What is fusion method hair extensions?

Fusion Hair Extensions, also known as Keratin Bond or pre-bonded hair extensions, are one of the advanced methods of applying hair extensions. Unlike most hair extensions, fusion hair extensions come in strands instead of wefts, so you’ve to attach the extension strand by strand to cover up your whole head.

How are fusion extensions done?

So with a hot fusion wand the glue is melted onto your hair. And rolled together because our extensions are tipped with non-damaging keratin glue it is very healthy for your hair.

How are fusion hair extensions installed?

So you’re going to have the top part of that inner circle rest off base. So then you can grab your hair clip and clip this to the base.

How damaging are fusion hair extensions?

Again, if installed correctly, fusion extensions should almost never damage your hair, but it’s still good to know your hair well enough to make a decision that’s best for you. For example, if your hair has been damaged by heat or products, a fusion method might also be less than beneficial.

Can you wear your hair up with fusion extensions?

Going to Bed with Fusion Extensions

Before bed, you should be putting your hair up. You can put your hair in pigtails or a high ponytail. That is the best way to go to sleep with extensions without causing matting and it’s actually the most comfortable way to sleep with fusion hair extensions.

How long can you wear fusion extensions?

In our experience, fusion hair extensions should last up to 3 months, mostly depending on how much hair you had to begin with. Bonded hair extensions left in the hair longer than 3 months can result in unnecessary damage to your healthy natural hair and it is more difficult to keep them hidden and appearing seamless.

How many fusion extensions do I need for a full head?

The average for a full head of Keratin Fusion or Cylinder is 5 to 6 bundles (125-150 strands).

How do you sleep with fusion extensions?

Sleeping with Fusion, Weft, Tape, & Micro Ring Hair Extensions

How much does it cost to get fusion extensions?

Fusions extension will set you back between $300 – $1000 (average of $550) plus the cost of the hair which is roughly $200. And they have to be reset at the hairdresser every 3 months. There’s also the option for cold-fusion hair extensions, these will last you even longer.

When can I wash my hair after fusion extensions?

Do not wash your hair until 48 hours after the extensions have been installed. Brush dry the hair out completely with an extension brush before entering the shower and before bedtime. It prevents extension matting and tangling, and spreads nourishing oil throughout the extensions.

Can you swim with fusion hair extensions?

It’s OK to go swimming, of course, but don’t allow extensions to soak in water for too long, and dry them as soon as you get out of the pool or ocean. Arussi recommends rough-drying the bonded areas every time they get wet to help extensions last longer. You can let the rest of the hair air-dry.

Can you reuse fusion extensions?

It’s possible to reuse your keratin/fusion hair extensions, but it will take some work. If the hair is still in good shape it’s worth the trouble especially if the hair was very expensive. Remove fusion hair extensions using Vision Hair Extensions Removal solution.

Can you move up fusion hair extensions?

Use the Hair Extension Tool to squeeze the bond and loosen it. Once it’s ready, you should be able to slide the bonds and strands out easily. Never force the bonds. If they’re not sliding out easily, you might need to use more bond remover.