What is an example of threadbare?

The definition of threadbare is something worn down to the threads, or old clothes. An old dress that is practically in taters is an example of something that would be described as threadbare. Wearing old, shabby clothing. Overused to the point of being worn out; hackneyed.

What is the meaning of word threadbare?

Definition of threadbare

1a : having the nap worn off so that the thread shows : shabby threadbare clothes. b : wearing threadbare clothing : very poor took in threadbare relatives— Russell Baker. c : barely adequate because of cheapness or shabbiness a threadbare production.

What part of speech is threadbare?

THREADBARE (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

Is threadbare one word?

They’re threadbare. Threadbare means thin from overuse. Furniture, clothing or a rug is threadbare if the fabric is thin and worn through.

What is a threadbare suit?

: very thin and in bad condition from too much use : shabby. a threadbare carpet/suit.

How do you bare in a sentence?

The boy likes to walk on the sand with bare feet.

  1. The mountaintops were bare of any vegetation.
  2. I can’t bare it anymore.
  3. Don’t walk on that broken glass with bare feet.
  4. He was standing there, completely bare!
  5. Modal verbs generally take the bare infinitive.
  6. He killed the snake with his bare hands .

Is jauntily a word?

in an easy and lively manner: Just as she was wishing he were there, he suddenly appeared on the stairway and made his way jauntily down it.

What is meant by well worn?

ˈwel-ˈwȯrn. : made trite by overuse : hackneyed. a well-worn quotation. : having been much used or worn. well-worn shoes.

What’s the meaning of dispassionately?

: not influenced by strong feeling or personal involvement : calm, impartial a dispassionate judgment. Other Words from dispassionate. dispassionately adverb.

Where is threadbare from?

Threadbare.com is a British brand with fashion for all the family at heart.

What is a threadbare carpet?

adjective. Threadbare clothes, carpets, and other pieces of cloth look old, dull, and very thin, because they have been worn or used too much. She sat cross-legged on a square of threadbare carpet. Synonyms: shabby, worn, frayed, old More Synonyms of threadbare.

Is it bear the pain or bare the pain?

The builders designed the structure to bear weight. Bear the pain means “endure the pain.” Ask for an aspirin if you can’t bear the pain. To bear fruit means “to have positive results.”

Which is correct bear with me or bare with me?

Bare with me doesn’t mean what you might think it means! The verb bare means “to reveal” or “to uncover.” The correct expression, “bear with me,” means “be patient with me.”

What is a synonym for jauntily?

synonyms for jauntily

  • briskly.
  • cheerfully.
  • gaily.
  • happily.

What is the synonym of jaunty?

cocky. dapper. dashing. debonair. devil-may-care.

What is the meaning of insatiable habits?

: incapable of being satisfied : quenchless had an insatiable desire for wealth.

What is the meaning of well-worn path?

adjective. A well-worn expression, remark, or idea has been used so often that it no longer seems to have much meaning or to be interesting.

Is dispassion a real word?

Definition of dispassion
the state or quality of being unemotional or emotionally uninvolved.

Is dispassionate an emotion?

Dispassionate definition
The definition of dispassionate is someone who is calm, not influenced by emotions or without bias.

Is it bearing gifts or baring gifts?

The expression, “I come bearing gifts,” implies you’ve arrived in possession of something you know the other person wants. But if you’re baring your gifts (i.e., exposing them), the mental image is very different.

Is it weight bare or bear?

Bare minimum means “the least possible.” Keep costs to a bare minimum. Bear weight means “support.” The builders designed the structure to bear weight.

Do you say bare in mind or bear in mind?

The phrase is correctly written “bear in mind,” though many, many people confuse it with “bare in mind.” The reason for the confusion isn’t very clear, except perhaps that many of us associate “bear” with the ursine mammal, and can’t understand why you would want a “bear” in your mind to represent remembering something …

What can I say instead of please bear with me?

Other Ways to Say “Bear With Me”

  • Please be patient.
  • Please hold on for a moment.
  • Thank you for your patience while we correct the problem.
  • Please stand by.

What is another word for a haughty?

Some common synonyms of haughty are arrogant, disdainful, insolent, lordly, overbearing, proud, and supercilious.

What is the opposite of Diaspora?

Opposite of the dispersion or spread of any people from their original homeland. concentration. cluster. collection. mass.