What is Chetwynd known for?

Ralph Chetwynd also became a director of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway. He was a staunch advocate of the development of the Peace River Country, with an undying faith in its potential.

How old is Chetwynd BC?

Chetwynd was incorporated as a Village in 1962. In 1983 the municipality was reincorporated as a District Municipality. Over 60 Wooden Sculptures made with chainsaws are displayed throughout Chetwynd, BC. This was done to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Alaska Highway in 1992.

What is in Chetwynd?

Gwillim Lake Provincial Park. Gwillim Lake is located south along the Hwy.

  • Located 50 km south of Chetwynd; take Highway 29 south off Highway 97.
  • Pine Valley Exhibition Park.
  • Spencer Tuck Regional Park.
  • Fit Park.
  • Playground Listing.
  • Rotary Park & Soccer Fields.
  • Chainsaw Sculptures.
  • When was Chetwynd built?

    There was little development in the region until after World War II. With the construction of the John Hart Highway in 1952 and the BRITISH COLUMBIA RAILWAY (completed in 1958), Chetwynd was incorporated as a village in 1962.


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    Is Chetwynd BC a good place to live?

    Good schools, playgrounds and fields make Chetwynd a terrific place to live and raise your family.

    What is Prince George BC known for?

    Prince George is situated in the Cariboo Development Region and the region’s five largest employment sectors are: Wholesale & Retail Trade. Manufacturing. Healthcare & Social Assistance.

    Can you walk around Chetwynd Deer Park?

    Take a walk around Chetwynd Deer Park, glorious woodland and open space, stroll besides Chetwynd pool, which is in excess of 20 acres, home to an array of wildlife. The park has many varieties of trees that have seen the centuries come and go.

    Why is rent so high in Prince George?

    There is a lot of demand which leads to rents going up.” Prince George is one of the quickest growing cities in all of B.C., primarily due to new students who attend the UNBC and CNC, Students who are struggling to afford to live in Prince George.

    Is Prince George B.C. expensive?

    Prince George is an affordable city. It is consistently cheaper to rent or buy a home when compared to other mid-size cities in B.C. and across Canada. It has a more affordable cost of living than most cities in the country.

    What is the main industry in Prince George BC?

    Manufacturing. Manufacturing is one of the largest economic sectors in Prince George and part of a fully-developed supply chain for natural resource projects.

    Is Prince George growing?

    Located in central British Columbia on the traditional territory of the Lheidli T’enneh, Prince George serves a region of nearly 320,000 people. Prince George’s real GDP growth expanded by 1.3 per cent in 2018 and is expected to pick up the pace and expand by 1.5 per cent in 2019 and 1.7 per cent in 2020.