What is 711 convenience store?

Where does the name 7-Eleven come from? In 1946 the name was changed to 7-Eleven to reflect new extended hours – 7am to 11pm, seven days a week.

Where are the most 7 11?

20,988 of these stores were located in Japan, making it the country with the most 7-Eleven stores globally.

Who is the owner of 7-Eleven?

Seven & I Holdings7-Eleven / Parent organizationSeven & i Holdings Co., Ltd. is a Japanese diversified retail group headquartered in Nibancho, Tokyo. Seven & I was founded in 1920 as Ito-Yokado, the Japanese chain of general merchandise and department stores. Wikipedia

How many 7-Eleven convenience stores are there in the United States?

9,522 7-Eleven convenience stores

In 2021, there were a total of 9,522 7-Eleven convenience stores in operation throughout the United States.

Does 711 still do free Slurpee day?

7-Eleven canceled its Free Slurpee Day in 2020 and 2021, amid the pandemic.

Does 7/11 give free Slurpees?

7-Eleven offers free Slurpees to its customers every year on July 11, so if you miss out this year, you’ll have to wait to grab one next year. There are also $1 deals you can take advantage of today for rewards members. Here’s how to get your free Slurpee and $1 deals today.

How long is free Slurpee day?

U.S. National Free Slurpee Day is on July 11 and we can’t wait to get our sugar fix while beating the heat, for free. 7-Eleven began celebrating the day back in 2002, but the beloved frozen treat has been around since the late 1950’s.

National Free Slurpee Day dates.

Year Date Day
2027 July 11 Sunday

What state has the most 711?

state of California
The state of California has more 7-Eleven stores than any other state. The Golden State has over 1,700 locations, accounting for 19 percent of all 7-Eleven outlets in America. Texas comes in second, with more than 1,200 outlets, and Florida in third place with just over 900 stores.

Does 7/11 give free Slurpees 2022?

Flashback: 7-Eleven changed its free Slurpee offer amid the pandemic from a one-day deal to a monthlong offer for members of the chain’s 7Rewards loyalty program. Members have had since July 1 to redeem the 2022 offer, which ends on July 11.

How can I get a free slushie from 7 11?

The catch is that customers have to get a coupon for the free Slurpees by downloading the free 7Rewards or Speedy Rewards loyalty apps. Besides 7-Eleven, Slurpees are available at Speedway and Stripes stores. People can also get a free Slurpee delivered via 7Now delivery, where available.

Does 7/11 2022 have free slushies?

The offer can be redeemed in-store, but customers can also redeem their free Slurpee via 7NOW delivery on July 11, according to the news release. How to redeem the free Slurpee: Customers can download the 7-Eleven and Speedway apps via the App Store or Google Play, or online at 7Rewards.com or SpeedyRewards.com.

Is Slurpee day 2022 free?

And Monday, July 11 will be mighty bright, toasty, and worthy of a frosty treat around Southern California. It’s a good thing, and definitely for seekers of gratis goodies, that July 11 happens to be Slurpee Day, when fans of the icy icon can enjoy a frosty freebie at participating 7-Eleven stores.

How do I get a free Slurpee from 7 11?

Are they still doing free Slurpee?

National Free Slurpee Day is on July 11 and we can’t wait to get our sugar fix while beating the heat, for free.
National Free Slurpee Day dates.

Year Date Day
2024 July 11 Thursday
2025 July 11 Friday
2026 July 11 Saturday
2027 July 11 Sunday

Is there a limit on free Slurpee day?

There is a limit of one slurpee per account. Copyright 2022 WWSB. All rights reserved.

Does 7/11 2022 have free Slurpees?

July 11, or 7/11, if you prefer, is all about scoring a complimentary Slurpee at participating 7-Eleven stores.

How to get free Slurpees on 7 11?

How many free Slurpees can you get?

one free Slurpee
Customers are only allowed one free Slurpee per location, so you can drive around to different 7-Eleven stores to get more than one if you have the time and enough gas in your tank. There are also bonus deals on snacks to go with your Slurpee.

How long do they give out free Slurpees?

The retailer is giving customers 11 days in which to redeem their free small Slurpee drink, from July 1 through July 11, via the 7Rewards loyalty program.

Is today the free slushy day at 7-Eleven?

July 11 is known colloquially as Slurpee Day (because it’s 7/11, get it?), and to celebrate, the convenience store chain is celebrating its 95th birthday by offering customers a free small Slurpee drink at 7-Eleven, Speedway or Stripes store locations.

Is it free slushie day?

U.S. National Free Slurpee Day is on July 11 and we can’t wait to get our sugar fix while beating the heat, for free.

What day is free Slurpee day?

July 11
U.S. National Free Slurpee Day is on July 11 and we can’t wait to get our sugar fix while beating the heat, for free.

Is Free Slurpee day 2022?

Is 7/11 doing free Slurpees?

August’s Bring Your Own Cup Day also follows the return of 7-Eleven Day (aka Free Slurpee Day) – which is observed each year on July 11 – after 47 days.