What is imagine r card?

The IMAGINE-R is a college student discount pass to use on all forms of public transportation throughout the city: metro, RER and bus. The IMAGINE R pass is the cheapest and most convenient student transportation pass in Paris and allows for unlimited travel in zones 1 to 5.

How do I get imagine in R?

How to subscribe to imagine R?

After creating your personal space then filling in the online form and submitting all the requested documents:

  1. A recent photo,
  2. A way topay,
  3. For scholarship students, the scholarship award notification for the year 2021/2022.
  4. For students, proof of education.
  5. For juniors, proof of identity.

How does navigo Liberte work?

Navigo Liberté + is a service that allows you to travel freely by validating your Navigo travelcard for each trip. You will be debited the following month from the total amount corresponding to your trips. If you don’t travel during the month, you don’t have to pay anything.

What is Navigo pass Paris?

The Passe Navigo is the travel card used by the inhabitants of Paris and the cheapest way of getting around Paris. Travelers can either purchase a weekly pass or a monthly pass. The Passe Navigo can be used on the metro, bus, RER, tram, Montmartrobus, Noctilien and Montmartre funicular.

Can Tourists buy Navigo card?

Tourists can purchase a Navigo Découverte pass at almost any Metro, RER, or Transilien train ticket window—including in the airport—that normally sells tickets and passes in Paris. There are currently two versions of the Navigo pass, the standard Navigo and the Navigo Découverte.

Can two people use one Navigo card?

Only one Navigo Travel Card can be issued to each person.

Do you need a photo for a Navigo pass?

You need only the photo for a Navigo Découverte. Larger stations with ticket windows sell the card, and often have instant photo booths that can take your picture as well. And they often have scissors to cut the photo to the correct size as well.

Can I use my navigo to get to Versailles?

That’s because Versailles is in “Zone 4” of the Ile de France regional transportation network. In other words, if you have the all-zone Navigo or Visite pass, you do not need an additional ticket so your trip to Versailles and back will cost you nothing extra.

Do you need a photo for Navigo?

The Navigo Travel Card can be obtained: – online from the “Order a Navigo card” section. You will need a photo to upload or take a photo during the online ordering process.

How much is a 3 day metro pass in Paris?


Type Price for Zone 1-3 Adult / Child* Price for Zone 1-5 Adult / Child*
1 day €13.20 / €6.60 €27.80 / €13.90
2 days €21.50 / €10.80 €42.20 / €21.10
3 days €29.40 / €14.70 €59.20 / €29.60
5 days €42.20 / €21.10 €72.40 / €36.20

Can you drink tap water in Paris?

Paris tap water is considered safe to drink according to French, EU and international standards (WHO). Every day at the Eau de Paris research and analysis laboratories receive and record over 200 samples which divided among different chemical, organic chemistry, bacteriology, and corrosion departments.

Can I use my debit card on Paris Metro?

Métro and RER ticket machines accept nearly all credit and debit cards, including American Visa and MasterCards that lack PINs.

Do I tip in Paris?

You won’t need to calculate a tip. As opposed to the U.S., where most waiters make their living from tips, servers in Paris are paid a living wage. And since service is already included in the price, no one is expecting you to tack on an additional 15 to 25 percent at the end of the meal.

Do you tip in France?

Tipping in Restaurants and Cafés

You are not required to tip waiters/waitresses. A 15% service fee is automatically included in ALL cafés, restaurants, bars, etc. as part of the price of each item (not on top of the total). Servers in France get salaries, paid vacations, health care, and living wages.

Do you tip in Paris?

Can I drink tap water in Paris?

What is a typical breakfast in Paris?

A typical breakfast in Paris is a croissant (buttery roll of flaky pastry) and/or a tartine (French bread sliced lengthwise, with butter and jam), café au lait (coffee with milk, also called café crème), and perhaps some fruit or juice.

Can you drink tap water in France?

Can you drink tap water in France? Although many French people prefer bottled water, in most places in France, tap water is perfectly okay to drink. Some locales, like Paris, even pride themselves on the quality of their tap water.

Is tap water safe to drink in Paris France?

Is it OK to drink the tap water in Paris?

What is the main meal of the day in France?

In France, lunch is typically the main meal of the day, and French people spend more time enjoying lunch than most people in other countries.

Do French eat eggs for breakfast?

French people typically eat pastries, breads, eggs, and yogurt for breakfast. From croissants and pain au chocolat to omelets and crêpes, these breakfast foods will give you a boost of energy.

What do French eat for breakfast?

What do the French drink in the morning?

French adults usually drink some kind of coffee for breakfast. However, many of them prefer café au lait, which they often drink in bowls, rather than mugs. Bowls of coffee tend to be an at-home thing.

What time is dinner in France?

Dinner usually takes place between 6pm (Belgium, Canada) and 8pm (France). In France, there is a main dish and a dessert, and sometimes a first course (soup or grated or sliced raw vegetables). The main dish is brought out once the first course is finished, and dessert is brought out after the main dish has been eaten.