What is a list of irregular plural nouns?

Irregular Plural Nouns List:

  • Person – people.
  • Ox – oxen.
  • Man – men.
  • Woman – women.
  • Caveman – cavemen.
  • Policeman – policemen.
  • Child – children.
  • Tooth – teeth.

How many irregular plural nouns are there?

When a noun has more than one plural form, the irregular one appears first, though that doesn’t necessarily mean that the irregular form is more widely accepted than the regular form.

100 Irregular Plural Nouns List.

addendum addenda or addendums
louse lice
man men
matrix matrices or matrixes
medium media or mediums

What are 10 examples of plural nouns?

Plural Noun Examples

  • Plural noun of child – children.
  • Plural noun of fox – foxes.
  • Plural noun of loaf – loaves.
  • Plural noun of ship – ships.
  • Plural noun of school – schools.
  • Plural noun of door – doors.
  • Plural noun of sister-in-law – sisters-in-law.
  • Plural form of baby – babies.

What are the examples of regular and irregular plural?

Summary. Regular plurals of nouns are formed by adding -s, -es, or -ies to the singular (e.g., girl s , virus es , dut ies ). Irregular plurals also often follow a pattern, originating sometimes in the parent language or rules of older forms of English (child ren , criter ia , oas es , g ee se, m ice , ind ices ).

Can you list 8 nouns having irregular plural?

You’ll find some words with no plural form at all. Since there is no way to know which nouns have an irregular plural, you have to memorize them.
Unchanging Nouns.

Singular Plural
moose moose
shrimp shrimp
spacecraft spacecraft
swine swine

What are the 20 irregular verbs?

Irregular Verbs List

V1 Base Form V2 Past Simple V3 Past Participle
drive drove driven
drink drank drunk
eat ate eaten
fall fell fallen

What is the irregular plural of child?


There are some plural nouns that don’t follow the rule above of using -s. Here are the irregular plural nouns you need to know. Children (plural of child). “There are some children playing in the park.”

What are 100 examples of nouns?

100 Common Nouns in English

  • time.
  • year.
  • people.
  • way.
  • day.
  • man.
  • thing.
  • woman.

What are 100 examples of countable nouns?

100 Examples of Countable Nouns

  • apple/apples.
  • orange/oranges.
  • cat/cats.
  • dog/dogs.
  • house/houses.
  • kitchen/kitchens.
  • table/tables.
  • book/books.

Is fish an irregular plural?

For some nouns, like fish, there is no difference between the singular form and the plural form. Sometimes, however, people do use regular plural endings for irregular nouns, so in casual conversation you may hear fishes or elks.

What are 15 examples of irregular nouns?

man => men.

  • foot => feet.
  • tooth => teeth.
  • louse => lice.
  • cactus => cacti.
  • goose => geese.
  • person => people.
  • mouse => mice.
  • What are 3 irregular plural nouns?

    Examples of Irregular Plural Nouns

    • More than one elf = elves.
    • More than one calf = calves.
    • More than one knife = knives.
    • More than one loaf = loaves.
    • More than one shelf = shelves.
    • More than one wolf = wolves.
    • More than one loaf = loaves.

    What are the 100 irregular verbs list?

    100 Examples of Irregular Verbs

    V1 – Present V2 – Past Simple V3 – Past Participle
    bleed bled bled
    blow blew blown
    break broke broken
    breed bred bred

    What are the 150 irregular verbs?

    List of Irregular Verbs, +150 Irregular Verbs, V1 V2 V3

    V1 – Present V2 – Past Simple V3 – Past Participle
    buy bought bought
    drink drank drunk
    forget forgot forgotten
    hit hit hit

    What is the irregular plural of wish?

    The plural form of wish is wishes.

    What is the irregular plural of tooth?

    Nouns that change vowels

    Singular Plural (vowel change)
    foot feet
    tooth teeth
    goose geese
    man men

    What are the 100 irregular verbs?

    100 examples of irregular verbs

    abide abode abode
    bleed bled bled
    blow blew blown
    break broke broken
    breed bred bred

    What are 50 abstract nouns?

    Abstract Nouns List with Meanings and Examples

    Abstract Nouns list Synonyms
    Beauty Charm, Blossom, Elegance
    Belief Faith, Trust, Confidence
    Bravery Courage, Fearlessness, Valour
    Calmness Patience, Bearing, Peace

    What are the 20 countable nouns?

    Countable Nouns

    • dog, cat, animal, man, person.
    • bottle, box, litre.
    • coin, note, dollar.
    • cup, plate, fork.
    • table, chair, suitcase, bag.

    Is 100 singular or plural?

    Word forms: plural hundreds language note: The plural form is hundred after a number, or after a word or expression referring to a number, such as ‘several’ or ‘a few’. A hundred or one hundred is the number 100.

    What is the plural of knife?

    plural knives\ ˈnīvz \

    What is the plural of piano?

    pianos – Simple English Wiktionary.

    What are the 200 irregular verbs?

    200 Most Common Irregular Verbs + Gerunds

    1 Abide Abode/Abided/Abidden
    2 Alight Alit/Alighted
    3 Arise Arisen
    4 Awake Awoken

    What are the 200 irregular verb?

    200 irregular verbs and audio

    Infinitive Preterite Past participle
    to arise arose brought
    to awake awoke built
    to bear bore burnt
    to beat beat burst

    What is the irregular plural for family?

    Nouns – Irregular Plural | English Grammar with Elvis | Roving Genius