What happened to W.T. Grant Company?

W. T. Grant or Grants was a United States-based chain of mass-merchandise stores founded by William Thomas Grant that operated from 1906 until 1976.

W. T. Grant.

W.T. Grant store (right) in Jacksonville, Florida.
Founder William Thomas Grant
Defunct 1976
Fate bankruptcy
Area served United States

Why did W.T. Grant go out of business?

Grant Company faced a massive cash flow shortage, the outcome of the decision-making process was not in its favor, and the huge department store chain went bankrupt. years this giant corporation lost $288 million before filing for protection under Chapter XI in October 1975 (Business Week, 19 July 1976, 60).

When did WT Grants close?

1976W. T. Grant / Ceased operations

How many stores did W.T. Grant have?

William Thomas Grant was born in Stevensville, PA, and raised in Fall River,MA. The first W.T. Grant store opened. The chain grew to 1,100 stores across the nation.

Why did hills go out of business?

It was founded in 1957 in Youngstown, Ohio and existed until 1999 when it was acquired by Ames. Most stores were located in Ohio, Indiana, New York, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, though the company did make a push into other markets.
Hills (store)

Industry Retail
Successor Ames
Headquarters Canton, Massachusetts

Do Woolworth stores still exist?

Woolworth closed its remaining variety stores in the United States in 1997, thus abandoning its traditional general-merchandise retail business there. After renaming itself Venator Group, Inc., in 1998, the company operated retail stores in North America, Europe, and Australia into the early 21st century.

Who Bought Out Hills department store?

Ames Department Stores Inc.

Ames Department Stores Inc. said it agreed to acquire Hills Stores Co., in a deal that would create the nation’s fourth-largest discount-retail chain. The transaction is valued at $127 million plus the assumption of lease obligations and other debt.

What year did hills close?

August 1999Hills / Ceased operations

Why did Woolworth fail?

The results of the company were the worst in the year 1969, because it failed to chalk out suitable strategies necessary to take on its competitors in the market. Sales at Woolworth began to decline. Consumers were reportedly not satisfied with the quality of customer services of the company.

Did Walmart buy Woolworths?

Woolco was an American-based discount retail chain. It was founded in 1962 in Columbus, Ohio, by the F. W. Woolworth Company.

Type Subsidiary of F. W. Woolworth Company
Fate Rebranded as Woolworth in United States and UK Canadian chain later acquired by Walmart Canada

What year did Hills Department Stores close?