Australian Curriculum?

Alongside disciplinary knowledge, the Australian Curriculum provides seven general capabilities: Literacy; Numeracy; Information and Communication Technology Capability; Critical and Creative Thinking; Personal and Social Capability; Ethical Understanding; and Intercultural Understanding.

How many subjects are there in year 12 Australia?

Typically, Australian students study between four and six subjects in Year 12. Almost all study an English subject, and almost 90 per cent study at least one mathematics subject.

Does NSW follow the Australian Curriculum?

Teachers and schools in NSW are implementing the Australian curriculum by using the NSW syllabuses for the Australian curriculum. There is no intention to change the implementation schedule currently underway for the K-10 English, Mathematics, Science and History syllabuses (Source).

What subjects are taught in high school in Australia?

High School Curriculum

  • English.
  • Mathematics.
  • Science.
  • History.
  • Geography.
  • Civics and Citizenship.
  • Economics and Business.
  • The Arts.

What is the hidden curriculum in Australian schools?

The concept of the hidden curriculum ‘includes everything which is not academic but has important influences on the academic outcomes of the school’ (Sari & Doganay, 2009, p. 926). Through the hidden curriculum, students receive messages that reinforce the values, beliefs and ideologies of mainstream society.

How many subjects are there in the Australian Curriculum?


The Australian Curriculum includes: eight key learning areas—English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education, Languages, Technologies and the Arts.

What subjects are compulsory for HSC?

All courses in the HSC have a unit value. Most courses are 2 units. Students must satisfactorily complete the Preliminary course (usually studied during Year 11) before they are eligible to commence the corresponding HSC course (usually studied during Year 12). English is the only compulsory subject for the HSC.

How many HSC subjects count?

4 subjects
HSC Course (Year 12)
A minimum 10 units of study. A minimum of 4 subjects must be completed. At least 3 courses at a minimum of 2 units.

Do all states in Australia have the same curriculum?

What about the states’ curricula? While the responsibility for developing the curriculum shifted federally, the states retained the autonomy to implement the curriculum. This is because each state and territory has its own senior assessment and tertiary entrance system.

Does each state have its own curriculum?

Every state in the U.S have a different educational curriculum is because it is primarily it is based on the accessibility, autonomy and diversity of a state. The federal government does not really have the authority in recognizing and modifying educational institutions.

What are the 4 compulsory subjects for Grade 12?

The four compulsory subjects are 2 official Languages (one Home Language and one First Additional Language), Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy and Life Orientation.

How many subjects are there in high school Australia?

There are 8 nationally agreed Learning Areas plus one [1] optional subject. They are English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, The Arts, Technologies, Health & Physical Education, Languages and Work Studies [optional in Years 9 and 10].

Do schools use the Australian Curriculum?

The Australian Curriculum can be used flexibly by schools, according to jurisdictional and system policies and schedules, to develop programs that meet the educational needs of their students and that extend and challenge students.

What are the three strands of the Australian Curriculum?

The sub-strands are shown in the table below.

The three strands are:

  • Language: knowing about the English language.
  • Literature: understanding, appreciating, responding to, analysing and creating literary texts.
  • Literacy: expanding the repertoire of English usage.

What subjects are mandatory in Australia?

The Australian Curriculum includes: eight key learning areas—English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education, Languages, Technologies and the Arts.

What is HSC curriculum?

The HSC is a two-year program with assessment tasks in each subject and practical work for some subjects and a final external written examination, in each course, at the end of Year 12.

What is the hardest HSC subject?

Maths extension 2:
Maths ext2 is notoriously labelled as the ‘hardest HSC course’ and includes some topics from first year uni maths, so it will definitely prepare you well for uni whilst giving you a nice challenge to chew on!

What is included in HSC?

The courses have been grouped into cognate areas, to facilitate the review process.

  • ENGLISH. English (Advanced)
  • MATHEMATICS. General Mathematics.
  • SCIENCE. Agriculture.
  • SEPARATE CATEGORY. Personal Development, Health and.
  • SOCIAL SCIENCES. Aboriginal Studies.
  • TECHNOLOGY. Design and Technology.

What subjects are in the HSC?

Category A Subjects

  • Drama. Drama 2 unit.
  • Economics. Business Studies 2 unit. Economics 2 unit.
  • Geography. Geography 2 unit.
  • History. Ancient History 2 unit.
  • Languages. External Language Courses.
  • Music. Music 1 (2 unit)
  • PDHPE. Personal Development, Health and Physical Education 2 unit.
  • PRS. Studies of Religion I (1 unit)

Which Australian state is best for education?

The “most educated” area in Australia is in NSW, and it is… North Sydney, with 48.9% of the 15+ population holding a Bachelor or higher degree….

Is the Australian Curriculum inclusive?

The Australian Curriculum provides opportunities for teachers to develop inclusive teaching and learning programs that build on students’ interests, strengths, goals and learning needs to support all students to achieve their potential.

Do all states follow the Australian curriculum?

Teachers in Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, the Northern Territory and the ACT, use the Australian Curriculum as written by the national curriculum authority.

Do all schools follow the same curriculum?

At present, there is no national curriculum that all school districts are required to teach. However, independent organizations have created model curricula that school districts may choose to incorporate.

How many subjects do you need for HSC?

Need to know: To qualify for the HSC, the NSW Educational Standards Authority (NESA) requires students to complete a minimum of 12 preliminary HSC units in Year 11 and 10 HSC units in year 12.

What are the mandatory subjects for HSC?

English is the only compulsory subject for the HSC. Year 10 students and others planning Year 11 and Year 12 studies will find more information about choosing HSC courses and how the HSC works on Students Online.