What happened to Mr Brisby?

Before the events of the film, Jonathan is slaughtered and devoured by the cat Dragon in an attempt to drug him. His wife, Mrs. Brisby is never informed of this until she meets Nicodemus who tells her all about NIMH and the rats’ escape. He is seen through Nicodemus’ magic sphere helping Mr.

Does Mrs. Brisby like Justin?

Brisby to see Nicodemus. He is introduced to Mrs. Brisby and vice versa, it is apparent that Mrs. Brisby takes an immediate liking to Justin and he to her After this, he is seen more times in small scenes such as the boat scene with Nicodemus and the scene where Mrs.

Why is Brisby not Frisby?

The lead character’s name was changed from Mrs. Frisby (in the novel) to Mrs. Brisby to avoid legal entanglements from the Wham-O company (makers of the Frisbee). Unfortunately, this change came late in the movie’s production, long after the actors and actresses had recorded their dialogue.

Is Nicodemus the owl?

According to one interview, Don Bluth said that the Owl is in fact Nicodemus, in another form, and that he gave the Owl the same glowing eyes and bushy eyebrows to indicate this.

How many children does Mrs. Brisby have?

The Brisby family consists of four children. Teresa, Martin, Timothy and Cynthia. Teresa – Alledgedly the oldest and the most mature, she is seen wearing a purple dress with a pinkish ribbon on her head. She is presumed to be the oldest of the four.

What does NIMH stand for?

The National Institute of Mental Health

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is the lead federal agency for research on mental disorders.

Who is Jonathan Secret of NIMH?

Jonathan Brisby is the husband of Mrs. Brisby and father of their four children in The Secret of NIMH. He was the bravest of all the street rats and mice. It is said that without his bravery, none of the rodents would have survived the escape through the ventilation system.

Is there a Secret of NIMH 3?

The Secret of NIMH 3 was a planned third film in The Secret of NIMH franchise. Timmy to the Rescue was to be the second installment of a Secret of NIMH trilogy. The third film would have taken elements from the third book R-T, Margaret, and the Rats of NIMH. The official title for the film is currently unknown.

What is Mrs. Brisby first name?

Mrs. Brisby was never given a first name, though some fans have nicknamed her “Elizabeth” in loving memory of her voice actress, Elizabeth Hartman. She was only revered as “Mrs. Jonathan Brisby”.

Why is Mrs. Brisby intelligent?

Mrs Brisby is nearly as intelligent as the Rats because she spent so much time around Jonathan, whereas Jeremy or the Shrew are much dumber due to purposefully staying as far away from the Rosebush as they can.

What does the secret of Nim stand for?

the National Institute of Mental Health
The fictional “NIMH” is also the National Institute of Mental Health, only the rats don’t know it.

How did Mr ages leg hurt?

Ages makes a sleeping potion for Dragon so they can work around him. Unfortunately, putting the potion in Dragon’s food is how Mr. Ages’ leg was broken.

What is Mrs. Frisby’s personality?

Mrs. Frisby is a quiet field mouse who does not want to attract attention. She is very caring to her family, such as Timothy when he caught pneumonia.

Is The Secret of NIMH real?

It is based on an award-winning book (Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH) that was partially inspired by some real experiments conducted at the National Institute of Mental Health in the ’40s and ’50s.

Who Owns The Secret of NIMH?

The Secret of NIMH
Production companies United Artists Aurora Productions Don Bluth Productions
Distributed by MGM/UA Entertainment Co. (United States) United International Pictures (International)
Release date July 16, 1982
Running time 82 minutes

What does NIMH stand for in Secret of NIMH?

Oh sure, NIMH (pronounced N-I-M-H), the National Institute of Mental Health, has lots of rats, and many of them are getting the kind of chemical brain enhancement that could suggest the rats in the new movie “The Secret of NIMH” (pronounced Nimm).

What is the main problem in Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH?

Problem: Timothy is sick and cannot leave his home in the garden. If the family does not leave, their home will be destroyed by the plow. The events will vary. The climax is when Mrs.

What does Lee of the stone mean?

sheltering space
“Lee” is an Old English word that means “sheltering space.” The phrase “lee of the stone” refers to the fact that the size, shape, and angle of The Stone creates a sheltered space directly behind it that remains dry and protected from the high winds and harsh rains of a seasonal storm.

Is NIMH a real place?

The fictional “NIMH” is also the National Institute of Mental Health, only the rats don’t know it. Neither do a lot of people who see the movie.

What is Mrs Frisby’s personality?

Who is Justin in Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH?

Peter Strauss
Justin is the Captain of the Guard until Nicodemus’s death and became the leader of the rats. He is the deuteragonist of The Secret of NIMH and a major character in The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue. He is voiced by Peter Strauss, who subsequently named his son after the character.

Where does Mrs. Frisby live?

Frisby is the protagonist of the book Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. She is a widowed field mouse who lives with her 4 children, Martin, Teresa, Cynthia, and Timothy in a cinderblock in the fields of the Fitzgibbon farm.

Who is the antagonist in Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH?

Dr. Schultz. The good doctor is in the interesting role of being both antagonist and unlikely helper to the rats. He’s an antagonist because he kidnaps them and forces them into captivity and medical testing against their will.

What does NIHM stand for?


Acronym Definition
NIHM New Iceland Heritage Museum (Canada)
NIHM National Institutes of Health in Mexico

What do the letters NIMH stand for?

National Institute of Mental Health.