What happened to Karen Valentine the actress?

Over the years, Valentine kept busy pursuing television gigs. Her most recent role was that of Audrey Landry in the 2004 TV film “Wedding Daze.” Still, she cherishes her time bringing “Room 222” to life.

What movies has Karen Valentine been in?

Gidget Grows Up1969Wedding Daze2004The Girl Who Came Gift‑Wrapp…1974The North Avenue Irregulars1979Hot Lead and Cold Feet1978Coffee, Tea or Me?1973
Karen Valentine/Appears in

How many kids does Karen Valentine have?

“I’m mom and married to John Larroquette and we have three daughters,” she says.

When was Karen Valentine born?

May 25, 1947 (age 75 years)Karen Valentine / Date of birth

Why was room 222 Cancelled?

By the third season (1971-1972), its rating peaked and held on throughout the next full season (1972-1973). However, by the fifth season (1973-1974), the ratings plummeted and the show was instantly cancelled by the network.

What ethnicity is Karen Valentine?


Valentine was born in Sebastopol, California, in 1947. She is of Portuguese heritage, and her grandfather changed the family name from Valentin before her birth.

Who did Karen Valentine marry?

Gary Vernam. 1977Carl MacLaugh…m. 1969–1973
Karen Valentine/Spouse

What nationality is Karen Valentine?

AmericanKaren Valentine / Nationality

Who is Karen Valentine’s husband?

Karen Valentine/Husband

What was Room 222 based on?

Walt Whitman High School
While the series primarily focuses on an American history class in Room 222 at the fictional Walt Whitman High School, in Los Angeles, California, it also depictes other events in and outside the school, such as the home lives of the racially diverse student body and faculty.

Where can I watch Room 222?

Amazon.com: Room 222: Season 1 : Lloyd Haynes, Denise Nicholas, Karen Valentine, Michael Constantine: Movies & TV.

How old is Karen Valentine now?

75 years (May 25, 1947)Karen Valentine / Age

Why was Room 222 Cancelled?

What high school was used for Room 222?

The exterior campus shots were all filmed at University High School (Uni) in Los Angeles. Los Angeles High School was only used as the front of the school. Room 222 ran for 5 seasons . During its entire run Mr Dixon the American History teacher had at least the same two students: Jason and Bernie.

How many seasons does Room 222 have?

5Room 222 / Number of seasons

Was there an old TV show called Room 222?

Room 222 is an American comedy-drama television series produced by 20th Century Fox Television that aired on ABC for 112 episodes, from September 17, 1969, until January 11, 1974.

Where can I watch the TV series Room 222?