What engine is in a VY SS?

The VY SS ran a 235kW version of the 5.7-litre GEN III Chevrolet V8. Peak torque was a chunky 465Nm developed at 4400rpm, though ample torque was there from much lower in the rev range.

How fast is a VY SS?

Top speed:
(theor. without speed governor) 266 km/h / 165 mph

How much HP does a VY have?

Engine manufacturer: GM 3800 Series II (Ecotec)
Displacement: 3791 cm3 / 231.4 cui
What power?
Horsepower net: 152 kW / 207 PS / 204 hp (DIN)
/ 5200

What does Commodore SS stand for?

Super Sport

The SS (Super Sport) name for the Holden Commodore rebadged as a Chevrolet has been condemned by a Hebrew newspaper as having a Nazi reference — and threatened with being banned from entry.

How big is a VY fuel tank?

Petrol Tank Capacity: 75L. LPG Tank Capacity (Sedan): 75L. LPG Tank Capacity (Wagon): 60L.

How many VY storms were made?

1000 were manufactured. It was advertised as having $3,500 worth of additional features.

How many VY SS manual wagons were made?

My question is – the VY SS Wagon was a limited production run of 500 units only, but there is no build number/identifying mark placed on the vehicle to signify what particular build no out of the 500 a particular vehicle was.

Is an SS a V8?

Acceleration and Power
A 6.2-liter V8 engine that puts out 415 horsepower is standard in the SS. The engine also puts out 415 pound-feet of torque, and it’s mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, though a six-speed manual is available at no extra charge.

What engine is in a Commodore SS?

The LTZ and S came standard with a 3.6 L Alloytec V6 and a six-speed automatic transmission for the S and four-speed for the LTZ, while the SS came standard with a 6.0 L Alloytec V8 with the option of active fuel management. A six-speed manual was standard with the option of a six-speed automatic on the SS.

How much can a VY Commodore tow?


Variant Unbraked Capacity Braked Capacity
VY Manual 750kg 1600kg
S VY Manual 750kg 1600kg
S VY Automatic 750kg 1600kg
S VY Manual 750kg 1600kg

When did the VY Commodore come out?

The VY launched in 2002 was the second major update of the VT and brought with it further refinements to the body, powertrain and chassis which reaped rewards in improved performance, ride and handling, and safety.

What transmission is in a VY Commodore?

Holden VY V6 4 Speed 4HFD Transmission.

How heavy is a VY Commodore?

Weight: Executive sedan with V6 (kg): 1522. Executive wagon with V6 (kg): 1585. S (kg): 1561.

What’s the rarest Commodore?

The rare 1979 Holden VH SL/E Commodore sold for $108,000 on Saturday. It is the only surviving one of just three prototypes that were made before the model was released in 1981. The car was discovered under a sheet in a shed in the Wimmera.

Is the VY SS wagon rare?

88 Silver Automatic. So as you can see the VY SS wagons are rare as no matter which colour / trans chioce you made but the quick silver ones are REALLY rare! So a quicksilver manual wagon would be a REAL collector’s item…:hide: …and my black one is a common as dirt…

Does SS mean supercharged?

The power boost supplies a dimension of strength that a Cheetah exhibits in speed. The Chevy Super Sport cars like the Camaro SS and the Sedan are crazily supercharged with monster energy for speed. The inscription “SS” is also used as an acronym in other areas related to cars and their components.

What does SS stand for in a car?

SS,” by the way, stands for “Super Sport.”

Is a L98 a LS2?

Introduced in 2006, the L98 and L76 are 6.0-litre variants of the LS2. The L76 was used in February 2006-on VZ and VE (auto only) Holden Commodores, Statesmans and Caprices (WL and WM models).

Are LS2 and L98 the same?

In stock form, the L98 produces less power than the similar LS2 engine due to the more conservative camshaft design. With equal cam profiles, the L98 outperforms the LS2 thanks to the superior head flow. These engines are what you will find in most VE Holden Commodores.

Can a Holden Commodore tow a boat?

The towing capacity of the Holden Commodore supports up to 2100kg.

Can a Commodore pull a caravan?

A Holden Commodore can tow a caravan that weighs 85 per cent or less of the car’s kerbweight. The towing capacity of a Commodore starts at 900kg with a maximum of 2100kg braking capacity.

Which is better VY or VZ?

1. The VY is the earlier car series compared to the VZ, which was launched two years after. 2. The wagon models of the Commodore VY have 5 doors compared to the wagons of VZ, which only has 4 doors.

What came first VY or VZ?

Released in August 2004, the VZ series was a minor facelift of the previous VY series that featured a new V6 engine in different tune guises. The powerplants included 175 and 190 kW (235 and 255 hp), 3.6-litre Alloytec V6 engines in place of the older 3.8-litre Ecotec V6.

What is the difference between a VY and VZ Commodore?

The VY is the earlier car series compared to the VZ, which was launched two years after. 2. The wagon models of the Commodore VY have 5 doors compared to the wagons of VZ, which only has 4 doors.

How long do Ecotec engines last?

2.4 Ecotec engines certainly aren’t the most reliable engines around, but they’re still pretty solid. Maintain the 2.4L engine well and hope you have a bit of luck on your side. These engines can hold up to 200,000+ miles with proper maintenance and a little good fortune.